1900 Census, Catawba
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Some Catawba 1900 Census, York Co., SC.
Native American Catawba Nation
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1900 Census of South Carolina, York County, Indian Reservation 
                (same Enumeration District #100)
4 sheets, June 18th - 21st, 1900, 15 houses, of which 14 were Indian - 
(stamped pages 246 - 249)  In those 14 houses, 63 Indians & 2 white women.  
Every one of the Indians listes as Catawba tribe.  Of the Indians --
  14 full bloods (14)  ------------half Indian: 8 (10) Where's the other 2?
  7/8ths Indian: 11(11) ---------5/8ths Indian: 7 (7)         
  3/4ths Indian: 21 (17) --------white married in: 2   Total 65 (14 houses)

* Thus at the time of the 1900 Census - the average Catawba on the 
reservation was three-quarters Indian.  The youngest full blood was 
Louisa Blue, 19.  All of them spoke English.  
  #1, Betsea Harr is, 45 (43) 
      (born Sept. 1854; single, no children); 
      a farmer, born in Chester County; - 3/4 Indian.  
      Her mother Rhoda Harris, 69 (70) (born October 1830; 
      a widow  married 50 years ago, the mother of 6 children 
      of whom 3 still live); born in York County; half Indian.

  #2. S. T. Blue, 20 (27) (born August 1879, a farmer, half Indian), 
      married for 3 years past to Louisa Blue, 19 (born Dec. 1880, 
      a full blood, the mother of 1 child, who lives).  
      Son: Fred N. Blue, 8 (born October 1891, 3/4 Indian); 
      Dau: Nora Lily Blue, 6 (born May 1894, 3/4 Indian); 
      Son: Herbert Blue, 2 (born February 1895, 3/4 Indian).  
      His mother Margaret Brown 69 (62, born May 1838), a full blood.*

  #3. John Brown, 32 (33) (born October 1867), a farmer, 
      3/4 Indian - Actually  half indian; 
      his father born on "Indian Land").  
      Married for 11 years past to Rachel Brown, 25 
      (born  August 1874, 3/4 Indian, the mother of 4 children, all living).
      Son: Early Brown, (born Feb. 1891, attended school 6 months this year); 
      Dau: Sallie Brown, 6 (born Sept. 1893); 
      Dau: Zada Brown, 3 a girl (born July 1896); 
      Dau: Cora Brown, 1 (born August 1898).  
      The children all listed as 3/4 Indian; which is too high.

  #4. James Harris, 42 (born May 1858, 
      a farmer unemployed 3 months last year); a full blood.
                         * Actually sixty-nine
                         ^Actually born August 1872 or  73

  #5. David A. Harris (a full blood, 27 (28 on Jun 15), 
      born June 1872, a farmer unemployed 3 months last year), 
      married for 8 years past to Lizzie Harris, (26, three-quarters Indian,      
      born October 1873), the mother of 3 children, all living: 
      Dau: Edith B. Harris, 6 (born June 1893) 7/8ths Indian
      Son: Wade V. Harris, 4 (born November 1895) 7/8ths Indian
      Son: Richard J. Harris, 2 (born February 1898) 7/8ths Indian
      related to D. A. Harris: 
      Tom Stephen, 85, a full blood, born on "Indian Land";  
      unemployed 5 months last year. His parents born in 
      Fort Mill Township (Actually sixty-nine);
      also related (D.A. Harris's mother): 
      Sarah Harris, 68 (or sixty-nine), a full blood, born in Fort
      Mill Township (her parents born on "Indian Land").

   #6. James Watt, 41 (born April 1859), a farmer, half Indian, 
       born in Fort Mill township, unemployed 3 months last year.  
       Married for 20 years past to Mary J. Watt, 43 (born  
       February 1857), 3/4ths Indian, has never had any children.
       Lodger: Frank Canty, 24 (born March 1876), unemployed 3 
       months last year, a full  blood. - 
       Lodger: Lee Lucy (Lucy Lee?), 6, 7/8ths Indian, born April 1894.

