Puerto Rico: My Ancestors and Their Descendants

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The above is a copy of the U.S. 1899 population census schedule. Over the years responses to the whereabouts of this census have been that it was lost. Recently, it has been rumored around the genealogical community that a copy does exist. In the event that one does, the following is what was asked in that census. There were 20 question fields. The first two fields were "Street" and "Number of House". The succeeding questions were numbered 1 - 18 and they were:

  1. Number of house or building in order of visitation
  2. Number of family in the order of visitation
  3. Name of every person residing with this family or in this house
  4. Relationship of each person to the head of the family
  5. Color
  6. Sex
  7. Age at last birthday
  8. Status
  9. Native country of this person
  10. Cuban, Spaniard or in suspense.*
  11. Occupation, trade or profession of every person 10 years of age and over
  12. Months of attendance at school during the last school year
  13. Can read
  14. Can write
  15. Higher**
  16. Source of water used
  17. Disposition of garbage
  18. Latrine system

  *  Citizenship undecided
 **  Higher Education

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