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"Several centuries of Scottish life had endured the Paxtons with love of liberty,and with
the heroic faith, and piety of John Knox. Of course, they cast their lives and fortune to
Cromwell. One of the family officiated at the execution of King Charles I. This may have
been James, our ancestor. After the restoration, in 1603, James Paxton fled to County
Antrim, in the north of Ireland, and found friends in the Scotch-Irish inhabitants."

--William McClung Paxton,
 The Paxtons: We Are One, pub.Platte City, MO(1903).

While the Paxton book is a wonderful source of family history, it is not always accurate historically --or genealogically. For example, the statement that one of our ancestors officiated at the execution of King Charles has been copied and shared among Paxton researchers since the book was published in 1903, but there is no Paxton recorded as being present at the time of the execution of King Charles I. It was Dr. William JUXON -- not Paxton-- who was present and officiated at Charles' execution in January 1649. Juxon was a well-know clergyman, the Bishop of London, and appointed as Lord Treasurer of England.

"... 1636, he (Wm Laud) got his friend, Juxon, already Bishop of London, appointed
to the office of Lord High Treasurer of England." --Biography of Archbishop Laud

There were no other men present at Charles' execution with a name that even comes close to that of "Paxton". In addition, Dr. Juxon was very well-known, and there was no mistaking either him or his name by those present. See a copy of the original broadside report of the execution of Charles I at For a quick refresher course in British history see 

 In spite of historical and genealogical errors, The Paxtons: We Are One remains an important source of information for us all . . . as long as we continue to remember the golden  rule of research:
"Assume nothing, prove everything . . . and then prove it again."

   Generation No. 1

This first generation has not been verified, nor have I found any source other than the letter written by S.S. Todd and included in the Paxton book. Source information for other generations can be found in the endnotes following this report.

1. Samuel Paxton1 was born ca. 1670 in Ireland1,2 and died ca. 1746 in Marsh Creek, Adams Co. Pennsylvania.3,4Samuel was reportedly the son of James Paxton of Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland, who was one of the many Presbyterians who took refuge in the North of Ireland during the persecution under Charles II. Three of the sons of James seem to have come to America about 1735: William, Thomas and Samuel. The last named, Samuel, was born about 1670. These brothers had land surveyed to them on Marsh Creek, Lancaster, now Adams County, PA. (S.S.Todd: Letter dated 15 April 1895 to The Honorable H.W. Paxton.)

Children of Samuel Paxton are:
+ 2 i. John2 Paxton, born 1692 in Ulster, Ireland; died ca. 1741 in Chester,
Delaware Co, PA.
+ 3 ii. Thomas Paxton, born ca. 1694 in Ireland; died 1792 in VA.
+ 4 iii. Samuel Paxton, Jr., born ca. 1705 in Ireland; died Bef. 08 March 1793.

Generation No. 2

2. John2 Paxton (Samuel1)5 was born 1692 in Ulster, Ireland5,6, and died ca. 1741 in Chester, Delaware Co, PA7. He married Elizabeth Alexander8,9 ca. 1715 in Ireland, daughter of Joseph Alexander. She was born 1694 in Ulster,Ireland10,11, and died 1756 in Botetourt Co. VA.12

Dr. George Diehl, Rockbridge County, VA Notebook:-Founders of Falling Spring:-
There were at least six John Paxtons living in Lancaster and Adams Counties in Pennsylvania. The only way that there can be any distinguishing among them is by clues in old records (and) there will be the necessity for deductions. This holds true for the early Paxton records of Augusta and Rockbridge Counties, VA.

Note: The Rockbridge Notebook is a compilation of Diehl's articles publilshed
by the owner of the News-Gazette, Lexington, VA., a Paxton descendant.)

Oren F. Morton, A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia, (1920):
The Paxtons, a very numerous connection in this county, fall
into two groups, the progeny of two brothers. One of these settled on
South River, the other south of Lexington. The Paxtons have been a
prosperous fold and have stood high in the community. Several of the
earlier generations were wealthy, aristocratic planters, and unusually
heavy growers of hemp. Not a few of the descendants have attained
prominence in literary, professional, and business circles.

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Vol. IV (courtesy of Marilyn B. Headley):
The Rockbridge Paxtons were originally an English family, driven from England at
the time of the Restoration, because supporters of Cromwell in war as well as civil life.
From England they settled in the North of Ireland, and from thence came to America,
where they have ever held honored position.

The ancestors of the Paxtons of Rockbridge county, Virginia, constituted a part of the
immense Scotch-Irish immigration from the North of Ireland into Pennsylvania during
the early part of the eighteenth century. They were people of substance, intelligence and

Sarah Paxton, widow of William Paxton who was one of the immigrants, after the death
of her husband, in Lancaster County, migrated, with her three sons, John, Thomas, and
William, to Augusta (now Rockbridge) County, Virginia, in 1750.

It was in 1747 that Elizabeth Paxton, widow of John Paxton, of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, accompanied five sons who settled on lands then known as Borden's Grant, in the valley of Virginia, afterwards Rockbridge county. Those sons were John, Joseph, Samuel, Thomas and William. All but Joseph married and from them sprung a numerous family. To them many persons not only in Virginia but throughout the West and Southwest trace their colonial ancestry.

William, the youngest, was most conspicuous in public affairs. He was early a member of the justice's court of Rockbridge county, an elder in Falling Spring church, and was captain of a volunteer company in the revolutionary war. He married Eleanor Hays, a daughter of a Rockbridge family noted for character and patriotism.

Rockbridge County, VA Heritage Book:- Elizabeth Alexander Paxton, 1694-1756, was
born in Ulster, Ireland. She married John Paxton, c.1692-c1746, son of Samuel Paxton of Saxon Descent. Elizabeth and John immigrated to America in 1730 and settled in Pennsylvania where John died in c.1746 at the age of 54. Within a year, Elizabeth and her five sons moved down the Wilderness Trail and located on the Forks of the James River. Here she became known as the "Widow Paxton". She lived with her son Joseph, who never married, and provided for her until her death at the age of 62. She was buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Rockbridge Co. VA.

Elizabeth's eldest son, John Paxton, 1716-1787, married Mary Blair, 1726-1821. Their son, Capt, John Paxton, 1743-1787, married Phebe Alexander, 1749-1821. Captain Paxton led a company of Rockbridge militia at the Battle of Guilford Court House, March 15, 1781. Here he received a a bullet wound from which he never fully recovered, and died six years later.

Elizabeth's youngest son, Major William Paxton, 1733-1795, married Eleanor Hays, 1743-1815. They were inn keepers, and William fought in the Revolutionary War. Their
son, Col. William Paxton, 1777-1853, married his cousin Polly Paxton, 1784-1853, granddaughter of John and Mary Paxton above. Among the descendants of this union are Alexander Tedford Barclay and William Houston Barclay.

Descendants of Elizabeth Paxton still live and work in Lexington. Matthew W Paxton,
publisher of The News-Gazette, can trace his lineage through General Elisha F Paxton of
Civil War Fame, to William and Eleanor Paxton.


More About Elizabeth Alexander:
Burial: Paxton Cemetery 13,14
Click link to see Mike Gardebled's photos of Paxton Tombstones.

