Pike County, Indiana - Brewster Family

In the 1930's Indiana, a woman named Bethanna Church Brewster died in childbirth. She left behind two sons, Donald Lee Brewster and Franklin Delano Brewster and a husband, Reno Charles Brewster.

Donald eventually grew up and fathered three daughters, Patricia Gale Brewster and Pamela Gay Brewster (twins) and Tammie (Tami) Sue Brewster.

I am Tami.

My father never spoke of his mother. In fact, until the week of Feb. 21, 2000, I was unsure of her name. Now, not only do I know her name but also that she was born about 1913. I have also been able to find Reno Brewster in the 1920's Census for Pike County, Patoka Township, Indiana.

Still, there is much to learn.

My knowledge of my Brewster roots has now extended back from Indiana (including Pike and Owen County) to Kentucky and Virginia.



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