Puerto Rico: My Ancestors and Their Descendants

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"...A happy people does not abandon the amenities of its native land. A prosperous people does not go to remote countries in quest of what its own land offers spontaneously. That collective impulse which drags entire families into the vicissitudes of expatriation was never before known in Puerto Rico. When its natives, whom the nobleness of their character makes so hospitable and force of habit so sedentary, determine to bid farewell to their homes, to their fields, to the remembrances of their youth, to the affections of their souls, they evince that they cannot any longer bear up under the afflictions to which their bitter fate has subjected them...."

- Luis Muñoz Rivera
Puerto Rico Herald
August 29, 1903

"If Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco, you can be sure that when it came to the Puerto Rican pioneers not only did they leave their hearts but, they also left their souls in Puerto Rico. They did not arrive in New York to be converted into New Yorkers."
-Ariel Blondet

Mr. Ariel Blondet, a member of the Puerto Rican Hispanic Genealogical Society and the Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Genealogía, came across several months ago, various plane and ship manifests with the names of those who had left their native land. They left with hope and promise in their hearts for a better life. The discovery and the transcription is offered here for your perusal. Once again, I am eternally indebted to Mr. Blondet for his knowledge and for wanting to share these lists with us.

Also, please enjoy the following complements to this endeavour. Nada a beautiful poem written by Carmen Luisa Justiniano, author of Con Valor y a Como de Lugar. The poem has been placed here because of its relevance to these pages, the departure from the native land and what may have happened on the return of the "Pasajeros" to Puerto Rico.

The other, Photos, speaks for itself.

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