Children of John Paxton and Elizabeth Alexander are:
+ 5 i. John3 Paxton II, born 1716 in Ireland; died 13 Feb. 1787 in Rockbridge Co..
+ 6 ii. Thomas John Paxton, born 1719 in Ballymoney, Antrim, IR; died 27
September 1788 in Rockbridge Co.VA.
7 iii. Joseph Paxton, born 1721 in Ireland (?)15 died Nov 1755 in
Augusta Co. VA16,17 Joseph never married. He provided for his
mother until her death in 1756.
Burial:  Paxton Cemetery, Rockbridge Co. VA18,19
Joseph Paxton's Will-
To Brothers, Samuel & William; mother; sister's 2 children,

1 pistole each to be sent the first opportunity. Executors, brother John and cousin
Thomas Paxton. Teste: James Eakin, Jos. Paxton.

Proved 19th Nov 1755 by
both witnesses.
John and Thomas Paxton qualified executors, with sureties Joseph
and Thos Paxton.

17th March, 1756: Joseph Paxton's appraisement by John Smiley,
Moses McCluer, John McClure. 18th March, 1756.

 Rockbridge Records from Scotch-Irish Chronicles Vol III pg 120-  

Who is this "sister" of Joseph's? Could it be
Elizabeth had a daughter who stayed in PA when
her mother and brothers moved to VA? Or could
Joseph be referring to a sister-in-law?
Any ideas? Please contact me.

Note: The pistole, a common coin in Virginia, at least until the 1760s, was a Spanish gold coin, sometimes called a doubloon.
Source: McCusker, John J. Money and Exchange in Europe and America,
1600-1775 : A Handbook.
Chapel Hill, N.C University of North Carolina Press, (1978.)

+ 8 iv. Samuel Paxton, born 1730; died 1756 in Augusta Co. VA.
+ 9 v. WILLIAM PAXTON, Major, born 1732 in Ulster Ireland (?);
died 30 September 1795 in Rockbridge Co. VA.

3. Thomas2 Paxton (Samuel1) was born ca. 1694 in Ireland, and died 1792 in Virginia. He married Sarah (?) Paxton. Note: Information re this family provided by others, and not verified by me.

Will Probated: 16 November 1792

Children of Thomas Paxton and Sarah Paxton are:
10 i. Bettie3 Paxton, born ca. 1718 in Ireland. She married Mathew Robinson.
+ 11 ii. Thomas Paxton, Jr., born ca. 1720 in Ireland.
12 iii. Samuel T Paxton, born ca. 1722 in Pennsylvania.
13 iv. Joseph T Paxton, born ca. 1725 in Pennsylvania.
+ 14 v. Unknown d/oThom & Sarah Paxton.

4. Samuel2 Paxton, Jr. (Samuel1) was born ca. 1705 in Ireland20, and died Bef. 08 March 1793. He married (1) Unk___ Paxton ca. 1735. He married (2) Rachel (Mrs Samuel) Paxton. She was born ca. 1757.

Samuel Paxton Jr. was born in County Antrim, Northern
Ireland in 1705. He traveled to America with his father
at the age of 25 and settled in the Marsh Creek settlement.
Samuel was twice married and the name of his first wife,
mother of Col. Thomas Paxton, is unknown. His second
wife's name was Rachael Harrison. Between
the two marriages, Samuel Jr was father to 22 children
and 18 were named in his will when he died in 1793.
Four children predeceased him. Some of the younger
children went to Rockbridge County, Virginia, and settled
among the South River Paxtons, from where they migrated
on west into Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri.
Source: Gary Michael Harvey's Paxton research:

More About Samuel Paxton, Jr.
Of his reported 22 children, 4 died before him, and there are only
four-- John, Thomas, Jonathan and Samuel--on whom there is any data.
18 children named in will.21
Marriages: ca. 1724, Reportedly married twice.22
Will Probated: 08 March 179323
Children of Samuel Paxton and Rachel Paxton are:
15 i. Samuel3 Paxton, born ca. 1774.
16 ii. Thomas Paxton, born ca. 1775.
+ 17 iii. Jonathan Paxton, born 28 December 1777 in Adams Co. PA;
died 05 January 1852 in Preble Co. Ohio.
18 iv. John Paxton, born ca. 1779.

Child of Samuel Paxton and Unk Paxton is:
+ 19 i. Thomas3 Paxton, Col., born 1739 in PA; died 1813 in Ohio (?).

Generation No. 3

5. John3 Paxton II (John2, Samuel1)24 was born 1716 in Ireland24, and died 13 February 1787 in Rockbridge Co.25. He married (1) Mary Blair26 ca. 1742 in Lancaster Co. PA26, daughter of Rev. Robert Blair. She was born 1726, and died 12 August 182127.

A John Paxton of Lancaster Co PA was deeded a tract of 198 acres, three rods, and thirty-six poles of land on Woods Creek (Augusta Co. VA) July 10, 1750 by Henry Kirkham and his wife, who had bought the land from Benjamin Borden, Sr. July 27, 1742. On September 25, 1761, John Paxton II bought 190 acres on the North Branch
of the James which he later sold to his son, John Paxton III for 100 pounds. (Augusta Co. Deed Bk 15, pg 92) He bought additional land in September 1760 described as being "
in the first fork of the James", the area between Buffalo Creek and the James River. (Augusta Deed Bk 9, pg 25.)

John and Mary's son, Capt. John Paxton, led a company of Rockbridge militia at the Battle of Guilford Court House Mar 15, 1781. He received a bullet wound from which he never fully recovered and died 6 years later.

Rockbridge Co, Will Summary: Wife- Mary; Sons-John, Joseph, William, James; DaughterMary, Hannah; Son-in-law-Samuel Houston; Grandson-James, John and Robert Houston; Grandson- John Paxton; Grandson-John Lyle; Granddaughter-Esther Lyle .

Dr. George Diehl, Rockbridge Notebook:- In his will, written 5 weeks before his death, John made provisions for his wife and children; his son-in-law, Samuel Houston, who had married Elizabeth Paxton -- they were the parents of General Sam Houston of Texas fame. He left his son John Paxton III a negro man by the name of Dick and thirty pounds of money, but he was already seated on his own plantation in the "Fork of the James". Note: Named in the will are his wife Mary, children John, Joseph, Mary, William, Hannah,James, and son-in-law Sam Houston. He left his grandsons --James Houston, John Houston, Robert Lyle and John Paxton, the s/o John, each a half acre adjoining Lexington, and a half acre lot and 100 pounds to his granddaughter, Esther Lyle.
 On Feb. 13, 1787, John Paxton II, was gathered to his fathers and, as he was buried in the cemetery of the Falling Spring Presbyterian Church, on the southern bank of Buffalo Creek, he must have been with his son at the time of his death. He was just seventy-one years old. His widow, Mary Blair Paxton, survived him a number of years, dying on Aug. 12, 1821. The old Paxton home, known as The Green Tree, was famed for its hospitality.

The Paxtons were parents of the following: James, John, Joseph, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Isabelle. To identify "my granddaughter Ester Lyle," mentioned in John Paxtonís will, it can be pointed out that Isabelle Paxton, born Oct. 17, 1746, became the first wife of Capt. John Lyle, whose mother, Esther Lyle, became the wife of Joseph Paxton, son of Major William Paxton and his wife Eleanor Hayes.

