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Rohel Name - All About

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The following information is all about ROHEL. Do you have any other ROHEL information you can add? *Hledam nekoho kdo by chtel tuto stranku delat do Cestiny. The earliest reference found of someone with the name is Curtis George ROHEL, born in 1093 (researching-see below). We always thought the name was Czech, with "my Dad's family from Paskov" (near Ostrava) Moravia, Czech Republic and that's it. Imagine my surprise, to find out how many people there are in the world with the same surname and how far back it goes. (p.s) As children in Šternberk/Sternberg, sometimes we were called Rohlík Rohlik - bread stick, name of a popular Czech bread stick. ROH means Horn and Corner in Czech.

ROHEL Rohel town in Freisland, Netherlands Name is of Dutch (Netherlands) origin, with a town/village/hamlet in Friesland province near Augustinusga, Bolsward, Slappeterp, Skarsterlân, St. Johannesga, Schoterland -ROHEL of Nijega(right map). Spelling variations include: ROHEL (coat of arms), ROHELS, ROELLCHEN, ROELLCH, ROEL, ROELLICHS, ROELS, ROHELICHEN, ROHELES, ROHL, ROHLLCHEN, ROLLICKEN, ROLLKEN, and many more.... *Reginheim - Heathen sanctuaries: According to the Roman historian Tacitus the Germans worshipped their gods on holy places in nature. From Medieval sources, like the 9th century "Indiculus superstitionem" and the laws to fight heathenism that were created after 775AD by Charlemagne, we can distinct between three types of holy places: • Hills, rocks and stones; • Flowing rivers, lakes, bog swamps and wells; • Forests and trees. The Netherlands still has quite an amount of sanctuaries that date back to heathen times. Places with the word "Hel" in their names. Research indicates that places with Hel-names in the Netherlands are mostly located near the north side of the nearest building centers. Often there was a water pool there that was seen as the door to Hel (the world of the dead). In Old-Saxon this door was called "helldor". The Germans localized the world of the dead to the North, while this was unimportant in later Christian legends. The name of the constellation Grote Beer/La Grande Casserole/The Plough/The Big Dipper, which the Germans used as orientation to find the north, was "Helwagen". (Hell-wagon) The myths also locate Hel in the north. In heathen grave fields the skeletons are positioned in a North-South direction, something that also points to the belief that the land of the dead was to the north (Christian graves have an East-West direction). Names with the word "Hel" in Frisia are among others: (ROHEL near St. Jansga, Augustinusga, Bolsward and Slappeterp).

ROHEL is a variant of the surname ROCHELLE (English origin). One of the earliest references to the family name Rochelle dates back in history to the year 1224. Other variants of the surname are ROTCHELL, ROCKELL, ROCKALL and in France ROCHEL, LAROCHELLE and LAROCHETTE.... *A form of ROACH, is of local origin, deriving from a geographic feature, either natural or man made, near where the initial bearer once resided or held land. In this instance it is derived from the Middle English or Old French "roche" (later replaced in England by "rock", from the Norman by form"rocque"). Therefore, the progenitor of the surname was someone who lived by a rocky crag or outcrop. Some early examples of the surname derive from various places in Normandy, as for example Les Roches in Seine-Maritime, named with this word. In that case, the name would be toponymic in origin, and the progenitor was someone who hailed from a place named La Rochelle, Les Rocehes, etc... (The Historical Research Center)

Early ROHEL's found on the internet are: 1) Curtis George ROHEL born Jan, 21 1093 "searching for valid email of contact Ernest Self for details" and 2) Gilbert de ROHEL ..."In the rental of the county for 1226, Alan son of Bernulf was said to be holding Bickerstaffe, paying the customary 5s, and in 1246 Alan de Bickerstath claimed a third of the manor against Adam de Bickerstath, Simon his brother, Gilbert de ROHEL, Roger and Walter de Bickerstath...." The Bickerstaff Story

ROHEL, Le is a Village in France, located south of Saint-Martin-Des-Pres, (click here for large +/- map or smaller map on right) in the Bretagne (Brittany-encyclopedia) region. *Comment; France has the highest number of ROHEL residents.

