Puerto Rico: My Ancestors and Their Descendants


A special census was conducted in Puerto Rico in 1935 on behalf of the Puerto Rican Reconstruction Administration. (Administración de la Reconstrucción de Puerto Rico) The agency's goals were to increase employment, provide relief, and rehabilitate the agricultural economy in Puerto Rico.

Here are the questions asked in the 1935 Census:

  1. Street, avenue, road, etc.
  2. House number
  3. Number of dwelling house in order of visitation
  4. Number of family in order of visitation
  5. Name of each person whose place of abode on Dec 1, 1935, was with this family. Enter surname first, then the given name, and middle initial, if any. Include every person living on Dec. 1, 1935. Omit children born since Dec. 1, 1935.
  6. Relationship of this person to the head of the family
  7. Number of bed rooms
  8. Sanitary service
  9. Sex
  10. Color or race
  11. Age at last birthday
  12. Marital condition
  13. Attended school or college any time since Sept. 1, 1935
  14. Whether able to read and write
  15. Place of birth of each person enumerated. Give State or territory
  16. Naturalization
  17. Whether able to speak English
  18. Trade, profession, or particular kind of work done
  19. Industry or business
  20. Class of worker
  21. Is this person gainfully employed? yes or no
  22. Is this person unemployed
  23. If unemployed, how many weeks
  24. Number on farm schedule

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