More About John Paxton II:
Burial: Aft. 13 February 1787, Falling Springs Presb Cemetery28
Will written: 03 January 178729

More About Mary Blair:
Burial: Timber Ridge Presb Church

Children of John Paxton and Mary Blair are:
+ 20 i. John4 Paxton, Capt, born 1743 in PA; d. 03 Oct. 1787 in Rockbridge Co. VA.
21 ii. Hannah Paxton, b. Aft. 1743, married James Caruthers, Maj. 24 Jan. 1793 in
Rockbridge Co. VA29,30.
22 iii. Mary Paxton, born Aft. 1743; married Thomas Conn/Cowan 13 Sept. 1787 in
Rockbridge Co.31.
23 iv. James Paxton, b. ca. 1744; died 1788; m. Phoebe McClung 23 March 1786 in
Rockbridge Co..
+ 24 v. Isabelle Paxton, born 17 October 1746.
+ 25 vi. William Paxton, born ca. 1751; died 16 April 1817 in Rockbridge Co. VA.
+ 26 vii. Joseph Paxton, born 1763; died 1798.
27 viii. Elizabeth "Betsy" Paxton, born ca. 1760; m. Maj. Samuel Houston 12 Feb. 1781
in Rockbridge Co. VA. He was born ca. 1745; died 1807.

6. Thomas John3 Paxton (John2, Samuel1)32,33 was born 1719 in Ballymoney, Antrim, IR34, and died 27 September 1788 in Rockbridge Co.VA. He married (1) Elizabeth McClung 1746 in August Co.. She was born 1724 in IR, and died 03 March 1773 in Rockbridge Co.. He married (2) Mary Barclay 05 July 1774 in Botetourt Co. VA35. She was born ca. 1754;36 died 01 September 1828 in Rockbridge Co. VA.

The Paxton Family, by W. M. Paxton:-
Thomas Paxton b Ireland 1719 died in Rockbridge Co, Va 9/27/1788 married 1st Elizabeth McClung b 1724 died March 3, 1773. He then married Mary (Polly) Barclay who died in 1828. Thomas Paxton was the son of James Paxton and Elizabeth Alexander. James who married Eliabeth Alexander had the following five sons: Joseph who never married- will leaves all to brothers and provides for mother; Samuel who married Mary Moore; John who married Mary Blair (his daugher Elizabeth married Major Houston); Thomas who married Elizabeth McClung and William who married Eleanor Hays.

More About Thomas John Paxton:
Burial: Paxton Cemetery, Rockbridge Co. VA37
More About Elizabeth McClung:
Burial: 1773, Falling Springs, VA (unverfied)

Children of Thomas Paxton and Elizabeth McClung are:
28. i. John4 Paxton, born 1747; married Sarah Walker d/o Joseph Walker and Nancy
McClung. Joseph's father was John Walker of Wigton, Scotland the seta of the
Rutherfords he married Catherine Rutherford. They came to America about 1740
and settled on Kerr's Creek, Va. Their children were John, James,
Samuel,Alexander, Joseph who married Nancy McClung and Jane Walker who
married James Moore (Their daughter Mary Moore married Samuel Paxton, after
his death she married Maj. Alexander Stuart).
Courtesy of Gayle G. Eckert, who cited The Paxtons, We Are One.

+ 29 ii. Samuel Paxton, born 11 July 1748 in Rockbridge Co. VA.
30 iii. James Paxton, born ca. 1750.
+ 31 iv. William Paxton, born 07 April 1757, died 27 Dec. 1838 in Rockbridge Co. VA;
32 v. Jane Paxton, born 1758.
33 vi. Thomas Paxton, born ca. 1760.
34 vii. Sarah Paxton, born 1763.
35 viii. John Paxton, born 1747.
36 ix. James Paxton, born ca. 1750.

Children of Thomas Paxton and Mary Barclay are:
37 i. Joseph4 Paxton, born 11 April 1775; died 1817.
38 ii. Hugh Paxton, born 16 January 1777; died 04 November 1838.
39 iii. Hannah Paxton, born 17 January 1777.
40 iv. David Paxton, born 18 February 1781.
41 v. Isaac Paxton, born ca. 1782.
42 vi. Bessie Paxton, born ca. 1785.
43 vii. Rachel Paxton, born ca. 1786; died 27 November 1843 in Mississipi38.

8. Samuel3 Paxton (John2, Samuel1)39 was born 173039,40, and died 1756 in Augusta Co. VA41. He married "Mary"(surname unk.)

Augusta Co. VA Wills--11th August, 1756.
Samuel Paxton's will-- Abstract
Plantation called Broad Spring to be sold. Wife, Mary;
brother, Thomas Paxton, second son Samuel; son, Samuel, plantation
testator lives on, 212 acres.
Executors, brother Thomas Paxton and James Trimble.
Teste James Moore, Archd. Alexander, John Moore.
Proved, 17th November, 1756, by Archd. Alexander and James Moore.
Executors qualify with John Paxton and James Moore.
More About Samuel Paxton:
Burial: Paxton Burial Ground 42,43

Children of Samuel Paxton and Mary are:
44 i. Unk4 Paxton.
45 ii. Samuel Paxton44.

9. WILLIAM3 PAXTON, Major (John2, Samuel1)45 was born 1732 in Ulster Ireland (?)46,47 and died 30 September 1795 in Rockbridge Co. VA48; married ELEANOR HAYS 19 October 1763 in Rockbridge Co.48, daughter of David Hays and Isabella Hays. She was born ca. 1743 in Scotland, and died 13 August 1815 in Rockbridge Co. VA.

Diehl's Rockbridge Notebook:- William, the youngest of five Paxton brothers-- sons of John and Elizabeth Paxton-- was perhaps the most colorful of them all [and] was most conspicuous in public affairs. He was early a member of the justice's court of Rockbridge county, an elder in Falling Spring church, and was captain of a volunteer company in the revolutionary war. He married Eleanor Hays, Scotland born, a daughter of David Hays and his wife, Isabella, a Rockbridge family noted for character and patriotism.

[Major William Paxton] was known far and wide for the hospitality of his home, recognized as a leader of the militia, and serving as an Elder in the Falling Spring Presbyterian Church... [he] was a man of affairs and influence. He was well-matched by his wife-- she was beautiful, possessing attractive social graces and inheriting the thrifty qualities of her Scotch background. After her husband's death, Mrs Paxton, then fifty-two years of age, with the demands of a large family resting upon her, took over the personal management of the plantation and gave it her personal attention for twenty years.

Note: Apparently her efforts were not necessarily appreciated by all of her
See below re a lawsuit they brought against her. --jmk.

William is listed in the index of names of Virginia citizens or soldiers from the counties of Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpeper, and Fincastle who were compensated in 1775 for supplies and service during Dunmore's Expedition in 1774.

"In 1777, Paxton received his commission as a captain in the militia and served in eastern Virginia against Arnold and then against Cornwallis, taking part in the Severe little engagement known as the Battle of the Hot Wells. Later he was commissioned by Governor Thomas Jefferson as Major, the title by which he was widely known.

