Free Male Inhabitants in the Bounds of Captain Dickey and McGlothlin's Companies for the Year 1826

Free Male Inhabitants in the Bounds of Captain Dickey and McGlothlin's Company's for the Year 1826

Abstracted and Compiled from microfilm of the original Lists with edits by E. J. & C. L. Keen

List of Enumeration in
Captain Joseph McGlothlin's Company

Names Additional Information not from original document
Samuel Cochran, Sr. -
Robert Brown Will dated: 21 Nov 1849; sons, Jacob, Jeremiah, William, Robert, Anthony, Jonathan L.; daughters, Milly Cochran, Sally Allen, Mary Hodges, Susannah Martin, dec'd.
Jacob Brown -
Jeremiah Brown -
John Stallcup -
Joseph McGlothlin Will dated: 3 Jul 1837; wife, Polly; sons, Joseph Jr., John, William, Andrew, James, Alexander; daughter, Elizabeth Goosetree.
George Stallcup -
Rhesa Stallcup -
Jeremiah Alderson -
Luke Perdue Will dated: 5 Sep 1831; wife, Susanna
Samuel Alley, Sr. Will dated: 18 Jan 1835; sons, Benjamin, Peter, Thomas, Willis, Joseph; daughters, Molly Kirkham, Lucy Hodges, Dicey Alley; grandaughter, Polly Fowler.
William Hall Will dated: 10 Aug 1854; wife, Mary; sons, Richard A., John A., William H.; daughters, Thankful Jane Jenkins, Mary B. Cassady, Martha Ann Sharp, dec'd.
Samuel Cockran, Jr. -
David Bradley, Jr. -
William Kirkham -
Thomas Kirkham Will dated: 13 Jul 1838; wife, Susan
Joshua Bradley -
Thomas Bradley -
Luke Bradley -
Colin Campbell -
David Campbell -
Jehoshaphat Campbell -
James Campbell -
William Dorris, Jr. -
Isaiah Hodges -
Nehemiah B. Crom -
William W. Ausbrooks Will dated: 14 Feb 1877; son, William C.
Eli Henson -
John Henson -
Meredith Hodges -
John B. Brizendine Will dated: 14 Sep 1847; wife, Patience; sons, James A., Lafayette M., Elvis G., Calvin C., Orvel F., William Q., Joseph B.; daughters, Eliza J. Hodges, Nancy M., Sally R.A., Lucy S.M., Mary L.F.W., Liddy E., Cynthia A.S. Ausbrooks
Thomas P. Freeland -
Aaron Hodges Will dated: 19 Nov 1844; wife, Elizabeth; sons, Holly, Chrisley, Asa W.; daughters, Martha, Nancy Brown, Chloe Keen, Miriam; grandson, William A. Edwards
Rowland T. Hodges Will dated: 28 Oct 1839; wife, Nancy; sons, John C., Isham, Lawson M., Ezekiel N.; daughters, Louisa, Elizabeth, Sarah, Chloe
Isham Hodges, Sr. Will dated: 23 Dec 1829; wife Betsy; sons, Asa, Rowland T., Isham, Jr., Meredith, William, Ezekiel C.; daughters, Betsy Ausbrooks, Milly, Phebe; grandsons, Isham H. West, Daniel West
Ezekiel C. Hodges -
Holly Hodges -
John Dorris, Jr. -
John Dorris, Sr. -
Stephen Dorris -
John West, Sr. -
John Reddick Will dated: 12 Jan 1835; sons, Newton B., John A., Eli, Elijah; daughters, Christina dec'd., Patsy, Dosia, Emily Malinda, Sintha
William Murral -
James Rippy Will dated: 1 Aug 1860; son Josiah (dec'd) heirs, Eli, John M., William P., Samuel, James; daughters, Polly Dorris, Jane Dorris (dec'd) heirs, Susan Durham (dec'd) heirs, Martha Dorris, Sarah M. Durham
Josiah Rippy Will dated: 9 Oct 1845
Eli Rippy -
Randolph Hall -
Neill Campbell -
Soloman Brown -
Jacob Brown, Sr. -
Leonard Brown -
Isham Hodges, Jr. Will dated: 1 Sep 1826; wife, Sarah; sons, Daniel Stokes, Samuel G., Marcus A., Sanford P., Chrisley M.; daughters, Melissa L., Harriet L.
David Cockran -
John Bracken, Sr. -
James Bracken, Sr. -
William Bracken Will dated: 30 Apr 1833; sons, Elvis J., James S.; daughters, Eliza B., Elvira Turner
James Bracken, Jr. -
William Ballard -
Ira Tatom -
Ashford Keen Died in Illinois
Robert Norvell -
Benjamin Norvell -
James Boyle, Jr. -
Henry House
William House -
Jacob Gregory -
Robert Chapell -
James Boyle, Sr. -
John Bracken, Jr. -
Robert Herrod -
Andrew Denning -
Boyles Denning -
William Denning, Sr. -
William Denning, Jr.
James Alderson -
William Alderson, Jr. -
Matthew Perdue -
Henry Deal -
Thomas Perdue -
Alfred Morris -
Elisha Keen Died intestate in Macon County, Tennessee in 1873
John Keen -
Aaron Butler Will dated: 13 Sep 1845; wife, Rosannah; sons, James, John, William, Oliver P.
William Dorris, 3rd -
William Henson -
Obediah Stallcup -

