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Emmerich Paul Doemeny

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Dr. Emmerich Paul DOEMENY (3/28/1911 -  3/13/1997) began his medical training in Vienna to become the seventh in a long lineage of Dömény Emmerich Paul DOEMENYAustro-Hungarian physicians, including his grandfather and father who were physicians in the court of emperor Franz-Joseph. When Austria was invaded by the Nazis, the aristocratic Dömény family and their possessions were confiscated by the new regime, and in 1937 Paul was forced to immigrate to the United States. In 1937 Paul left Austria on the ship Aquitania and arrived in New York City with eight dollars in his pocket. Thanks to the food automats he was able to eat; and the New York newspaper he learned English. He was so upset with Austria losing to the Nazi’s that he dropped the aristocratic title “von” and Americanized his surname Dömény to Doemeny

He interned at Mercy Hospital in Bay City Michigan. He then moved to San Francisco where he was granted a California License to practice medicine. Subsequently, Paul moved to Emeryville, California, a small logging town with only one other doctor. Paul then moved to Fresno, California in 1940 where he worked in the F.L.R. Burk’s industrial clinic. This is where he met Dorothy Irene Burke; the two were married one year later in Chico, California. In October 1941 he received his California medical license. Paul was considering buying a medical practice in Chico. But when World War II broke out, being a very proud American he wanted to serve in the U.S. Armed Services. After becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1943, he volunteered for the U.S. Army Medical Corps and was commissioned in May 1944.

Paul was attached to Patton's 3rd army, during which time he saw combat in many European campaigns in France and Germany, including the "Battle of the Bulge". At the war's end, Paul was attached to the force of the combined 3rd and 7th Armies which formed the US occupation force ofDr. Emmerich Paul DOEMENY Germany. As an officer of the medical corps in this unit, he cared for wounded and sick soldiers, as well as those who were liberated from concentration camps.  He then returned to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, serving as director of the hospital and chief of surgery before ending his Army career in September 1946 as an Army captain

Paul returned to private practice in San Diego in 1948, where he was a surgeon and general practitioner for 53 years, serving a huge practice in the East San Diego community. He served as chief of staff of the former Villa View Hospital in 1985 and 1989. He was also on the medical staff over the years at Paradise Valley Hospital and Grossmont Hospital. Paul traveled extensively, visiting all parts of the globe as a student of medical philosophies and practices worldwide. At the age of 79, Paul retired from practice, but never gave up his love for his profession. Two years following his retirement, he returned to Austria for a 50-year reunion of the Association of Austrian Physicians, which he had joined while a medical student at the University of Vienna

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