"With the setting up of the new county of Rockbridge in 1778, it was necessary to elect twelve able and discreet persons as a vestry, and in the election in April 1778, Major William Paxton was one of the men chosen; the other were James Buchanan, Charles Campbell, Samuel McDowell, John Gilmore, John Lyle, Samuel Lyle, John Trimble, and Alexander Stuart. To these was committed the task of building and over-seeing roads, caring for the poor, processing of lands, assisting the county courts in erecting work-houses... and promoting all the services of local government.

"In April 1779, Major Paxton was granted the license to operate an "ordinary", or tavern, a wayside inn. As his home was on the road between the budding frontier village of Lexington and the Natural Bridge, it received a very considerable patronage from the passers-by. Major Paxton, held in great esteem as a raconteur, and Mrs Paxton, known far and near for her charm and grace as a hostess, made the home famous for its hospitality.

"When he was appointed a justice of the peace, June 10, 1788, Major Paxton received his highest public honor. He filled the position with efficiency, dignity and honor, proving himself worthy of the trust. His death on Sept 30, 1795, at the early age of sixty-two, came when he was at the very peak of his valuable service to the public."

William Paxton and Eleanor Hayes had 10 children, among whom was Col. William Paxton (m. Polly PAXTON), Maj. James Paxton (planter & scholar, b. 1781 & d. 1866, Rockbridge Co.; Major in War of 1812; killed a Capt. Dade in a duel; m. Catherine Jordon), and Brig. Gen. Elisha Paxton of the Confederate Army in the Civil War (m. Margaret MCNUTT). Another child, Isabella, m. Andrew Alexander..

Elisha Paxton, fifth son of William and Eleanor (Hays) Paxton, married Margaret McNutt, daughter of Alexander McNutt, a revolutionary soldier. She bore him seven children, the sixth of these being Elisha Franklin Paxton, who became a brigadier-general in the Confederate army, serving under "Stonewall" Jackson and with his beloved commander fell in the fateful battle of Chancellorsville.

Gayle Eckert:- According to the book THE PAXTON FAMILY by W. M. Paxton, (Major) William Paxton left no will. Administration was granted to Eleanor Paxton and Joseph Gilmore - Bond $1500: sureties.Hugh Barclay and David Edmondson. Differences arose and a suite in chancery was instituted but was settled and dismissed. The parties were: 1. James Paxton 2. Elisha Paxton 3. James Pryor and 4 David and Bettie Sawyers, plaintiffs vs. Eleanor Paxton, widoe 5. Joseph Paxton 6. Samuel Gilmore 8. William Paxton 9. John Paxton and 10 Isabella Alexander. It thus appears in 1806 that Polly wife of Samuel Greenlee was dead, that Nicholas and Sallie Pryor and Susanna Gilmore were dead adn further that deceased had 968 acres of land in Rockbridge and 485 acres in Amherst Co, VA.

Rockbridge County Records: Paxton's Heirs vs. Paxton's Widow--O. S. 89; N. S. 30--Bill, 20th March, 1806. Orators are viz: James and Elisha Paxton, James Prior, David Sawyers and Betsey, his wife. William Paxton died intestate, 1796, owning land in Rockbridge and Amherst, leaving Ellenor Paxton his widow; Joseph Paxton; Polly Paxton, who married Saml. Greenlee; James Prior, a grandson (son of _____ Prior and Sally, his wife, who was daughter of intestate and had died before intestate, leaving said Joseph [sic?] her only child); John Paxton; Joseph Gilmore and Sarah(sic), his wife, a daughter of intestate; David Sawyers and Betsey, his wife, also a daughter of intestate; Isabella Paxton, since married to Andrew Alexander; William, James and Elisha Paxton, his heirs-at-law. Polly Paxton died after intestate, unmarried. Susannah Gilmore also died intestate after her father, leaving issue, viz: Madison, Paxton, Polly and James Gilmore, all infants.

More About William Paxton, Major: and Eleanor Hays
Burial: Paxton Cemetery, Rockbridge Co. VA49-52

LVA, Marriage and Obituary Citations compiled by Bernard J. Henley.
Obit pub. Richmond Enquirer, Richmond, VA. 1815, (p.1, c.6)
Died in Lexington, on Wed. Nov. 15, Mrs. Elizabeth Paxton, widow of
Capt. William Paxton, age 77, when her clothing caught fire.

Note: There's a discrepancy between the date of the obit and the date on her
tombstone. Since the date on the photo of the tombstone is not hard
to read, either it was in error, or the error was in Mr. Henley's transcription or the data-entry transcription when the information was
put online.

Children of William Paxton and Eleanor Hays are:
46 i. John4 Paxton, born ca. 1765; never married.

In the Paxton book, John is listed on pg. 254 as No.72.
"... he was a soldier in the Indian Wars and died while in the service.
His remains were brought back to Rockbridge Co.and were buried near
the dust of his parents in the cemetery at Glasgow."

Note: The next entry in the Paxton book is No.74. Susanna Paxton and includes information about her husband, Joseph Gilmore, which is not accurate.

47 ii. Joseph Paxton, b. ca. 1768;53.m. Esther Lyle 26 Oct. 1787, Rockbridge Co.
+48 iii. Susannah Paxton, 1772. died 11 Nov. 1800 in Rockbridge Co. VA.
49 iv. Mary "Polly" Paxton, 1774; d. Bef. Feb. 1803;54 m. Samuel Greenlee
11 January 1798 in Rockbridge Co.55; b. ca. 1770.
+ 50 v. Sarah "Sally" Paxton, b. ca. 1776; d. Bef. 1796.
+ 51 vi.William Paxton, Col, b. 1777; d. 27 May 1853 in Rockbridge Co. VA.
52 vii.Elizabeth "Betsy" Paxton, b. ca.1778 in Rockbridge Co.; d. 1821 Lincoln
Co. TN56; m. David Sawyers 07 October 1794 in Rockbridge Co.
He d. 17 April 1820 in Lincoln Co. TN56. Both buried in Fayettevill, TN.
53 viii. Isabella "Libby" Paxton, b. ca. 1780, 57 m. Andrew Alexander 27 March
1800 in Rockbridge Co.58; born 1772 in Virginia.
+ 54 ix. James Paxton, Major, b. 06 June 1781, d.13 June 1866 Botetourt Co. VA.
+ 55 x. Elisha Paxton, born 1785.

11. Thomas3 Paxton, Jr. (Thomas2, Samuel1) was born ca. 1720 in Ireland. He married
Rebecca Robinson.

Child of Thomas Paxton and Rebecca Robinson is:
+ 56 i. Samuel4 Paxton, born 16 March 1766.

17. Jonathan3 Paxton (Samuel2, Samuel1)59 was born 28 December 1777 in Adams Co. PA60, and died 05 January 1852 in Preble Co. Ohio61. He married Agnes Nancy Gilmore 07 February 1798 in Rockbridge Co. (Sidney Vale?)62, daughter of William Gilmore and Martha Lackey. She was born 09 May 1784 in Rockbridge Co., and died 02 February 1852 in Morning Sun, Preble Co. Ohio63.

