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Edwards WATERS, c1568-1630

The WATERS surname appears to be patronymical in origin, and is believed to be associated with the Welsh and English, meaning, "descendant of Water" (rule, folk)." Dictionaries of surname indicate probable spelling variations of WATERS to be WATTER; WATER; WATTERS; and WATTERSON.

The WATERS FAMILY can also be found in the WALES area, and while it has been reported that the WATERS of Yorkshire has its origin in WALES, no records have been found to date to verify this, so the search goes on..prs

Our EDWARD WATERS, "Gentleman and Armiger was born about 1584, England; [REF: #30 pg1
or born 1568 based on [REF: #52 pg60 ;
He died in England prior to his "Will" of 20th Aug. 1630, at the age of 46 years. His "Will" was made at Great Hormead, Hertdordshire, England and "Proved" on the 18th. of Sep. 1630.

EDWARD WATERS came to the early "Kingdom" of Virginia before 1622. based on Mackenzie [REF: #38 pg69. Based on Capt. John Smith [REF: #53 EDWARD WATERS at the age of 40 years, as the "Second Group" sailed on the ship "Patience" from England to Jamestown, Virginia which arrived in the summer of 1608, only one year after its first settlement.

The Colonization of the American Continent began with the Three Ships of English immigrants in May of 1607 on the Northeast shore of James River, in present day Virginia. Having done nothing to provide food for that first winter, more than half of the Colony succumbed from illness and lack of nourishing food. The Summer of 1608 brought the "Second Group" of 120 immigrants with new supplies from England. By the Fall of 1608 was the "Third Group" with 70 more immigrants and supplies. At the beginning of Winter of 1609 the Virginia Colony consisted of 490 persons. When the Spring arrived of 1610 there were only 60 persons left in the Colony. Determined to return to England the 60 odd persons embarked on a ship and as it was coming out of the mouth of the James River, it saw the Virginia bound ships under the Command of Lord DELAWARE. Against their own judgment, the disgruntled Colonists were persuaded to return to their abandoned homes....prs

EDWARD WATERS, in 1610 joined Sir GEORGE SOMMERS in an expedition to the "Summers Isles" (the Bermuda Islands). Sir GEORGE SOMMERS died after reaching the Isles and his men embalmed his body and set sail for England to bury him, leaving just three men, who volunteered to stay. They were: [REF: #53
EDWARD WATERS.---Our Subject!

As per Captain James Smith..... "the ship once out of site, these three Lords, the sole (White) inhabitants of all those islands, began to erect their little commonwealth for a while, with brother regency, repairing the ground, planting corn, and such seeds and fruits as they had, building a house, etc. Then making prize search amongst the crevices and corners of those craggy rocks, what this main ocean, since the worlds creation had thrown amongst them. At last they chanced upon the greatest place of Amber-Grace was ever seen or heard of in one lump. Being in weight fourscore pounds, besides rivers and other small places.."
"Now being rich, they grew so proud and ambitious, contempt took such a place, the fell out for superiority, though, but three forlorn men, more than three thousand miles from their native Country of England, and but small hope ever to see it again. Notwithstanding, they sometimes fell from words to blows about mere trifles; in one of which fights, one of them was bitten with his own dog, as if the dumb beast would reprove them of their folly; at last EDWARD CHARD and EDWARD WATERS, the two with greater spirits, must try it out in the field, but CHRISTOPHER CARTER wisely stole away their weapons, affecting rather to live amongst his enemies, than being rid of them and live alone;thus those miserable men lived two full years, so that all their cloths were near worn clean from their backs, and their hopes of any foreign relief was as naked as their bodies."
"They finally decided to try to build a boat and make a desperate attempt to reach Virginia, or "New Found Land". But no sooner had they made that decision than they spied a sail standing near the shore. It proved to be an English ship captained by Master MORE."
"Master MORE thus finding those three men not only well and lusty, but well stored with divers sorts of provisions, as an acre of Corn was ready to be gathered; number of Pumpkins & Indian Beans; many Tortoises ready to be taken; good store of Hog flesh salted & made in flitches of Bacon, all were very good. So Master MORE landed his goods, and 60 persons towards the beginning of July 1612.
"In 1615 Master MORE decided to return to England and left the government in charge of six Governors, who were to succeed each other each month until further directions from England. EDWARD WATERS was one of the six. They drew lots to see who would Govern first. It was CHARLES CALDYCOTT. By the time he had finished his month he had grown restless and prepared a frigate, he took 32 men and persuaded KNIGHT and EDWARD WATERS, both Governors-to-be, to go with him to the "West Indies" to get "Fruit and Plants, Goats, young Cattle, and such like." But because of poor seamanship or bad weather they landed in the Canaries instead of the West Indies. There they took a Portuguese boat which was taken from them the next day by a French Pickaround. They made for the West Indies again, but their boat floundered just as they reached the islands and were stranded on a desolated island for several months. Finally "an English Purat took them in, and some of them at least got for England, and some few years after returned to the "Summer Isles".

