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Morpurgo Family Genealogy

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MORPURGO - jewishvirtuallibrary & retecivica.triestesItalian - North Italian family of Austrian origin. Its earliest known is rabbi Israel Isserlein b Petachia (1390-1460) who settled in Marburg, Styria current Maribor, Slovenia and became known also as R. Israel Marburg. In 1624 members of the Marburger or Marpurger family were appointed Court *Jews by Emperor Ferdinand II. About the mid-17th century, they were to be found in various parts of Europe, North Africa and the East, but mainly in northern Italy, at Trieste, Gorizia, Ancona, Venice, Padua. Arriving there from Gradisca d'Isonzo (Austria), they eventually changed their name to Morpurgo, and distinguished themselves in various fields. Among the descendants are Aaron of Marbourg & his son Isaac of Trieste banker, who along with other members of the family gained accolades from the German Emperor Maximilian I in favour of the Israelites - most likely because the Marbourg's were able to provide large supplies to the wars in that period. The Marburg's perpetuated their name and were divided into several branches. In 1624, Moses son of Aron of Gradisca and Jacob son of Simon Marpurger of Tapogliano were elected Jews of court, for a very large scope and only rarely granted by Emperor Ferdinand II of Austria..

*geni - Moses Morpurgo is Peter Rohel's 1st cousin 2x removed's wife's 1st cousin's husband's 1st cousin 1x removed's husband's 1st cousin's wife's sister's husband's 2nd great grandfather

Moses MORPURGO > father of Elia MORPURGO (abt. 1740 Gorizia, Italy - ) + Rachel NORZI > parents below > Isacco:

Group-1: *geni - Unknown Morpurgo is Peter Rohel's 1st cousin 3xe removed's husband's ex-wife's husband's wife's great grandmother's ex-partner's brother's ex-partner's great nephew's wife's grandfather