Jonathan was the son of Samuel Paxton, Jr and his 2nd wife, Rachel. According to Dr.Diehl's Notebook articles, Samuel had 22 children. When his father died in Feb 1793, Jonathan was only 16. He claimed his small portion of any estate and drifted off to the Valley of Virginia to make his own way in the world. He found his uncle Thomas Paxton, and later came to the Gilmore plantation of Sidney Vale and was employed there. He married William Gilmore's daughter Agnes in 1784 when she was only 14 yrs. old, and after the Gilmore brothers Joseph and William divided the property in 1816, Jonathan moved his family (consisting of 10 children) first to Franklin Co. Ohio, and then to Preble Co. where they settled on 640 acres. An additional 6 children were born. Jonathan died at the age of 76 in Jan 5,1852 during a typhoid fever epidemic that took the lives of 6 Paxton family members. Agnes died of the same illness less than a month later on Feb 2 aged 68.

More About Agnes Nancy Gilmore:
Burial: Hopewell Cemetery

Sources: (1) Mary K. Wright;
(2) Paxtons-We Are One
(3) House of Ochiltree

Children of Jonathan Paxton and Agnes Gilmore are:
58 i. Robert4 Paxton, b. 1799 in Rockbridge Co. VA; d. 30 Jan. 1872 in Ohio. He
married 10 March 1824, Mary Ann McDill. Bet. 1840 - 1846:- Justice of the
Peace in Preble Co. OH
59 ii. William G Paxton, b. 1800 in Rockbridge Co. VA; d.1873 in Mercer Co. IL. Married
15 September 1829, Catherine Diehl
+ 60 iii. Martha "Patsy" Paxton, b.1802 in Rockbridge Co. VA; d. 03 Feb. 1852 in
61 iv. Samuel Paxton, b. 27 Aug. 1804 in Rockbridge Co.; d. 02 Oct. 1834 in IN (?).
62 v. Rachel Paxton, b. 29 September 1805 in Rockbridge Co.d. 18 Feb. 1852
in Preble Co. OH. Married: 11 March 1824, Preble Co. to William McGaw, Jr.
63 vi. James S Paxton, b. 15 June 1807 in Rockbridge Co. d. 1898 in OH .
Censured & suspended by Hopewell Church for "...sins of Slander, Lying &
profane swearing and contumacy" after spreading tales of his sexual
conquests with young Gilmore cousins. James later married and became
involved in politics.
64. vii. Thomas L Paxton, born 13 March 1809 in VA; died 1864.
Married: 06 June 1839, Preble Co. OH to Martha Weed.
65 viii.Eli Paxton, b. 02 April 1811 in VA; died 19 December 1857 in Ohio. Married:
17 November 1831, Preble Co. to Sarah Whiteman
66 ix. J Madison Paxton, b. 28 May 1813 in Rockbridge Co. In 1863, his son
Thomas Paxton d in battle during Civil War.
67 x. Sarah W Paxton, b. 04 November 1814 in Rockbridge Co. VA; d. ca. 1843 in
Ohio. Married: 1837, Preble Co. OH to Samuel Weed.
68 xi. Sabina Gilmore Paxton, b. 28 April 1817 in Ohio(?); m. 1855, Preble Co. to
James H. Graham.
69 xii.Jonathan Paxton, Jr, b. 28 March 1819 in Ohio; d. Aug. 1901 in College
Corner, OH.Married: 1852, Preble Co. OH Elizabeth McQuiston
70 xiii. Lena Irwin Paxton, born 28 October 1820 in OH.
May occasionally have used name of "Sina Lena Irwin" Paxton.
71 xiv. Mary J. Paxton, b. 28 May 1823 Preble Co.OH; d. 29 June 1895 in OH.
Married: 1849, Preble Co. OH to Thomas C. McDill.
72 xv. Eliza Paxton, born 1825.
73 xvi. Alexander P Paxton, born 1826.
74 xvii. Agnes L Paxton, born 1827.

19. Thomas3 Paxton, Col. (Samuel2, Samuel1) was born 1739 in PA, and died 1813 in Ohio (?). He married Isabella Quaite. She died 1780.

Child of Thomas Paxton and Isabella Quaite is:
+ 75 i. Robert4 Paxton, born 1763; died 1856.

Generation No. 4

20. John4 Paxton, Capt (John3, John2, Samuel1) was born 1743 in Pennsylvania, and died 03 October 1787 in Rockbridge Co. VA63. He married Phoebe Alexander63 15 April 1767 in Rockbridge Co. VA63, daughter of Archibald Alexander and Margaret Parks. She was born 1749, and died 1821 in Rockbridge Co. VA64.

Diehl's Rockbridge Notebook:- Commissioned a captain in the Botetourt militia at the same time as Capt James Hall of the Buffalo community. Capt. Paxton married Phoebe Alexander, the youngest child of Archibald Alexander and his wife Margaret Parks. At the battle of Guilford Courthouse against Cornwallis, Capt Paxton used a hair-trigger, flint-lock rifle which became an heirloom of the Paxtons. After his death, it was owned by his son Alexander, who never married, and in turn, willed his estate, including the rifle, to his niece, Margaret Paxton. When a statue of Washington was erected in Richmond, it was decided to include Gen. Andre Lewis as one of those around the base, and to assure accuracy, the Paxton rifle was used by the sculptor as a model.

Later, a grandson of Margaret presented the rifle to the Virginia Military Institute, where it remained until 1864, when it became part of the loot taken by Federal troops under Hunter. Sometime near 1900 it was discovered in the office of Hotel Leland, Springfield, IL bearing the label "This rifle was carried by H.M. (sic) Paxton who was mortally wounded at the battle of Guilford, NC march 15, 1781." Capt Paxton was wounded in the foot by a musket ball, and althought he did die from the effects of the wound, it was not until more than six years later, on Oct. 3, 1787.

Mrs. Charles McCullock, Story of Heroic Revolutionary Couple; pub. in the Rockbridge News:- Phebe died February 12, 1821, 34 years after John. The age on the monument is incorrect. All records give her birth 1749, which would be 72 years old. John and Phebe sleep here in the peaceful Godís Acre at the foot of Sallings Mountain. The sandstone obelisk which marks their graves is capped by the Torch of Liberty, pointing to the heavens, fitting emblem of the pure flame of their spirit. It is inscribed: Sacred to the memory of John Paxton, who died October 3, 1787, aged 44 years. Also to his wife, Phebe Paxton, who died February 13, 1821, aged 76 years.

Children of John Paxton and Phoebe Alexander are:
76 i. Alexander5 Paxton, b. ca. 1768. Never married.
Will: Left his estate to his niece, Margaret Paxton, who married Cornelius C.
Baldwin 1837.
77 ii. Son Paxton, born ca. 1770.
78 iii.William Paxton, b. 08 April 1776, Rockbridge Co. VA; d. 02 August 1827 in
Lincoln Co. KY.; married Nancy Logan 03 August 180865; b. ca. 1778.

24. Isabelle4 Paxton (John3, John2, Samuel1) was born 17 October 1746. She married John Lyle, Capt.66. He was born ca. 1744.