List of Free Male Inhabitants
Captain Dickeys Company
1 January 1826

Names Names
Reuben Douglass Wiley J. Douglass
Isaac Gwin John Leddy
Vinson Woods William Rice
Mose Cotton Edward C. Looney
Peter Looney John Crabb
Knight Crabb Asa Cowgan
Josiah Walton Willis Holmes
William Holmes Elijah Williams
Henry Person (Pearson) Michael Person (Pearson)
John Person (Pearson) Michael Dersburg
Joseph Durman (Durham) Johnathan Durman (Durham)
Matthew Armstrong William Pitt
Joseph Pitt John Pitt
Henry Pitt James Briggance
King Sutton, Jr. James Sutton
James Busbey Michael Looney
John Garrison, Jr. Archebald Masten (Marlin)
Frederick A. Watkins Lorenzo Watkins
William King John King
Isaac King William Bush
Elijah Busby Britton Rogers
James Rogers Jesse Gamblin
James Gamblin William Griffin
Jinnet Hassell George Watewood (Wattwood)
James (?)Trawthis (Travice-Travis) Abner Reeves
James Baker John Holmes
King Sutton, Sr. George Dempsey
Robert Killbuck Andrew McCormick
Elias Cotton John Cruse
John Griffin Smith Pack
Will G. Marlin James Donoho
Walter Donoho John Garrison, Sr.
James Garrison Jonathan Latimer,Sr.
Benjamin Douglass Layton Hunter
Edmond Hunter Jonathan C. Latimer, Jr.
Jacob Latimer Edward Latimer
Nicholas Latimer Charles Latimer
John Wise Joseph H. Wise
Bartholomew Hunycutt Henry Hamilton
Gustavus Williams Joseph Williams
Joseph Kirkpatrick William Kirkpatrick
James Jackson John Jackson
Asa Wormington Noah Cotton
John Cotton Alexander Cotton
Andrew S. Dickey Hugh Crofford (Crawford)
Jesse Hollis Ruben Hunter
Tyree Yancey Milton Briggance
Charles N. Birggance John Shewcraft (Shucraft)
James M. Greer William Cummings
Roderick Cummings Alfred Ing
Thomas Hail (Hale) Thomas J. Edwards
Samuel Hollis Joshua Hobdy
William P. Thomas Alexander Marshall
Thomas Hudson John Bone
Wilie Vinson William Lawhorn
John Mitchell ___(?) Powers
H. H. Richard Peter Bucher (Butcher)
David Bucher (Butcher Thomas Bucher (Butcher)
Timothy Garrett David Garrett
Stewart Kirkpatrick Charles Watkins
Andrew Hoover, Sr. Mark Moore
John F. Clark George Douglass
Stephen Hall ___(?) Hall
Alexander Cunningham Samuel Cunningham
Isaac Looney Downe H. Coalman (Coleman)
Hardy Coalman (Coleman) John J. Denkins (Dinkins)
Stephen Beasley Henry Camplin
___(?) Mathaly ___(?) Denny (Dinning)
Samuel Wormington John Wormington
Edmond Wormington

I certify that the above is a correct list of the free male inhabitants in the bounds of Captain Dickeys Company.
26 February 1826 - Charles Watkins, J. P.

This record and many more like it were preserved in boxes and housed in the Sumner County Courthouse. Due to space constraints they were moved to the Tennessee State Library and Archives during the 1930's. In 1984 these records were retrieved and indexed, microfilmed, sorted and sent back to Gallatin to be permanently housed and placed in the custody of the Sumner County Archives. Microfilm of this and other documents can be viewed at the Tennessee State Library & Archives, Nashville and the Sumner County Archives, Gallatin, Tennessee.

An article and copy of the original list appeared in the Highland Rim Keen & Kin, Volume I, Issue 1, June 1989, concerning many of the listed people. These individuals and their families lived "On The Ridge" from Fountain Head, Portland, Brackentown, Oak Grove, to the Pleasant Grove area.

The importance of this document is tremendous due to the fact that it is one of the first (tax, census, etc.) lists that indicate groups of individuals who lived near one another. The 1820 Sumner County, Tennessee Federal Census was alphabetized and therefore did not indicate location in the county for the families listed.

Where available I listed the date, etc. of the recorded Will in Sumner County, Tennessee. Most all of these individuals can be found listed in the 1830 Sumner County, Tennessee Federal Census, pages 159-182. Of course Land, Court and Marriages records may be consulted for further information on most of these individuals and families.

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