The   Bottoms   Cemetery

aka Faulkey Gully Cemetery

aka Southside Cemetery





A group of individuals from the community representing various organizations has formed a committee and has begun the task of cleaning and refurbishing this historic graveyard.  Please drop by often to watch the progress and follow the programs.

This page shows the condition of the cemetery as I originally found it back in in June of 2003.  We waited for the weather to cool before tackling the jungle and the following page shows some of our progress as of 6 December. . .


  As you walk back along the tree line above, you get a glimpse now and again of an old chain link fence that borders the cemetery - but you still wouldn't know what's back there. 
  At the end of the trees just before they give way to a series of backyard fences running off to Lakewood Forest Drive, you'll see a telephone pole.  The easy way in is just to the left of this photo.  Go straight back almost to the fence and you'll see. . .
  An old, dilapidated gate hanging off its hinges.
  Go through the gate and back in a ways and you'll see  --  nothing!  THIS is a cemetery?
  Keep on going and soon you'll come to a faint Y in the path.  If you look carefully to the left, you'll spot your first headstone.  Even at midday and with my flash doing its very best,  I still had to brighten the picture considerably and heighten the contrast to bring the stone out of the gloom.
  Found another.  See it back there just to right of center?
  Two more headstones slowly being consumed by time and nature.
  There are three stones in this shot.  Can you find them?
  Three in this shot also.  See them?
  A beautiful old headstone.
  Again, there are three stones in the shot.  Can you find them?  Or is it four <g>?
Follow our progress. . .





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