Children of Isabelle Paxton and John Lyle are:
79 i. Robert5 Lyle, born ca. 1766.
80 ii. Esther Lyle, b. ca. 1768; m.Joseph Paxton 26 October 1787 in
Rockbridge Co. VA; b. ca. 1768;67 Joseph Paxton, s/o William Paxton.

25. William4 Paxton (John3, John2, Samuel1) was born ca. 1751 in Rockbridge Co.68, and died 16 April 1817 in Rockbridge Co. VA. He married Elizabeth Ann Stuart. She was born 13 June 1755, and died 16 November 1826 in Rockbridge Co..

In his will dated Apr 7, 1817 and probated May 5, 1817, William left the property he
had inherited from William Paxton in 1759 to James Paxton. Will Bk. p.4, pg 245.
(Source: Virginia Historical Inventory at LVA)
More About William Paxton & Elizabeth Ann Stuart:
Burial: Glasgow Cemetery, Rockbridge Co.

Child of William Paxton and Elizabeth Stuart is:
81 i. William5 Paxton.

26. Joseph4 Paxton (John3, John2, Samuel1) was born 176369, and died 1798. He married Margaret "Peggy" Barclay 19 January 1785 in Rockbridge Co..

Child of Joseph Paxton and Margaret Barclay is:
82 i. Harriett5 Paxton70, b. 10 July 1792 in Boteourt Co. VA; d. 05 January 1856 in
Freestone Co. TX. She m. Horatio V. Philpott 09 July 1812 in Lincoln Co. TN.

More About Harriett Paxton:
Burial: Fairfield, TX

29. Samuel4 Paxton (Thomas John3, John2, Samuel1) was born 11 July 1748 in Rockbridge Co. VA. He married Sarah Coulter. She was born ca. 1750.

Children of Samuel Paxton and Sarah Coulter are:
83 i. David Coulter5 Paxton71,72, b. 13 August 1784 in Rockbridge Co. . He
married Lucy Edwards 1818 in Woodford Co. KY; b. 1802 in KY. Went to KY
where he became a Baptist preacher.73
84 ii. Samuel Paxton, born ca. 1790.
85 iii. William D. Paxton, born 178874.

31. William4 Paxton (Thomas John3, John2, Samuel1) was born 07 April 1757 in Rockbridge Co. VA75, and died 27 December 1838 in Rockbridge Co. VA. He married Jane Grigsby76 21 June 1787 in Rockbridge Co. VA77. She was born 19 October 1769 in Culpeper, VA, and died 15 November 1832.

Diehl, Rockbridge Notebook:- When William Paxton [son of Thomas Paxton and his wife Elizabeth McClung] married Jane Grigsby, daughter of Soldier John Grigsby, June 21, 1787, he founded a most interesting family line. In his will, probated, Feb. 4, 1839, he named his nine children and mentioned several grandchildren. It is said that there were sixteen children in the family, but the interweaving of family lines is limited to a few. Mary Paxton, known as Polly, was born, Jan. 21, 1791. and, on March 12, 1812, she became the wife of James Greenlee.

Child of William Paxton and Jane Grigsby is:
86 i. Mary Polly5 Paxton, b. 21 Jan. 1791; d. 12 July 1859 in Rockbridge Co. VA.
She married James Greenlee 03 December 181277.

More About Mary Polly Paxton:
Burial: Falling Springs Cemetery78

48. SUSANNAH4 PAXTON (William3, John2, Samuel1) was born ca. 1772 in Rockbridge Co. VA79, and died 11 November 1800 in Rockbridge Co. VA. She married JOSEPH GILMORE, Sr.80 on 05 June 1793 in Rockbridge, Co. VA81, son of James Gilmore and Martha Dennison. He was born 1759 in Rockbridge Co. VA, and died 19 January 1830 in Rockbridge Co. VA82. There is a memorial stone for Joseph and Susannah in High Bridge Cemetery, near Lexington, VA83.
Susannah Paxton and Joseph Gilmore are my ancestors.

Along with his brother, William, Joseph inherited the home property of their father, James Gilmore, Sr. Later, Joseph bought out William's interest and became the sole owner of Sidney Vale, the plantation where several generations of Rowlands and Gilmore children were born.
When Susannah Paxton, died in 1800, she left her husband with four small children, one of whom was Mary Paxton Gilmore, born ca. 1799. In 1805, Joseph married Millie Rowland, and Millie became the stepmom of these kids, all of whom were under nine years of age. When Mary Gilmore grew up, she married her step-mother Millie's younger brother, Jesse Rowland, and became her step-mom's sister-in-law. Mary and Jesse were the parents of Robert Madison Rowland and grandparents of Robert's daughter, Allie Rowland.
Joseph and Millie Gilmore also had four children, one of whom was Eliza Gilmore, who married William Humes and moved to Missouri. The family kept in close touch with theirGilmore and Paxton cousins in Virginia, and in 1872, Eliza's son , James Humes, grandson of Joseph Gilmore & Millie Rowland, married Allie Rowland, g.granddaughter of Joseph and Susannah Paxton.
More About Susannah Paxton and Joseph Gilmore, Sr.:
Burial: Named on a memorial stone at High Bridge Cemetery83
The following from Rockbridge County Court records indicate that Susannah Gilmore only had 4 children before her death November 11, 1800. All were described in 1806 as infants. Since Susannah and Joseph Gilmore only married in 1793, it seems unlikely they had more than these 4 children, and did not have had the 8 children often attributed to them. [Note: Joseph did have 8 children, but only 4 were Susannah's]
Paxton's Heirs vs. Paxton's Widow-- O. S. 89; N. S. 30--Bill, 20th March, 1806. Orators are viz: James and Elisha Paxton, James Prior, David Sawyers and Betsey, his wife. William Paxton died intestate, 1796, owning land in Rockbridge and Amherst, leaving Ellenor Paxton his widow; Joseph Paxton; Polly Paxton, who married Saml. Greenlee; James Prior, a grandson (son of _____ Prior and Sally, his wife, who was daughter of intestate and had died before intestate, leaving said Joseph [?] her only child); John Paxton; Joseph Gilmore and Sarah(sic), his wife, a daughter of intestate; David Sawyers and Betsey, his wife, also a daughter of intestate; Isabella Paxton, since married to Andrew Alexander; William, James and Elisha Paxton, his heirs-at-law. Polly Paxton died after intestate, unmarried. Susannah Gilmore also died intestate after her father, leaving issue, viz: Madison, Paxton, Polly and James Gilmore, all infants.

Children of Susannah Paxton and Joseph Gilmore are:
87 i. Madison5 Gilmore, b. 05 May 1794 84 died 07 June 1859 in
Rockbridge Co. VA85. He m. Jennetta Moore Houston 08 Sept. 1823 in
Rockbridge Co.86; b. 03 May 1800; d. 09 Dec. 1886, Rockbridge Co. VA.

Diehl:- "A man of learning and known for his high integrity".

Josephine Gilmore Yeatman (in a letter to a cousin):-
"Madison was a Justice of the Peace and twice elected to the State Legislature from Botetourt County. His father's Will gave him valuable lands, but provided that
in case he died without issue, the land should go to his brothers and sister.
Because he did not have children, his widow was left distitute(sic), yet by her father's will, she had a home for life at Rural Valley."

