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This page is dedicated to descendants in America of Andrew Proudfoot/Proudfit of Perth Shire, Scotland, Circa 1700
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This site was last updated on April 18th, 2008.

First Reunion - August, 2001 in York Co., Pa.


Proudfit Announcements - New Information: Compton's Genealogy.

  2008 Proudfit Family Reunion Information 

Puzzle Pieces - Where do they fit?

Proudfit Haunts (Picture Gallery - See it all)

Proudfit Newsletter

 Andrew's Descendant Tree   

Andrew's Descendant Tree on World Connect (Downloadable GEDCOM file)

Proudfit Family Resource Link Page

Download the Proudfit Restoration Project Power Point Presentation

Miscellaneous Proudfit Family Information (Articles, Cemetery Lists, Documents, and Pictures)

The Proudfit Family Guest Registry


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