EDWARD WATERS was one of those who returned for in 1617, we find the Governor fitted the ship Carvill with 12 men, under the command of EDWARD WATERS and sent them to Virginia. "Arriving there, they obtained some goats, and hogs, and what they could spare, and returned to "Summer Isle". But weather they could not find the Summer Isle for want of skill, or beaten off by ill weather, or the ill will they bare the Governor, it matters not much; but they bare up again for Virginia, where they all remained, and return no more to "Summer Isle".

EDWARD WATERS, at the age of 50 years (based on [REF: #53
and 34 year based on [REF: #30 )
He evidently decided to settle down for he married about 1618 [REF: #53
to 15 year old Miss GRACE O'NEILL;
(d/o M/M O'NEILL Parents of England)
born about 1603 in England;
died Unknown;
It has been reported that she arrived from England on the ship DIANA in 1618.
(she was 17 years old when her son William was born...prs)
1.1 Son: WILLIAM WATERS; b. c1620 VA.
1.2 Dau: MARGARET WATERS; b. c1621 VA.

However our EDWARD WATERS adventures were not over, for his family were caught in the great Indian Massacre of Virginia in 1622. Practically all the white inhabitants in the area were murdered, but EDWARD WATERS, wife, son and daughter were made prisoners by the Nandsamund Indians. Meantime during a storm, a boat load of supplies which had been set adrift was washed ashore on the Nandsamund. The Indians holding the WATERS Family prisoners discovered this and became so pre-occupied with looting that the WATERS Family managed to make their escape in a Canoe and crossed about 10 miles of water to an English settlement at Kecoughtan.

In Captain John Smith words "Thus you may see how desperate dangers some men escape, when others die, that have all things at their pleasure."

EDWARD WATERS, held the rank of "Lieutenant and Captain in the House of Burgess" in 1625 and was "Commander and Commissioner" of Elizabeth City County, Virginia. [REF: #38 pg69
(This County was formed in 1634 from the "Original Shire of the Crown", County Seat is "Hampton", VA..prs)
Lt. EDWARD WATERS, was granted 100 acres of land in the Precincts of "Buck Roe", Elizabeth City Co., Virginia on 26 Oct. 1628. [REF: #31

He Patented land on "Blount Point, near Jamestown, Virginia and a Creek which bordered his land and still bears his name "Waters Creek. [REF: #53

At a early age (46 yrs. based on [REF: #30 1584-1630) and (62 yrs. base on [REF: #53 1568-1630) and prior to his death EDWARD WATERS, left the Colonies of the New World and sailed back to his native land where he died 1630 at the "Great Hornmead" of Hertdordshire, England. In his Will he left all his land in Virginia to his son WILLIAM WATERS. He also mentions his brother JOHN WATERS, of Middleham, Yorkshire, England. Other "Legatees" listed in this Will were his wife Mrs. GRACE (O'NEILL) WATERS,
and his daughter MARGARET WATERS no other issue known.

