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Congratulations!!† You have arrived at the Pugh Surname DNA Project Home Page at RootsWeb.† From here you can explore what we have already learned about Pugh genealogy from our DNA Project and what we hope to learn through future testing and analysis.† We currently have over sixty participants in our Project who are helping the genealogical community prove relationships that have been published with or without adequate primary source documentation.† We are also learning new facts about how the various Pugh lineages connect with one another.†

Our ultimate goal is to establish DNA profiles for all of the Pugh lineages that can be found around the globe.† We are just getting started but have already made some startling discoveries.† Genetic genealogy has revealed some important connections that were previously unknown and undocumented through conventional research methods.† We are using this new tool in conjunction with conventional research to fill in some of the gaps that have long existed in Pugh genealogy.†

We welcome new participants and are actually looking for representatives of certain Pugh lineages and even specific branches.† In order to participate in the Project, one must be a Pugh male.† This is because the DNA testing is done on the Y-chromosome, which only males possess.† The Y-chromosome is handed down from father to son, to son, and so on and is largely unchanged for several generations.† By analyzing just a small section of the ďjunkĒ DNA on the Y-chromosome of a living Pugh male, we can discover incredible things about our distant and even ancient ancestors.†

Please take the time to search through the information that we have compiled for you.† We continually update this site so be sure to come back often.† We welcome your questions and comments.† You can contact Daniela or Jeff by clicking one of the links below.†

Enjoy your visit and thank you for your interest in Pugh genealogy.

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