ROHEL & Napoleon ... Following information was received from Jan B. of Czech Rep. "My grandmother's surname was ROHEL also. She had five sisters. All of them were born in Palkovice - village about ten kilometers from Paskov, near Ostrava. One of them, my grandmother's sister Libuse (d. 1999), told me seven years ago a story about my ROHEL ancestor's. She was interested in genealogy. She had a genealogical tree dating back to about 1805... - Somewhere in Normandy France, lived an old aristocratic's kin. At the beginning of the 19th century, when Napoleon assumed power, two ROHEL brothers had to solve a question of life. They were against Napoleon and he gave them a choice. They could join him or he would kill them and confiscate their properties. Not having much of a choice, one brother chose emigration to USA and the second escaped to Palkovice. The other ROHEL relatives presently live in Šternberk and Ujezd, near Olomouc". *Linkage is being researched, since we were the only ROHEL family in Šternberk

Rohel the Conqueror - French science fiction book series  ROHEL Le Conquérant, TranslationEnglish  French 14 vol. Science Fiction books by Pierre Bordage. I asked Pierre, why he chose the name ROHEL? His reply was:

"The ROHEL name of my character, was invented by my self. I was unable to guess, that some people in the world really had this name. ROHEL sounds like angel or archangel name, that's it. It mean's nothing in France. Good luck with your Genealogy. Let me know if you find something interesting with your name.

Friendly, Pierre Bordage". 

Rohle (derived from Rohel) town mapROHLE - Town (Obec)Czech, Rohelská bouda and mikroregion Rohelnice, s.w. of Šumperk & n.w. of Šternberk, Czech. Partial translation: "..Derives from the family name ROHEL on the ROHELNICE river. The first mention of ROHLE is in 1356, but because it was already natural centrum of (Dubicky barony?), so called Zalesi (Back woods) and already had a church, it was certainly established much earlier. It changed ownership many times. From the beginning, one part belonged to Zabreh and the second part was not long after attached to close by castle Brnicko. It was only a matter of time when a union would occur under one owner, and that happened before the year 1447, under the clan Tunklove (TunklCzech). At that time ROHLE was definitively attached to Zabrezsky barony, where it stayed until 1848.." Average number of residents (1900-1991) was 626.."

Rohelova street in Melnik near PragueROHELOVA Street in MELNIKČeský (30K North of Prague - click map on right)

ROHEL’s saxifrage is a "rare protected plant in Bulgaria", Central Balkan National Park - Kozya Stena (Chamois Wall) Reserve was established on December 22, 1987. With an area of 904.3 hectares, it lies within the Troyan Municipality, on the village of Chiflik’s lands, lying on a steep, barely accessible mountain slope. Kozya Stena is a botanist’s paradise, home to over 40 species of rare, protected plants: Blagaev’s spurge, ROHEL’s saxifrage, moonwort, Stara Planina asperule, mountain avens, and edelweiss, the white star of the mountain (*I am searching for plant information & picture)

ROHEL as a Given Name: Several individuals utilize(d) the ROHEL name as their first name: "..Reference to the Khelmer “shule” appears in an article by Rohel VyshnytserEastern-Western Buildings in the Shule” Architecture From the 12th to 18th Century” (1947).." OR Catholic Father Rohel Gallardo (35), who according to survivors, was executed in April 2000 by The Abu Sayyaf rebel group, while demanding the release of three Muslim activists imprisoned in the US. OR".. Paul de Pina, Portuguese Jewish poet (1580-) aka Rohel Jeshurun in 1604 Amsterdam, composed poetical dialogues between the seven principal mountains of Palestine in praise of the faith of Israel.." - ROHEL is also a variant of Rachel in Yiddish, according to a book named "Jewish Personal Names" by Rabbi Shmuel Gorr; ie. Rohel (Rachel) Schwartz, OR Rohel Korn a poet, "An Evening In The Old People's Home", who continued the internationalism of Yiddish literature in Canada OR ..ROHEL - The Blood of the Philosophical Dragon in "A Lexicon of Alchemy" by Martin Rulandus.

ROHEL (Rochel) Angel of December (google translation) "..The greatest quality of this angel, is to help to find objects lost to us or robbed and to achieve labor and social success. Also it impels us to to enjoy the celebrations full of surprises and pleasant gifts. Who ask for the gifts of Rochel will become dynamic, peculiar and friendly. Once they realize its power, they will become more introverts. Horóscopo of December: The month of sagitario brings adventures and changes. Phases of the moon in the month of December. ROHEL or Rochel: God that sees all. Planet: Moon Third hierarchy: angels Hours: from 22:40 to 23:00 hours. Color: Red and pink. Day: Monday. Sound: Do. Talisman: dark gems. Offering: Fruits. It is invoked to him stops: To sensitize the perception, to look for lost or robbed objects. To influence on the fame and luck of lawyers and magistrates. For the success in science. Its knowledge: The laws, the customs and justice..."

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