Puerto Rico: My Ancestors and Their Descendants

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Borders has just added their second store in Puerto Rico. The first is in Plaza las Americas and the recently opened second one is in Carolina.

La Tertulia
Books in Spanish

Census Information
You may obtain the 1910 or 1920 census for your towns of interest on CD.
Puerto Rico 1910 or 1920 census images on CD or microfilm.

Genealogical Societies/Sites

Hispanic Genealogy Center  

La Genealogia de Puerto Rico

PRRoots.com  A Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York Website  
I'm personally gratified to see the Puerto Rico Message Boards back. They provide a unique and much more highly probable way for us to connect with others who are researching names in the same town.

Puerto Rican Hispanic Genealogical Society

Sociedad Puertoriqueña de Genealogia

Searching for Our Roots
I've set this one link apart because there isn't enough I could say about it. To capsulize it would be to say a great "labor of love" created by someone whose true devotion to genealogy is evidenced by her site. It is for Puerto Rican genealogy researchers and its people. A site about us - Visitor Notes, for us - Ancestry Submittal Form and by us - Census Transcript Project - Completed Index. Visit once, make it a favorite and make it a point to check back often.

Consider the following and you will not only be making a great contribution to others like yourself but, the gratification of contributing to something so important will be reaped when you finish your first transcription. I know because I've finished one town and am currently working on another. Become a volunteer!


La Esmeralda del Sur, Patillas  
Interesting site dedicated to the town of Patillas. Scroll down to the History section of the site and you will find, amongst other items of interest, information regarding notable figures in Patillas with pictures etc. Some of the names/pictures that appear are of Lebron, Mauras and Conde just to name a few.

Library of Congress - Hispanic Reading Room
Online historical collection featuring, for example, "1492: An Ongoing Voyage", "Puerto Rico at the Dawn of the Modern Age" and, "The War of 1898: The Spanish-American War".

Find the history of your surname and where it may have originated. Heraldry, crests and more...  

1898 La Guerra Hispano Americana en Puerto Rico
In Spanish - En Español

1898 Los Documentos de Puerto Rico

Memorias de Un Siglo
Puerto Rico 1900-2000: Important events, as recorded by "El Nuevo Dia", in the 20th century. Available on CD.

National Archives and Records Administration

Victorian Lace  
A tremendously informative and creative site demonstrating an era of complete eloquence and beauty. If you've seen the apothecary image on my Botica page then you have only had a tiny glimpse into the elegance and historical nature of Victorian Lace.

Island Newspapers and News Stations

El Nuevo Dia
Primera Hora
You'll need "flash" to view.

Personal Genealogy Pages/Sites

David Martinez - My Genealogy Home Page  
Here you have a site which evidences one family's research and the resources of using other family members to generate a truly impressive listing of ancestors. From Spain and various other places in between to settling in several pueblos in Puerto Rico. Please go through Mr. Martinez' index of names - who knows, you may find a familial link.

My Roots: The Correa-Dávila Family  
The research of this family has taken the researcher through the following towns in Puerto Rico; Dorado, Juncos, Adjuntas, Barceloneta, Toa Baja, Trujillo Alto, San Germán, Carolina, Guayama, Vega Baja, and Cabo Rojo.

Eunice's Puerto Rico Genealogy Page

La Pagina de la Caridura, Miriam Rivera - Information specific to Fajardo and the genealogy of the Rivera Rivera and Maldonado Trevino families.


Archivo General de Indias  Turista Virtual de Sevilla   

CENTRO de Estudios Puertorriqueños  
"...research center dedicated to the study and interpretation of the Puerto Rican experience in the United States."

Departamento de Salud
For a complete listing of all Demographic Registrars in Puerto Rico

Form letter in Spanish for requesting genealogical information.

Diocesis de Puerto Rico: It has recently been brought to my attention that not all the addresses are up to date at my previous link Parroquias de Puerto Rico ("Parishes of Puerto Rico"). Therefore, until they are brought up to date, won't you please visit Diocesis de Puerto Rico and may I suggest a quick phone call to the Diocese for clarification.

Ministerio de Justicia:  Request civil register records from Spain online!  

Puerto Rico Interactive Map
Denoting mileage distances from San Juan to your destination as well as suggested route of travel. (Helpful if you plan a trip to your ancestor's town of birth or visiting one of the Demographic Registrars.)

Puerto Rico Telephone Directories

Searchable Sites

American Family Immigration History Center
If your ancestors traveled to America between 1892 and 1924, they went through Ellis Island. Search through ship records.

A commercial site but it has a multitude of various free searchable databases. If you'd like to view the 1910 and 1920 census from the comfort of your home, look into "Images Online" (three month subscription to Images Online is $24.95).

Access the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) at Ancestry.com.

Family Search Internet Genealogy Service
The work done by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - they have gathered genealogical records from all over the world. While you visit their site please check the Family History Center to find a center near you. Before you leave check to see what the FHC's might have on film for you by doing a search of their library at the Family History Library Catalog.

Social Secuity Death Index Interactive Search  
By Rootsweb - updated monthly. Currently at 68,021,592.

Interesting and Fun

This is a true science. Have you ever asked yourself when you saw something, "...how do they do that?"    Well this is one of those instances.  Mr. Carlos Carpio Hernández, whom I've recently met via this wonderful "www" emailed me recently to help me out with my main page. Not only did he provide great help but, then he surprised me with a beautiful interpretation to my name. Thank you so much! It is truly remarkable, please visit this site. If you are wondering what he did to my name, here it is!

Now view it upside down and from right to left!

Genealogy Funny Papers,The
Need I say more...

A fun, informative and interesting site.

Jerga de Puerto Rico
As a Brooklynite I always wondered what some of these words really meant.

Que Tiempos Aquellos
As our parents told us...
Plenty More to Come

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