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Part III. South Carolina to Wyoming

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Part III. South Carolina to Wyoming

The following is the list of the 50 States with some important Census
information, such as creation of Territory, Statehood, first
available Census, and a list of what Census are missing.         


                Became Became First       Pertinent
State           Terr.  State  Census    Census Comments
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
South Carolina          1787   1830  One of the original 13 States
                                     13th to ratify the Constitution.
                                     1800 missing Richland Co.; 1820
                                     1830, 1840, 1850 missing for
                                     Clarendon Co.
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
South Dakota    1861   1889   1860   SD. was originally part of
                                     the LA. Purchase, 1803. Later
                                     when Minn. Terr. formed in 1849
                                     It included all of the area of 
                                     ND. as far W. as the MO. River
                                     but was left in Un-Organized
                                     Terr. in 1859 when Minn. was
                                     cut to its present-day boundaries.
                                     As the Dakota Terr. was organized
                                     in 1861 it included both North &
                                     South Dakota and most of Wyo.
                                     and Mont. In 1864 Wyo. and Mont.
                                     separated to form Mont. Terr.
                                     A movement to divide the Dakotas
                                     began in early 1870's but was not
                                     legislated until 1889 when both
                                     became states. The 1860 Census is
                                     of the Dakota Terr.
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
Tennessee              1796   1830   TN. was originally a part
                                     of Cherokee Nation (1770) 
                                     May 1772, white settlement on
                                     the Watauga River, formed the
                                     "Watauga Association" (E. TN.)
                                     Nov. 1777, the Association ceded
                                     to North Carolina and Washington
                                     Co., NC. was formed. This same area
                                     in Feb. 1784 the state of Franklin
                                     was formed (was never recognized by
                                     U.S.) Feb. 1788, Franklin ceased to
                                     exist, and this area was turned back
                                     over to NC.; On Apr. 02, 1790 present-
                                     day TN. was ceded by NC. to U.S. and
                                     was part of U.S. Terr. S. of the River
                                     Ohio; On Jun. 01, 1796 TN. became a
                                     State. 1800 Census ALL missing; 1810
                                     Census ALL missing except Rutherford
                                     Co.; 1820 Census missing for Anderson,
                                     Bledsoe, Blount, Campbell, Carter, 
                                     Claiborne, Cocke, Grainger, Greene,
                                     Hamilton, Hawkins, Jefferson, Knox,
                                     McMinn, Marion, Monroe, Morgan, Rhea,
                                     Sevier, Sullivan, and Washington 
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
Texas                  1845   1850   TX. belonged to Spain before 1812
                                     In 1822 Mexico became sovereign.
                                     It belonged to Mexico until an
                                     independent republic was set up
                                     in 1836, by white settlers.
                                     1860 Census missing Blanco, Coleman
                                     Concho, Durvel, Edwards, Hardeman,
                                     Kimible, Knox, LaSalle, McCullock,
                                     McCellien, Tarrent, Taylor, Wichita,
                                     Wilbarger, and Wilson Counties.
                                     1870 Census missing Archer, Baylor,
                                     Concho, Edwards, Hardeman, Knox, 
                                     Taylor, Wichita, and Wilbarger Co.s
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
Utah            1850   1896   1850   Original territory included all
                                     of Nevada except S. tip. It also
                                     included W. CO. and S. W. Wyo.
                                     (as far N. as present-day UT.-ID.
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
Vermont                1791   1790   Prevented from being one of the
                                     original states by claims made on
                                     her territory by NH. and NY. 
                                     14th State.
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
Virginia               1788   1810   One of the original 13 states
                                     10th to ratify the Constitution.
                                     Included present-day W.V. until 1863
                                     KY. until 1792. Alexandria Co. was
                                     in the Dist. of Columbia in the
                                     Censuses of 1820, 1830, & 1840.
                                     1790 & 1800 Census ALL missing.
                                     1810 Census missing for Cabell,
                                     Grayson, Greenbrier, Halifax,
                                     Hardy, Henry, James City, King Wm.
                                     Lee, Louisa, Mechlenburg, Nansemond
                                     Northampton, Orange, Patrick, 
                                     Pittsylvania, Russell, and Tazewell
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
Washington      1853   1889   1860   In Oregon Terr. 1848-53. What 
                                     later became ID. Terr., with
                                     small section of Mont. & Wyo.
                                     was included in Wash. Terr. 
                                     from 1853-63.
                                     1860 Census missing for Benton,
                                     Columbia, San Jaun, Snohomish,
                                     and Stevens Counties.
                                     1870 Census missing for Benton,
                                     Columbia, and San Jaun Counties.
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
West Virginia          1863   1810   Separated itself from VA. and
                                     was admitted to the Union during
                                     the Civil War. 1790 & 1800 Censuses
                                     part of VA. 1810 Census missing for
                                     Cabell, Greenbrier, and Hardy Counties.
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
Wisconsin       1836   1848   1820   Wisc. became part of NW Terr.
                              in     1787; W. part was in the LA.
                             Mich.   Purchase of 1803. In 1800 E.
                             Terr.   part was in IN. Terr.; 1818
                                     in Mich. Terr; 1836 in Wisc. 
                                     Terr.; Thus remained until
                                     1849; Wisc. Terr. also included
                                     the W. part of the state; The
                                     Minn. 1849 extended W. to the
                                     MO. River including much of 
                                     what later became the Dakota
                                     Terr. Census 1800 was part of
                                     Ind. Terr.; 1810 part of Ill. Terr.
--------------- ------ ------ ------ ------------------------
Wyoming         1868   1890   1860   Most of the state was part
                              In     of the LA. Purchase 1803; In LA.
                              Neb.   Terr. 1805-12; 
                              Terr.  NB. Terr. 1854-61; Dakota Terr.
                                     1861-64; The extreme W. part of 
                                     the  state was in OR. Terr. 
                                     1848-53; Idaho Terr. 1863-68;
                                     and S.W. corner was in Utah
                                     Terr. 1850-68. 

End of Part III. South Carolina to Wyoming

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