Sarah SURRATT/MILLS, c1766-18??
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Sarah SURRATT/MILLS, c1766-18??
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Fourth Generation!
(Gd/o SAMUEL,1 & ANNA SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(GGd/o JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!" 
She was born about c1766, on her fathers farm in Rowan Co., 
NC (Now reformed into Davidson Co..prs); 
d. Unknown (to me) No headstone found in Jackson Hill, Davidson Co., NC. 
SARAH SARRATT, history is enigmatic and has a certain amount of pathos 
to it. At the age of 27 years, she is believed to have had two children 
"Out-of-Wedlock": [REF: #90 pg49]
 1.   Beverly,1  m. 1810 Lucy LOFLIN, 9Ch.  2.  William M.,  m. 1815 Cynthia LOFLIN, 6Ch.
 1.1   Bev. Spence,  1st Katherine SMITH, 11Ch  2.1  Beverly A..,  m. *1839 Mary A. FINCH, 6Ch,
 1.2   William, Rev.,  m. c1840 Judith SMITH, 8Ch.  2.2  Sina L.,  m. *1851 James C. LOFLIN, ?Ch
 1.3   James L.,  m. c1839 Ruth PEACOCK, 11Ch.  2.3  Richard L.  m. *1846 Mary M. ERNHARDT, 12Ch.
 1.4   Basheba  m. c1845 J.M. GLOVER, 4Ch.  2.4  Wm. M. Jr.  1M.KINNEY, 2Ch 2.M.CRANFORD, 6Ch.
 1.5   Mcajah H.  m. *1844 Utha PRESSNALL, 4Ch.  2.5  Sceiny,  m. after 1850 John Doby. ?Ch.
 1.6   Lewis S.  m. c1855 Chaney Unknown, 2Ch.  2.6  Whitson H.  m. *1852 Nancy LOFLIN, 6Ch.
 1.7   Nancy E.  m. *1851 Wm. PEACOCK, 1Ch.      
 1.8   Daniel L.  1.P.WARD, 4Ch. 2.C. SMITH, 0Ch.      
 1.9   Lenea,  *1862 Wm. Clarke LOFLIN, ?Ch.      
Books SARAH SARRATT, may actually be the most remembered member of her family, because of her indiscretions. In the minutes of the Rowan Co., Court of Pleas & Quarter Session for 04 Nov. 1795, 50 pounds were paid into the Office by GEO. FISHER, Esq. for Bastardy for SARAH SARRATT.
GEORGE FISHER had been Commissioned as Justice of the Peace in May of that year of 1795, and he was present as one of the Justices of the Court the day SARAH SARRATT came to Court. The other Justices present were MICHL. BROWN and HUGH MORGAN.
REF:#003  [REF: #90 pg38] Writes: The Legend, that has been handed down from generation to generation in this Southern Davidson County area is something like this
..." A SURRATT woman moved in here (vague gestures toward Surratt Road and Pleasant Grove Church) and lived up there and she was the mother of BEVERLY and WILLIAM SURRATT. The father was a MILLS, JOHN MILLS I think."
Books A JONATHAN MILLS, entered property on 05 Aug. 1778, on land lying on the waters of Cabin Creek. He owned two parcels, in this area, the biggest one, a tract of some 270 acres is bisected by the present day SURRATT Road. The Pleasant Grove Methodist Church is located on property he owned. A GEORGE MILLS had an adjoining tract of some 179 acres, in 1786.
REF:#003  [REF: #90 pg39] Writes: Their is a Marriage Bond record (No date was given) that JOHN MILLS, obtained a bond for marriage, at Salisbury, NC., but he gave no Bride's name. A WILLIAM TIPPETT and Jno. ROGERS were the Sureties on the Bond.
Books Why would SARAH SARRETT, Move in with the MILLS family if that is what she did? Perhaps she went to work for the MILLS family. Her father ALLEN, 1 SARRATT and Mother KESIAH (SUCREE) SARRETT is believed to have left Davidson Co. some time between 1798 and 1800 Census, She would have been 32 years of age when her parents left. Her sons BEVERLY would have been 5 years old and WILLIAM would have been 2 years old.
Books The two brothers BEVERLY and WILLIAM SURRATT, tradition strongly insists they were born out of Wedlock and their father was JOHN MILLS. [REF: #90 pg52] No proof can be found for this tradition, nor can any other record indicate anything different. Apparently SARAH SARRETT, raised her sons under her SURRATT name in the Cabin Creek area of Southern Davidson Co., NC. Whatever the true facts about their parentage, present day SURRATTS are proud to descend from these two devout family men who raised fine families and lived on the land of their ancestors with love and respect. [REF: #90 pg53]
Sarah SARRATT, a24y can be identified living with her parents in the 1790 Census for Rowan Co., NC.
[1790 Census, M-637, Reel 007, Pg. 032, Line 032]
See Parents 1790 FGS
Her father ALLEN, 1 SARRATT and Mother KESIAH (SUCREE) SARRETT is believed to have left Davidson Co. to Lincolm Co. NC some time between 1798 and See Parents 1800 Census,
Sarah SARRATT Can be Found with Family.
1800 Census Rowan Co., NC
No Twp. Listed
Fed. #, Reel# M032-0033 Page: 381
 Pg.  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Race  Remarks
 381   3  Jonathan  (45 Over)  MILLS   45  MD  1755  W  11001-32001
 381   3  Sarah  (26to45)  MILLS   34  MD  1766  W  Out-of-Wedlock 2Sons
 381   3  Dau 2nd  (10to16)  MILLS   14  NC  1786  W  Not Traced!
 381   3  Dau 3rd  (05 Under)  MILLS   5  NC  1795  W  Not Traced!
 381   3  Dau 4th  (05 Under)  MILLS   4  NC  1796  W  Not Traced!
 381   3  Dau 5th  (05 Under)  MILLS   1  NC  1799  W  Not Traced!
 381   3  Beverly,1  (10Under)  SARRATT   7  NC  1793  W  m. Lucy LOFLIN, c1810
 381   3  William,1  (10Under)  SARRATT   3  NC  1797  W  m. Cynthia Loflin, *1815
Sarah SARRATT Can be Found with Family.
1810 Census No Twp. Listed , Rowan Co. , NC
No Twp. Listed
Fed. #, Reel# M252-0043 Page: 331
 Pg.  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Race  Remarks
 331   6  Jonathan  (26to45)  MILLS   55  MD  1755  W  001-11
 331   6  Sarah  (26to45)  MILLS   44  MD  1766  W  Out-of-Wedlock 2Sons
 331   6  Dau  (10 Under)  MILLS   10  NC  1800  W  Not Traced!
 331   6  Beverly,1  (15to20)  SARRATT   17  NC  1793  W  m. Lucy LOFLIN, c1810
 331   6  William,1  (10to15)  SARRATT   13  NC  1797  W  m. Cynthia Loflin, *1815
[REF:#90] Pg Son's Beverly,1 married in 1810 Lucy LOFLIN, and William,6 married in 1815 Cynthia LOFLIN, leaving the mysterious Sarah (SURRATT) MILLS alone. No record or headstone of her death.
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