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Winter Private Bank

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History of bank Winter -

The bank is founded by Alfred Winter in 1090 Vienna, Kolingasse 17. The bank becomes a member of the Vienna Stock Exchange.
Karl Winter, the brother of the founder, becomes partner. Membership in the Wiener Kaufmannschaft.
Erich Körner, later co-founder of S.G. Warburg & Co., becomes authorized signatory.
The bank is granted the license for foreign exchange trade. Robert Winter, the son of the founder, and Erich Körner, become partners of Bank Winter.
Nationalisation (“Aryanization“) of Bank Winter.
S.G. Warburg is founded by Sir Siegmund Warburg, Erich Körner and (see Henry Grünfeld family page)
Simon Moskovics starts trading in Vienna.
Simon Moskovics and Robert Winter establish the Bankkommanditgesellschaft Winter & Co. with its headquarters in 1010
Vienna, Singerstrasse 2, and become personally liable partners. The old bank license is renewed. First year’s balance sheet totals ATS 38.4 million (EUR 2.79 million).
Specialisation in the organization and financing of East-West-trading transactions in cooperation with East European state owned banks.
Bank Winter is the only bank to receive a license to import gold and has a special contract with the Austrian Mint (fully owned by the Finance Ministry) to produce gold coins and sell them to the public.
Total assets exceed ATS 1 billion (EUR 72.7 million).
Robert Winter resigns as partner. At this time Bank Winter is already one of the largest private banks in Austria.
In order to enhance the existing cooperation with S.G. Warburg, Thomas Moskovics at the invitation of Erich Körner, originally partner at Bank Winter and then co-founder of S.G. Warburg, spends several months at the London headquarters of Warburg and gets a first initiation in investment banking. Thereafter Thomas Moskovics joins Bank Winter.
Wingest Finanz AG, Switzerland, is founded by Bank Winter and S.G. Warburg under the co-chairmanship of Simon Moskovics and (see Oscar M. Lewisohn on Grünfeld page), senior executive of S.G. Warburg and son-in-law of the co-founder of S.G. Warburg, Henry Grünfeld.
Total assets exceed ATS 10 billion (EUR 727 million). First issue of own bonds.
Total assets reach ATS 25 billion (EUR 1.8 billion).
Conversion of the bank to a stock corporation and move to Singerstrasse 10. Increase of equity capital to ATS 300 million (EUR 21.8 million). Thomas Moskovics becomes member of the management board.
Following the passing-away of Simon Moskovics, his son Thomas Moskovics takes the lead as Chairman of the Management Board and CEO.
In response to the new challenges of the banking environment especially the various banking mergers in Austria, Thomas Moskovics refocuses the bank with special emphasis on structured finance and investment banking.
Bank Winter ranks 16th in the BIS ratio (The Banker) among the 1,000 largest banks worldwide.
Renewed membership in the Vienna Stock Exchange.
Increase of equity capital to EUR 35 million.

WINTER family: The Bank house of Alfred WINTER (Vienna 9, Koling. 17) was founded 1320 in 1892 by Alfred WINTER Since 17th May, 1926 disposed the Bank house Alfred WINTER about a limited one Bankgewerbekonzession. 1321 The firm had originally four companions: Alfred WINTER (deceased in 1935), Karl WINTER, Dr. Friedrich Körner (stamped out in 1929) and Robert WINTER (registered since 1922). Karl WINTER, born in 1879, was married to Alice, born KANTOR and lived in Döbling (Chimanistr. 3). He valued to his 64% - interest in his property registration with RM 141420. His whole property was estimated according to information of the imperial escape assessment notice from the 26th November, 1938 at RM 224.407., demgemäss he had to pay RM 56101 to imperial escape tax. In a writing to the VVSt Karl WINTER noted in November, 1938 tersely: ,,My property amounted on the 27th April, 1938 RM 141.420. -sound of the added installation of the temporary management of the Viennese giro and Cassenvereins amounted to my property on the 12th November, 1938 RM 19.226. 1322 Alfred WINTER, born in 1900, married to Anita, born SCHREYER, lived in the 4th district (Argentinierstr. 41). He valued to his 36% - interest with RM 5.200. He had obviously fled in August, 1939, the VVSt stated in an "elevation report", no more property values could have been guaranteed. His concession put back in view of the NS arbitrary measures with the letter of 21st December, 1938 1323 Karl WINTER. The firm Alfred WINTER became “on account of the law from the 13th April, 1938, BGBl. No. 80/1938, under temporary management put and liquidated”. The firm was extinguished in the trade register on the 10th January, 1939.

