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Kantor Private Bank

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Online (rough) translation from (original in German)

KANTOR family: The Bank house Ludwig KANTOR OHG (Vienna 1, Wipplingerstr. 21), in 1908 in the trade register Vienna registered, was one of the biggest private Bank houses in Austria, whose foreign business had comparatively eträchtlichen circumference.902 The Bank house had four companions about 1930: Richard Pappenheim (erschied in 1931 from the society from and changed to the Bank house Frid & Thiemann), Ludwig KANTOR (he died in 1934), Richard KANTOR and Hans KANTOR. While Richard KANTOR succeeded to emigrate in 1938 to England (he died in 1946 as a British citizen), became Hans KANTOR in 1938 at first in Dachau imprisoned, kidnaps in 1942 in the concentration camp Wlodowa and in 1947 for dead explains.903 The liquidation stretched about several years. Still after 1939 the Bank house on account of an explicit disposal of the RWM had the authorization to be active as a "mottoes Bank". This was necessary to unwind the open foreign business.

Hans KANTOR owned a cash investment of 280,000 p. and a capital reserve by the height of p. 100.000.- this property was used up “by liquidation of the Fa Ludwig KANTOR to the Gänze... “A writing of the WGCV noted,” that in progress of this firm the capital interest of both open companions Hans KANTOR and Richard KANTOR might be used up and all foresight after ending of the liquidation no profit in favour of both obgenannten men will remain. Should the firm Ludwig KANTOR liquidate in contrast to the present circumstances, still, with a profit, we undertake for the fact to making sure that after ending of the liquidation from both companions the penalty is paid to proper capital interests by the height of 20%.905 For the activity of the WGCV RM 28.000 were taken into account.906 The Bank house Frid & Thiemann (later: Antoni, Hacker & Co.) was satisfied inclusively with RM 16.000.907 The Bank house was extinguished on 20.12.1944 in the trade register.

The British citizen Ing. Albert Paul KANTOR was the chief heir of her Companion of the Bank house Ludwig KANTOR, Richard and Hans KANTOR. Ing. Albert Paul KANTOR, born on the 6th July, 1925 in Vienna, became in 1938 British citizen. He had served during the second world war with the royal Airforce, his study in the royal Aeronautical Society for the field concluded in 1948 airplane technology and engine construction, and was active afterwards for the family trust of the family REITLINGER. Cf. BMF, folder "Concessions", BMF 305.432-17/66. Bank house Ludwig KANTOR - request of the Ing. Albert Paul KANTOR around granting (rerental) of the Bank concession.

Already in 1956 he had together with his mother Edna Karoline (Reitlinger) KANTOR “wife of Richard KANTOR” claims to the Verlassenschaft Ludwig KANTOR with reference to the article. Of 25 and 26 state contracts with the BMF announced. On the 20th August, 1965 an application for rerental of the Bank concession was submitted, was pulled back, indeed, with explanation from the 17th February, 1969. According to the BMF if Ing Albert Paul KANTOR had in connection with the Zurückziehung of his application a "certain compensation” on the part of in foundation to located ones “Bank limited partnership Brunner & Co.” receive. Mrs. Irene Munk-Brunner(?) if a Bank concession received directly on it.

In the case Ludwig KANTOR there were even further efforts towards a regaining of the concession: 50% - heiressy after Hans KANTOR, Alice (Kantor) WINTER *also see Bankhouse WINTER story, directed by her anwaltliche representation in 1970 an inquiry to the BMF because of the rerentals of the Bank concession of the Bank house Ludwig KANTOR to them. She had been according to theirs echtsanwaltes quiet partner of the Bank house Ludwig KANTOR, hence, had not entitled in the opinion of the BMF, with reference to her successor's quality “to apply for the rerental of the Bank concession. In addition, Alice WINTER did not fulfil KWG to necessary objective conditions in the opinion of the ministry after §4. The BMF took in the answer writing, hence, to the question of a Konzessionswiederverleihung a negative position. One can do only one for "new granting" of a concession apply which must be judged according to the regulations §4 KWG.909

Note: see claim resolutions for lost bank accounts of Ludwig and Richard KANTOR .pdf

References: 902 KV: WGCV, till August, 1939; trustee: Frid & Thiemann (renamed in "Bank limited partnership Antoni, Hacker & Co.”), from the 10th August, 1939 to the 12th June, 1944; Owner: Hans KANTOR, Richard KANTOR. BMF, folder "concessions", 903 BMF 315.030-17/68. Bank house Ludwig KANTOR - Albert Paul KANTOR - request because of Bank concession. In May, 1938 in Hans KANTOR was arrested and was still in December, 1938 in Dachau. 905 ÖstA, address 06, VVST VA of No. 34.376 (Richard KANTOR). Letter Richard KANTOR to the VVSt, 15.7.1938. Hans KANTOR was deported in April, 1942 to Wlodawa (Döw-DatenBank/notable capture: 906 ÖstA, address 06, VVst, Kt. 850, KuTr 6455th Bank limited partnership Antoni, Hacker & Co. an the upper finance president Wien-Niederdonau, 20.4.1944. 907 ÖstA, address 06, VVST VA of No. 16.959 (Hans KANTOR). Writings of the WGCV to the tax office Internal town v. 14.12.1938. ÖstA, address 06, VVst, Kt. 850, KuTr 6455th protocol of the VVSt concerning Bank house Ludwig KANTOR, 25.8.1939, p. 2 f. ÖstA, address 06, VVst, Kt. 850, KuTr 6455th writings of the VVSt in Frid & Thiemann, 1.9.1939. 909 BMF, folder "concessions", BMF 312.995-17/70. Alice WINTER, born KANTOR, inquiry because of New rental szt. Bank concession of the Fa Ludwig KANTOR, Vienna.

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