Note: I believe it was Josephine who sent this information about Madison that William Paxton included in his book, The Paxtons: We Are One.

1846- Listed as a member of the Virginia School Commissioners for Botetourt Co.
Source: -
VA publication by Samuel Shepherd, Public Printer, Richmond, 1847.

More About Madison Gilmore:
Administrator: 1830 for Joseph Gilmore's estate87
Burial: Named on memorial stone in High Bridge Cemetery

88 ii. Paxton Gilmore88, b. 10 Feb. 1796 in Rockbridge Co.; d. 04 May 1864 in
Rockbridge Co. VA89. He m. Sarah "Sallie" Porter Irvine 20 Feb. 1827 in
Rockbridge Co.90,91 1800; d. 05 Aug.1851 in Rockbridge Co. VA92,93.

One of the many research papers of J.W. Wheatley --an early Humes/GIlmore researcher-- begins:- "The following is a copy of a copy furnished me by Josephine Gilmore Yeatman, June 28, 1912. . ." The paper contains an extract from a letter written by Paxton Gilmore and a short genealogy written by Josephine, that begins with Joseph Gilmore and includes his children. (Copy on file, courtesy of Eileen Hacker.)

"My father, Joseph Gilmore, was next to the youngest of 16 or 17 children
of James Gilmore and Martha Denison, his wife, Protestant emigrants from the North of Ireland, sometime between 1735 and 1740. Whether they were married in Ireland or Pennsylvany (sic) I never was able to learn... My mother, Susan Paxton, was the daughter of William Paxton and Eleanor Hayes of near Lexington, Va., of Scotch-Irish descent. ... There is a tradition handed down in the family that they were of a clan in
Scotland that had for their motto a bloody hand."

About her grandfather Paxton Gilmore, Josephine wrote,
"Paxton Gilmore, born February 10, 1796, died of apoplexy at Sidney Vale July 4, 1864. He married Sallie Porter Irvine February 20, 1827, who died at Gilmore's Mill August 5, 1851, of typhoid fever. He was a quiet, studious man; served in the Mexican and Civil Wars; was a Magistrate for several years, and had been chosen to the position of High Constable, when by act of the Legislature the candidates for that position were elected by ballot and he was not a candidate....He (had) four daughters and one son."

According to the Paxton book by W.M. Paxton, Paxton Gilmore and his wife " lived at Gilmore Mills, near Natural Bridge, in their ancestral home. He was a Magistrate for many years, a pleasant, agreeable, intelligent and well informed gentleman. "

The "ancestral home" of the Gilmores was Sidney Vale, a plantation about four miles south of Gilmore's Mill. It was left to Paxton Gilmore's half-brothers: ". . .to my sons Thomas and Joseph Gilmore, the Sidneyvale Tract of Land at their Mother's death . . . ." Although Madison lived at Sydney Vale for a time after his father's death, Paxton lived in the area of Gilmore's Mill.

Regarding Paxton, Joseph's will states, ". . . to heirs of my son, Paxton Gilmore, the tract of Land and Mill bought of John Miller and a Negro boy Dave, a cooper by trade. . . ." He did however, "appoint my two sons Madison and Paxton Gilmore and William Humes my Executors of this my last will and testament. . . sixth of December 1828."

After the death of Paxton's wife in 1851, Paxton seems to have left the area and his children came under the care of their uncle, Joseph Gilmore, Jr. , son of Joseph and his 2nd wife, Millie Rowland.

More About Paxton and Sarah Gilmore
Burial: Named on memorial stone for this family at High Bridge Cemetery,94 
but no proof of actual burial location.

+ 89 iii. Mary "Polly" Paxton Gilmore95, born 22 March 1799 in Rockbridge Co. VA96; died 12 December 1848 in Rockbridge Co.96. She married (1) Jesse D. Rowland 14 October 1819 in Sidney Vale, Rockbridge Co.97,98,99; born 1 Sept. 1783 in Botetourt County, VA100; died ca. 1829 in Rockbridge Co. 101   She married (2) Joseph Layne 10 Jan. 1832 in Botetourt Co. VA102.

Lexington News-letter  
Title Married- On Thursday last, by Rev. Samuel Houston, Jesse D. Roland, Esq., of Botetourt County, to Miss Mary Gilmore, daughter of Joseph Gilmore, Esq., of this county. (p. 3, c. 4)

Jesse D. Rowland was the brother of Mary's step-mother, and the
son of
Thomas and Mary Russell Rowland of Botetourt Co. VA.

Botetourt Co. Clerk's Office:- Settlement of estate of Jesse Rowland names
children Joseph G., Robert M., Elizabeth S. and William P. (courtesy of Patte Wood) See the Rowland link for more about this family.

Mary & Joseph Layne, had two children: James and Selma.

90 iv. James Paxton Gilmore103, b. 26 Oct. 1800 in Rockbridge Co.; d. 13 March
1850 in Lynchburg, VA104,105. He never married.

Diehl:- He was a man of learning yet modest and retiring.

Named in his father's will: " - - to two sons Madison Gilmore and James Gilmore all the tracts of land bought of William Rowland which Madison now lives on and the negroes Amey, Flemin, Pat, Isaac and six children to be equally divided only Madison to have choice".

See our John and Agness Gilmore for more about the
children of Susannah Paxton and Joseph Gilmore.

50. Sarah "Sally"4 Paxton (William3, John2, Samuel1) was born ca. 1776, and died Bef. 1796. She married James Prior.

Child of Sarah Paxton and James Prior is:
91 i. James-Joseph5 Prior106.

51. William4 Paxton, Col (William3, John2, Samuel1) was born 1777 in VA107, and died 27 May 1853 in Rockbridge Co. VA. He married Polly Paxton 20 December 1804 in Rockbridge Co. VA. She was born 16 May 1784 in VA, and died 13 July 1859 in Rockbridge Co. VA108.

Samual Bassett French (1820-1898), Biographical Sketches, LVA Archives:
"Paxton, Col Wiliam, son of Maj.William, b Rockbridge Co. May 1777-; County
surveyor - justice of the Peace for many years under it's old Constitution - member
of the legislature-member of State Bd. of Public worls-Engr. on the J.R.&R. Canal Co during its construction - died about 1854."

Note: Handwriten note transcribed by jmk.

More About Col.William & Polly Paxton
Burial: Paxton Cemetery.109,110

Children of William Paxton and Polly Paxton are:
92 i. James Harrison5 Paxton, Col111, b. 1812 in Rockbridge Co.; d. 1902 in
Rockbridge Co. VA.; married Catherine Anderson Glasglow in Green Forest,
Rockbridge Co.; b. 1835 in Rockbridge Co. 112; died in Rockbridge Co..

Colonel James H., a son of Colonel William Paxton, was a graduate of Washington College in the class of 1833. He delighted in the classics and was the foremost Latin scholar in Rockbridge. At his home, "Mountain View," he maintained for twelve years a classical school, and was a friend of public schools. Colonel Paxton served a term in the Senate in Virginia. He died in 1902 at the great age of ninety years. The wife of Mr. Paxton, Kate Glasglow, was born in Rockbridge county, a daughter of Robert and Catharine T. Anderson Glasglow, and their children were Nellie, Kate G., Archibald H., Robert (a captain in the United States army), William T., Professor James H., and J. Jordan.

