King Ancestry of Donald King

Donald King's Ancestors


Do you recognize the photo of this woman?
Probably Kentucky ca 1870-80?

DNA: "Genealogy via Genetics"

A Point of View:
Was Marke King the father of Arthur King?

A NEW Point of View:
Who was the father of Arthur King?

Supporting Evidence:
Wm Smith > Arthur King > Smith King > John King

    mystery woman.

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Primary Lines - My Father's Side The KING Migration - My Line Primary Lines - My Mother's Side
  • Virginia - Isle of Wight Co ca1662 - 1725
  • Virginia - Westmoreland and Richmond Cos ca1685 - 1740
  • Virginia - Prince William and Fairfax ca1740 - 1757
  • Virginia - Loudoun Co ca1757 - 1788
  • "Kentucky" ca1785
  • Indiana - Indianapolis ca1905 - 1979
  • Washington - Seattle area 1979 - present

I can not vouch for all birth dates prior to 1800.
Some are estimates from various sources.

An exception - due to exceptional record keeping in England, dates of all English events are reliable. They can however suffer from normal readability and transcription errors.
Most 'birth years' within are derived from the child's date of christening - assuming (right or wrong) that the christening occurred within a few months of their birth.

Old Style/New Style Dates:
Beginning in the late 12th century in England, the calendar year was from Mar 25th thru Mar 24th. The Feast of Annunciation on Mar 25th marked the new year.
With the adoption of the Gregorian calendar (where the new year began on Jan 1st) in 1582 by much of Europe until 1752, when adopted by the English Parliament, the 'year' from Jan 1st thru Mar 24th in England and their colonies was a value of 1 less than most of Europe thus causing great confusion. Therefore, a date representing an event during this period would be written as Feb 11, 1731OS or Feb 11, 1731/32.
The latter format is used within.

Data Sources:
Be sure to check the sources of the data. If it is not one of my direct lines, the data may not have been verified by me.

Please - notify me of any corrections/omissions.

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