How Many Markers?

A new participant can choose the number of markers to test initially and can add markers in the future without resampling.† FTDNA offers four options for the initial Y-DNA testing;† 12-marker, 25-marker, 37-marker and 67-marker.† There is a slight cost advantage to testing a greater number of markers initially but not enough really to provide a great incentive if a participant is not sure of how they might fit in.†

A 12-marker test may not provide a conclusive result with regard to connecting to one of our established lineages.† We have a number of participants who match on nearly all 12 markers in the first panel but begin to deviate significantly on the second panel (markers 13-25) and the third panel (markers 26-37).† This situation has been observed primarily with the participants who are of the R1b ancient haplotype.† If you believe that you may be related to one of the lineages already established, you may want to contact Daniela or Jeff for a recommendation.†

Remember, it can take six weeks to get your results so this may be a factor in how you select your initial and subsequent marker panels.† Generally, the 37-marker test provides a high degree of resolution and will usually allow you to know with confidence if you belong in one of our established lineages or if you are the founder of a new lineage in the Project.† If you just want to join the Project† and you have no idea where you might fit in, you may wish to opt for the 12-marker test.†

Below is a link to an informational page on number of markers at FTDNA.† Since this is an off-site link, you will need to use the ďbackĒ feature on your browser to return to this site.



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