   #7. John B. George, 20 (30) (born September 1879), a farmer unemployed 
       4 months last year, 7/8ths Indian.  His white wife, Ella Starnes, 
       22 (born May 1878); married to her for 10 months past; no children.  
       She was born at "N.S."(?) - Mr. George's mother, Margaret George, 
       54, half Indian (born November 1845), a widow, the mother of 5 
       children (3 still living). - Mr. George's sister, 14* (Lucy George, 
       14) (born November 1885), 3/4ths Indian. (Notice the illogic - 
       how can Mr. George be over 3/4ths Indian?)

   #8  David Ayres (should be Davis Ayers), 38 (born Dec. 1861; 3/4ths 
       Indian; a farmer; unemployed 3 months last year).  His wife wife, 
       Harriet Berry (35, bo rn 1865), married to her for 14 years past; 
       she's the mother of 4 children , all living, 2 was born in North 
       Carolina.  The children all listed as 5/8ths Indian 
       (again, illogical): 
       Annie Ayers, 11, born June 1888; 
       Wade Ayers, 9, born September 1890; 
       Mary Ayers, 4, born December 1895; and 
       John J. Ayers, 1, born September 1898.

   #9. Emily George, 56 (55) (born Dec. 1843, in Chester County; 
       3/4ths Indian, married for 17 years past, & the mother of 
       9 children, of whom 5 still live). Rents her farm. Children: 
       Della George, 19 (born Dec. 1881), single, half Indian, 
       Moronie George (15 (born August 1884), half Indian).  
       (Dove George in 1880)

   #10. B. P. Harris (Ben Harris), 29 (born Feb 1871), a full blood, 
        a farmer, married for 6 years past to Mary Harris *, 22 (23-24), 
        born May 1878), born in Fort Mill township, 3/4ths Indian, the 
        mother of 3 children, all living; 
        Sally H. Harris, 5, born April 1895, 7/8ths Indian; 
        Robert W. Harris, 2, born August 1897, 7/8ths Indian; 
        Nancy C. Harris, born October 1899, 7/8ths Indian.

   #11. Mary Harris, 65 (born May 1835 in "Indian Town"), a full blood, 
        a farmer, the mother of 2 children, both deceased.

   #12. Robert L. Harris, 32 (born September 1867), a full blood, 
        married for 12 years past; a farmer. - His mother Nancy 
        Harris, 65 (born may 1835 in "Indian Town"), a widow, 
        the mother of 6 children, of whom 3 still live 
        (Robert Lee Harris, Ben Harris, Billy Bowlegs)

   #13. Epp Harris, 60 (a famer, a full-blood, born on Indian Land, 
        his parents born in Fort Mill township). Married for 2 years 
        past to Martha Jane Harris, 40 (44), half Indian, the mother 
        of one child: 
        Margaret Harris, 21 (born August 1878), 3/4ths Indian.  
        Henry Canty, 28, a full blood.
        Della George, 20, born March 1880, 3/4ths Indian, 
        mother of 2 both living
        Missie George, 4, born March 1896, 7/8ths Indian.
        Cora George, 1, born Dec. 1899, 7/8ths Indian.

   #14. Lewis Gordon, 30 (born August 1869, half Indian; 
        his father from Providence, N.C.; & his, Lewis's, mother 
        from the reservation), a farmer, married for 12 years past 
        to Sallie Gordon, [#Seth Brown] 35 (37) 
        (born Dec. 1864, 3/4ths Indian), the mother of 3 children,
        all living;
        Nora Gordon, 15, born Sept. 1884, 5/8ths Indian
        Rhett Gordon, 2, born April 1898, 5/8ths Indian (Ruth)
        Lilly Irwini Gordon, a boy, 6 months, born April 1900, 5/8ths Indian

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