After the death of her first husband in 1630, the 27 year old Widow Mrs. GRACE (O'NEILL) WATERS, married a second time (date Unknown) to the Col. OBEDIENCE ROBINS; born about 1601, at Cherrystone, Accomac County, Virginia. [REF: #32 Col. OBEDIENCE ROBINS was a member of the first (1632) County Court of Accomac Co., Va. [REF: #30 pg2 He also was a member of the Northampton "House of Burgess". [REF: #38 pg69

NOTE: Gladys E. Smith indicates that the first Court was in Accomac Co., 1632. The County of "Accomac" was formed from the larger "Northampton" County of Virginia in 1661-2, some 29 years AFTER this 1632 date?....prs

OBEDIENCE ROBINS was the brother of EDWARD ROBINS a Merchant in Accomac County, VA. His association seem to indicate that he was part of the "Puritan Affinities". [REF: #30 pg2

The following are the Two Children of EDWARD and GRACE (O'NEILL) WATERS:

Second Generation!
(Only Son of Edward & Grace (O'Neill) Waters)
He was born in 1620, at Hampton, Elizabeth City Co., VA. [REF: #30 pg1
He was born in 1623, as per [REF: #53
He was born in 1624, as per [REF: #35
He died about 1685, a65y or a61y, in Northampton Co., VA. 
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown; (to me)
At a19y he married (bfr 1639) [REF: #38 pg70 to 
(d/o M/M HARMANSON Parents)
born Unknown; died Unknown; 
All their children are Unknown:
Another report list that WILLIAM WATERS married 2nd  the "Widow" 
They had at least 7 Children born to this 1st Union:
   1. 1st Son: RICHARD;     b. c1639 m. ELIZABETH LITTLETON,
   2. 2nd Son: JOHN;        b. c1640 m. MARY MADDOX,
   3. 3rd Son: EDWARD,(II); b. c1641 Not Traced!
 + 4. 4th Son: THOMAS, Jr.; b. c1642 <--My Branch!
   5. 5th Son: OBEDIENCE;   b. c1643 Not Traced!
   6. 6th Son: WILLIAM, Jr.;b. c1644 m. Wife Unknown!
   7. 1st Dau: SUSANNA;     b. c1645 m. Col. NATHANIEL LITTLETON, II.

Son 1.1 WILLIAM WATERS, was very active citizen in the 
Northampton area. He was a member of the  "House of Burgess" 
for Northampton County, Virginia for the years 1654, 1659 and 
1660. [REF: #30 pg3 & [REF: #38 pg69

A Certificate was granted to WILLIAM WATERS, heir and son of 

In [REF: #38 pg69 list "Col. WILLIAM WATERS, son of EDWARD was an 
Officer in the Colonial Army; Major in 1659; A Colonel 1676; Was 
Vestryman? of Hunger's Parish in Northampton County, VA 8th. May, 

The following are the Children of WILLIAM WATERS & 1st Wife:
Third Generation!

(1st Son of William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
(1Gs/o Edward,1 & Grace (O'NEELL) Waters
b. abt 1639, Northampton Co., VA.; died Unknown; Settled in 
Maryland; Married [REF: #30 pg1  to Miss ELIZABETH LITTLETON;
b. Unknown; d. Unknown; 
She was the [REF: #30 pg1 daughter of Col. SOUTHLY LITTLETON, of Virginia; 
RICHARD WATERS, inherited his fathers Estate; [REF: #36 
Need more Information.

(2nd Son of William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
(1Gs/o Edward,1 & Grace (O'NEELL) Waters
b. abt 1640, Northampton Co., VA; He died testate in Somerset 
Co., Maryland. His Will was admitted to probate on 15 Jun. 1780. 
He settled in Charles County, Maryland; 
Married [REF: #30 pg1  (Date Unknown) to 
b. Unknown; d. Unknown; 
Believed to have had a least one Son [REF: #37 Son JOHN W. WATERS;
	Need more Information.