  1. Samson (ben Joshua Moses) MORPURGO Born: 1681 in Gradisca d'Isonzo, Italy. occupation: Bosnian-Italian Rabbi, Physician, Liturgist. Residence: parents with young Samson moved to Gorizia, Italy. Died: 1740 + Rebecca FIAMETTA Died: 1716 Siblings: Judith Fiametta Father: Joseph Fiametta (Lehavah) ( - 1721) kabbalist *jewishvirtuallibrary, wiki.
  2. Elia (Elijah) MORPURGO (aka Joseph Sarchi or Joseph Sarker) Born: 1740 occupation: Hebraist, Author, Rabbi head of the ghetto Gradiška, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Died: 1830 + (?)
    1. Philip SARCHI (born Samuel MORPURGO) Born: 1765 in Gradiška. occupation: Jurist, linguist, philologist, hebrew grammarian. Died: 1830 in Paris, France *wiki + Franziska SCHMIDT Married: 1798 in Vienna Father: (?) Schmidt printer to the Court of Vienna
      • 3 sons Philippe Benoit Sarchi (1800-1864) broker, Charles Sarchi (1800 -), son Sarchi (1811 -) *2nd wife of Philip Morpurgo Sarchi: Henriette SALOM
  3. Giuseppe Lazzaro MORPURGO Born: abt 1759 in Trieste, Italy. occupation: Poet, Financier, Founder of Assicurazioni Generali of Trieste in 1832. Died: 1833-35 in Venice, Italy
  4. Mosé MORPURGO visited Ereẓ Israel *ref.
  5. Eva MORPURGO Born: abt. 1782 Married: Oct 9, 1801 Died: Feb 144, 1873 in Trieste, Italy + Ruben Isach Roberto (see GEIRINGER family) Gairingen in Italien Born: abt 1769 Died: Feb 1, 1818 in Trieste, Italy "source Comunita ebraica in Triest books"
  6. Girolamo MORPURGO Died: Jan 18, 1853 buried in Vienna-18 (Bezirk) Währinger cemetery
  7. Luzzatto - family treeJacob MORPURGO occupation: Businessman from Gorzia, Italy + Rachel LUZZATTO Born: 1790 in Trieste. occupation: Hebraist, Hebrew Poet. Died: 1871 ref. *they had 3 sons, 1 daughter Siblings: David Luzatto Cousin: Samuel David Luzzatto (8/22/1800 Trieste - 9/30/1865 Padua, Italy) *family tree image
  8. Giuseppe MORPURGO Born: abt 1825 Buried: Oct 27, 1882 in Vienna
  9. Clementine MORPURGO + (?) SCHWARZ
    1. Emma SCHAWRZ Born: Died: Nov 5, 1915 in Vukovar, Croatia NFPmore + Dr. Moritz STERN
  10. Emilio MORPURGO Born: 1822 occupation: Taught economics at Padua University, undersecretary for agriculture in 1867. Died: 1882 *ref.
  11. (?) MORPURGO + Nina CALOMBA *ref.
    1. Enrichetta Gennuaria "Nina" MORPURGO Born: 1845
  12. Abraham Vita MORPURGO occupation: Publicist from Gorizia, Italy, founded the Corriere Israelitico in 1867 + Rebecca Carolina LUZZATTO ref1, ref2.
    1. Elio MORPURGO Born: 1858 in Udine, Italy. occupation: Mayor of Udine in 1908, served as Undersecretary for posts 1906 & 1908, made Senator for life in 1920. Diported 3/26/1944 to San Sabba in Trieste, 3 days later loaded into a cattle wagon with 500 other Jews deported to Auschwitz, where he never arrived and his body was not found *ref., ref2.
      • Enrico MORPURGO Born 1891 in Udine. graduated in Law in Rome, literature, philosophy, founded Società Storica Friulana with his father, became its Deputy, held several public positions.., took refuge in Switzerland during WW-II, disposed to Udine with the aim of making a Home Museum all properties owned in addition large sums of money to various charities. Died: Feb 5, 1969 in Udine bur. in family grave
  13. Isaac MORPURGO Born: abt 1839 Died: Jul 14, 1917 in Vienna
  14. Louise de MORPURGO Born: 1845 Died: 1926 + Louis CAHEN d'ANVERS Born: May 24, 1837 in Antwerp, Belgium. occupation: Banker, 1895 bought Château de Champs-sur-Marne, also ownied château de "La Jonchère" à Bougival. Died: Dec 20, 1922 in Paris XVI *they had 5 children, 2 daughters in aportrait "Pink and Blue" - by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Father: count Joseph Meyer Cahen D'anvers (1804 - 1881) Mother: Clara Bischoffsheim (1810 - 1876) *wiki
  15. dr. Markus (Marco) MORPURGO Born: abt 1847 Died: Mar 16, 1934 bur in Vienna *geni-more + Regine Louise LUZZATTO Born: abt 1853 Died: Apr 18, 1923 in Vienna NFP Siblings: Emil Luzzatto
    1. Alice MORPURGO + Viktor PRISTER
    2. Bianca MORPURGO + Max ROSENBLATT *?same as Salomon Mayer Rosenblatt Married: 1903 *ref
  16. SALOMONE MORPURGO Born: 1860 of Trieste, Italy. occupation: Philologist, Librarian. Died: 1942 *ref.
  17. Benedetto MORPURGO Born: 1861 occupation: Pathologist, member of the Lincei academy, chair of pathology at Turin University 1900-1935, following the Fascist discriminatory laws of 1938, he took refuge in Argentina. Died: 1944 in Buenos Aires, Argentina *ref., picture
  18. Giulio MORPURGO Born: 1865 of Gorizia, Italy. occupation: Professor, taught commercial technology at Trieste University, wrote numerous monographs on commercial subjects. Died: 1931 + Rachele SALOM Father: Daniel J. Salom ( - 10/17/1918 Vienna) *ref., NFPmore
  19. Edgardo MORPURGO Born: 1866 occupation: Physician, Jewish Historian, donated to the library of Padua University the collection of Judaica belonging to his family, the Raccolta Morpurgo di letteratura e storia dei popoli semitici, whose catalog he published in 1924. Died: 1942 *Two of his grandsons were Zionist pioneers, both met their deaths during Israel's War of Independence, the first near Sedeh Eliyahu, and the second near Haifa *ref.
  20. Gino MORPURGO translated the Books of Ecclesiastes and Esther into Italian (1898-1904) *ref.
  21. Willy MORPURGO "pseudonym DIAS" Born: 1872 in Trieste, Italy. occupation: Journalist. Died: 1956 *ref.
  22. Alexander MORPURGO Born: abt 1876 Buried: Dec 25, 1916 in Vienna
  23. Carlo MORPURGO + Alexina (?)
    1. Nelson MORPURGO Born: Sep 19, 1899 in Cairo, Egypt. occupation: Lawyer. Died: Oct 11, 1978 Rimini, Italy + Aurelia MONTANARI Born: 1897 Born: Married: Dec. 27, 1921 in Cairo. Died: 1995 *children; Edmea, Carla, Vittorio Veneto, Paolo Ardito *genealogy
  24. Salomon MORPURGO occupation: Director of the National Library of Florence + Anna FRANCHETTI
    1. Giacomo MORPURGO Born: Feb 10, 1896 in Florence, Italy. Died: Oct 6, 1916 on the Busa Alta, buried Trentino Caoria cemetery, HQ of Italian troops in Val di Fassa *ref.
  25. Enrico von MORPURGO Born: Oct 9, 1880 ancestry Trieste, Italy *ref. 4237
  26. Luciano MORPURGO Born: Feb 20, 1886 in Split (Spalato), Croatia. occupation: Photographer, Editor, Writer Poesia della famiglia ebraica (1948). Died: Sep 21, 1971 in Rome, Italy *ref., wiki, Uncle: Vito Morpurgo who in 1856 relieved in the town's main square, Piazza dei Signori-a library, which became the Centre of split, haunt of intellectuals, along with nearby Coffee Tróccoli
  27. Giuseppe MORPURGO Born: 1887 occupation: Italian Author, secondary school Teacher, for some time after 1938 headmaster of the Jewish school in Turin. Died: 1967 *ref.
  28. Vittorio Ballio MORPURGO Born: 1890 in Rome, Italy. occupation: Architect, designed buildings in Rome, Tirana, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Died: 1966 in Rome or Rio de Janeiro *wiki, ref.
  29. Giorgio MORPURGO Born: 1892 in Rome. occupation: Military man. Died: 1938 in Testa di Ponte di Seros *wiki
  30. René von MORPURGO Born: abt 1899 Died: Apr 9, 1917 bur. in Vienna-13 (Hietzinng) cem. NFP Step-father: baron Adolf von Eger Step-mother: Frieda Kaizl
  31. Vilma MORPURGO + Hugo (see SCHWARZ family) Born: Sep 4, 1913 in Innsbruck-Stadt, Austria. Died: 29 Oct 1994 in Zichron Yaakov, Israel *his 2nd wife
  32. Marco MORPURGO Born: 1920 Died: 1948 *ref.
  33. Lisa MORPURGO (DORDONI) Born: 1923 occupation: Italian Writer and Astrologer. Died: 1998 *wiki
  34. Michael (Andrew Bridge) MORPURGO Born: 1943 in London. occupation: Author *wiki + Clare LANE *wiki

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