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My grandmother was born Eleanore SYERS to Grace Mae Horrell Mace SYERS and Jacob SYERS. Her father left the family when she was young and the only tidbits of information that we had to proceed in our research was from her birth certificate and her parent's divorce papers. According to Eleanore's birth certificate her father was JACOB SYERS born in Kentucky and a traveling salesman. The divorce papers gave his name as JOHN SYERS, but my mother remembers Eleanore referring to him as Daddy Jack.

As luck would have it, JACOB SYERS heritage was discovered.

This is what we have learned about the SYERS family to date. Jacob's immediate family was lived in Kentucky. The family were made of coal miners primarily and settled in UNION Co, Kentucky. The SYERS family were German and initially lived in Pennsylvania. The date of their arrival is yet unknown. A History of Union County reveals that came to the U.S. from the Saarland. And in Germany their name was ZIEGER.

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Name lived locations married
Eleanore Clarice SYERS 1918-1998 Illinois William Scott Martin, Coree Harris, Francis Tensing
Jacob SYERS 1873-1940 Kentucky & Illinois Letta Virginia Sullivan & Grace Mae Horrell
John Syers 1843-1912 Pennslyvania & Kentucky Roxena Bottenger
John Syers (Zieger) - 1860 Saarland, Germany; Pennsylvania & Kentucky Mary Uhlrich
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