The BMF gives 1324 5.102.1 concession-returns to Robert WINTER 1325 Auf the request from the 27th September, 1958 concerning,, rerental of a Bank concession to Mr. Robert WINTER, according to §3 of the credit system-sedate from the 25.9.1939 (...) to Mr. Robert WINTER, Banker, Vienna, and Simon Moskovics, businessman, in Vienna, the approval, the Bank trade under the firm “Bank limited partnership WINTER & Co. with the seat in Vienna 1, Singerstr. To pursue 2 and Mr. Herren Robert WINTER and Simon Moskovics as a public (sic) companion”. 1326 Robert WINTER and Simon Moskovics were either together authorized to representation as personally being liable companions or in each case together with a Prokuristen 1327 a Swiss society, the Unikredit AG in Zurich, entered as a limited partner with an insert of 3 Mil. p. into the firm. The concession was expressly given,, only for the personal exercise of the Bank company and was not transferable. She contained the following restriction: “In this approval the right is to the Entgegenahme of savings inserts, inserts against cash lights, as well as the right to Issue of mortgage certificates, bonds derTeilschuldverschreibungen which kind do not contain always”.1328 The Devisenhandlsermächtigung in accordance with §2 of the foreign exchange law was given by the board of directors of the national Bank.

Thereupon, the Bank house WINTER & Co. was taken up 1329 in May, 1959 as a well-arranged member in the federation of Austrian Banks and Banker Simon Moskovics was in 1949 to Vienna and founded a trading venture. While Robert WINTER as a Banker, in 1938 the concession had been taken away, the claim to the regaining of the concession had, Moskovics placed at disposal the capital. Also Moskovich received, although he has had no appropriate education, the Konzession.1330 The commercial success has been guaranteed when the Bank house WINTER, 1963 has received the license to the acquisition of gold exclusively from the BMF. Robert WINTER laid down in 1967 his right of representation and also retired as a companion in 1972. From 1967 if Simon Moskovics was only authorized to representation as a personally being liable companion. The insert of the Swiss limited partner increased itself on 70 Mil. shillings to them between 1965 and 1978 in 1986 retired. In the same year became the Bank house WINTER & Co. in an AG converted. After Simon Moskovics had died in 1993, his son Thomas Moskovics took over the firm which disposed meanwhile of a capital of 300 Mil. shillings.

References: 1320 Alfred WINTER, in 1863 in Mährisch-east-rough born, should have pursued at first all banking transactions, have specialized increasingly, nevertheless, in the Escomptierung of goods changes. Bruno Schlintner: the development of a private bank in Austria after 1945 at the example of the bank house WINTER, Dipl.-Arb. Economic university of Vienna in 1984, p. 1. 1321 companions: Karl WINTER, Robert WINTER. BMF, folder "concessions", BMF 67.516-15/25. Answer of the BMF, 17.5.1926. 1322 VVSt, VA 43296 (Karl WINTER). 1323 VVSt, VA 43542 (Robert WINTER). 1324 VVSt, KuTr 6493 concerning the bank house Alfred WINTER contains no material. Also in FLD/Vienna no actions exist to the brothers Karl and Robert WINTER. 1325 in a company-economic dissertation to the bank house of WINTERs from the year 1984 nothing is noted as the backgrounds. The bank was steered successfully by all confusion in the time after the First World War. In 1938 Mr. WINTER laid the approval to the debt collection of bank trade emigrated back and the concession rested during the next years and revived in 1959 again. A nephew of the founder, Mr. Robert WINTER who was also already active before the second world war in the bank as a companion asserted his claim to the concession. Bruno Schlintner: the development of a private bank, p. 1. 1326 VÖBB, folder well-arranged members, bank WINTER? Co. AG. Duplicate: BMF (Dr. Schmid) to Dr. RA Ernst Wagner, 6.3.1959 (Zl. 26.093-17/59). 1327 extracts from the trade register A 16.281. 1328 VÖBB, folder well-arranged members, Bank WINTER & Co. AG. Duplicate: BMF (Dr. Schmid) to Dr. RA Ernst Wagner, 6.3.1959 (Zl. 26.093-17/59). 1329 VÖBB, folder ,,well-arranged members Bank WINTER & Co. AG. Writings WINTER & Co. to the federation of Austrian banks and banker, 23.3.1959; writings of the federation Sure about Austria banks and bankers in WINTER & Co., 6.5.1959. 1330 economic weeks, No. 38, 16.9.1993, p. 40-41.

Ref: Beispiel des Bankhauses WINTER, Dipl.-Arb. Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. Online (rough) translation from /pdf/INTBANKEN.pdfGerman

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