(3rd Son of William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
(1Gs/o Edward,1 & Grace (O'NEELL) Waters
(3rd Son of William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
b. abt 1641, Northampton Co., VA.; Died Unknown; [REF: #30 pg1  Settled 
in 1618 in Nansemond County, Virginia near a river in Suffolk, 
Nansemond County, Virginia; He was part of the first group of 
"Puritans" to reach this Virginia area, but was driven 
out of the Colony by Governor BERKELY; Later 300 of these people 
migrated to Maryland and established a "Province" on the 
Seven River (Annapolis, Maryland). [REF: #30 pg1  
Need more Information.

(4th Son of William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
(1Gs/o Edward,1 & Grace (O'NEELL) Waters
b. abt 1642, Northampton Co., VA.; Died Unknown; 
Married Unknown, prior to 1734, Location Unknown to Unknown Wife; 
b. Unknown; d. Unknown; 
They had 12 Children born to this Union; 
Some of the Children were born in what now is Caswell Co., NC. [REF: #30  
One son was:
 + 4.1 1st. Son: THOMAS WATERS, Jr.; c1734 <---My Branch!

Major Record Problem!
WATERS, Jr. WAS BORN IN 1734...prs
Fourth Generation!

	(Son of Thomas, Sr. & Unknown Wife Waters) 
	b. abt 1734, Northampton Co., VA.; Died Unknown; Married 
	prior to 1783, Location Unknown to Unknown Wife; 
	b. Unknown; d. Unknown; Daughter of Unknown Parents; They had 
	at least 10 Children born to this Union;
	   4.1 Son: JOHN WATERS;         b. c1749
	   4.2 Son: EZEKIEL Sr.; b. c1752  <---My Branch!
	   4.3 Son: Unknown WATERS;      b. c1764+
	   4.4 Son: Unknown WATERS;      b. c1764+
	   Six Daughters Unknown.

See Biographical Profile THOMAS WATERS, Jr. 
of Caswell Co., NC. for Continuation of this Family. ..prs

(5th Son of William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
(1Gs/o Edward,1 & Grace (O'NEELL) Waters
b. abt 1643, Northampton Co., VA.; Died Unknown; 
Need more Information.

(6th Son of William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
(1Gs/o Edward,1 & Grace (O'NEELL) Waters
b. abt 1644, Northampton Co., VA; Died Unknown; 
Married Unknown Wife; Had a daughter:
    6.1 Dau: MARY WATERS;
    Need more Information.

(1st Dau of William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
(1Gd/o Edward,1 & Grace (O'NEELL) Waters
b. abt 1645, Northampton Co., VA.; 
Died Unknown; 
Married date Unknown to Col. NATHANIEL LITTLETON, II.; 
b. Unknown, Kingdom of Virginia; 
died 1703, at the age of Unknown in Virginia; Was Sheriff, 
Justice of the Peace Col. in the Colonial Army. 
He was the son of Col. SOUTHEY LITTETON (b. 1645 - d. Sep. 1679) 
She was the daughter of Sir EDMUND BOWMAN of England, 
who settled in Accomac, VA. Col. SOUTHEY LITTETON was an officer 
in the Colonial Army; Member of House of Burgesses; Served against 
the Indians and under Governor BERKELEY, "Bacon's Rebellion"; 
Was Justice and Sheriff in 1663. 
He was the son of Col. NATHANIEL LITTLETON and his wife 
"Governor of Accomac, VA in 1652, Was a member of the 
Virginia House of Burgess, Was Commander of Accomac VA in 1632 He 
was the son of THOMAS De LITTLETON and his wife EMMA (De 
LITTLETON had a daughter (among other issue) ESTHER LITTLETON who 
married Capt. THOMAS SAVAGE, of Savage's Neck, Virginia.

See Vol. VII, Page 70 in the 
for more information on the LITTLETON FAMILY...prs

End of EDWARD WATERS Chapter.

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