Sources: Morton, Oren F., History of Rockbridge Co. pub. 1920; Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia (NY, Richmond, and Toledo: H. H. Hardesty and Company Publishers, 1884). p. 411
See letter from John S. Carlile to A. Lincoln, July 28, 1861 (hand-delivered by Paxton ]

93 ii. Mary Eleanor Paxton, born ca. 1806.
94 iii. Archibald Hays Paxton, born ca. 1810.
95 iv. Phebe Alexander Paxton, born 1816.
96 v. Margaret Parks Paxton.
97 vi. William Bowyer Paxton.
98 vii. Elizabeth Sawyers Paxton, born ca. 1821.
99 viii. Sarah J Paxton, born ca. 1823.

54. James4 Paxton, Major (William3, John2, Samuel1) was born 06 June 1781 in Virginia, and died 13 June 1866 in Botetourt Co. VA113,114. He married Catherine Jordan 07 June 1817 in Botetourt Co., daughter of John Jordan and Catherine. She was born ca. 1796, and died bet. 29 July 1850 and 1860 in Botetourt Co. VA.

In 1816 the Virginia legislature provided for the establishment of three arsenals to care for the state's accumulation of munitions. One of the three was constructed in Lexington, Virginia, on the site of what is now the Virginia Military Institute. The arsenal opened in 1818 under the command of Captain James Paxton. It was guarded by militia until November 1839, when the Virginia Military Institute was established on the site and the cadets replaced the arsenal guard.
Source: Lexington, Virginia Arsenal Records, 1819-1839

The Lexington Arsenal was established in Lexington, Virginia, in 1817, to disburse the arms kept at the Virginia Manufactory of Arms in Richmond. The arsenal served to furnish the state's militia with standard muskets, pistols, swords, and bayonets. The Public Guard was responsible for the safekeeping of the arsenal until the formation of the Virginia Military Institute in 1839 when that duty was delegated to the Institute's cadets. Captain James Paxton served as Commandant of the Public Guard at the Lexington Arsenal from 1817 until his resignation in 1826. Paxton was succeeded by David E. Moore (Source: Commandant of the Public Guard, Lexington Arsenal Records, LVA Archives.)

Major James Paxton, a son of William and his wife Elenor Hays, was from 1818 until 1828 commandant of the arsenal at Lexington. He then retired to an estate at the mouth of the Cowpasture owned by his father-in-law, John Jordan. Here he died in 1866 at the age of eighty-five. Major Paxton was a great leader and scholar. A shadow came over his life through his killing of a Captain Dade in a duel. (Source: Rockbridge Notebook)

1850 STATE: Virginia COUNTY: Botetourt
14 331 331 Paxton James 69 M Farmer 4,530    
All born in Virginia
15 331 331 Paxton Catharine 54 F
16 331 331 Paxton William 29 M Farmer
17 331 331 Paxton Maria 18 F (Ann Marie)
18 331 331 Paxton Rutherford 16 M Farmer
19 331 331 Paxton Malanthia 14 M (Philip)
20 331 331 Paxton Isabella 10 F
21 331 331 Jordan Catharine 85 F 4,715

1860 Census Botetourt Co. VA Enumerated Sept
Jas Paxton               79   farmer  $40,000  18,648   
W Paxton                39
Jas S(sic) Paxton      36
Malanchon Paxton    22    [Philip M.]
Isabella Paxton         20

19 Aug 1870 Fincastle, Botetourt, VA  Locust Bottom
HH 285 Paxton, Philip M.  32  11,000   1000;  
                        James T.   47    1,250   1900 

Next door in HH 286 is their sister: 
Rowland, Ann M  40 and her children, Katie 16, Elenore 14, Walter 12.
Ann's husband, Joseph Rowland was enumerated alone in TX census

Note: In her will, Catharine Jordan expressed her appreciation for the kindnesses of her son-in-law for "building a small house... attached to his mansion."

Children of James Paxton and Catherine Jordan include:
i.    John Jordan2 Paxton, born 12 Jun 1818 in Botetourt Co. VA; died 19 Jul 1893 in   
        Lexington, VA.
ii.     William Paxton, born 1821 in Botetourt Co..
iii.    James Tavener Paxton, born 04 Jul 1823 in Botetourt Co. VA; died Aft. 1870.
iv.    Catherine Beale Paxton, born ca. 1826 in Botetourt Co. VA; died Bef. Jan 1863 in
        Rockbridge Co. VA.  She married Joseph Gilmore, Jr, Capt., of Sidney Vale, Rockbridge
        Co. VA.
 v.    Estaline Montgomery Paxton, born 20 Dec. 1827, in Botetourt; died 24 Oct.1857.  Her        death was reported by her husband, Starkey Robinson.  The cause of death was childbed        fever.  She is, as far as I know, buried in Locust Bottom Cemetery.
       (Courtesy of Pat Garthwaite<> email Aug. 2011.)
vi.    Anna Marie Paxton, born 07 Mar 1830 in Botetourt Co. VA; died Aft. census of 1870;             married Joseph Gilmore Rowland 17 Mar 1852 in Botetourt Co.(See Rowland report).
vii.   Samuel Rutherford Paxton, born 1834 in Botetourt Co. VA.
viii.   Philip Malanthia Paxton, born 1837 in Botetourt Co. VA; died Aft. census of 1870.
 ix.   Susan Isabella Paxton, born 1839 in Botetourt Co. VA.  She married Albert Stalmaker.

55. Elisha4 Paxton (William3, John2, Samuel1) was born 1785. He married (2) Margaret McNutt ca. 1825.

Children of Elisha Paxton and Margaret McNutt are:
108 i. Elisha Franklin5 Paxton, Gen., b. 1828 in Rockbridge Co.; d 1863;
married Elizabeth Hannah White; b. in Lexington, VA; d. 16 Feb. 1872.

Oren F. Morton, A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia pub. 1920.
Elisha F. Paxton the one brigadier directly contributed by Rockbridge to the Confederate army, was a nephew to Governor McNutt, of Mississippi, and was born in 1828. He graduated from Washington College in 1845, from Yale College in 1847, and completed a law course at the University of Virginia in 1849. General Paxton was an original secessionist, and at the outset of the war was a lieutenant in the Rockbridge Rifles. After serving as aide-de-camp to Stonewall Jackson, he took command of the Stonewall Brigade, November 2, 1862. He was killed at the head of his troops in the battle of Chancellorsville, May 2, 1862, just one day before his commander was disabled. Indifferent eyesight had caused him to abandon the law and turn to farming. The wife of General Paxton was E--- H. White. His children are Matthew W., the present editor of the Rockbridge County News, and the present dean of Rockbridge journalism, John G., an attorney of Kansas City, and Frank of San Saba county, Texas.

Excerpts below are from a memorial written by a descendant of General
Paxton's. It is a Paxton family treasure, well worth reading, and you can
easily do so online.
© This work is the property of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching and personal
use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

The Paxtons are descended from a soldier under Cromwell who emigrated with
his Presbyterian comrades to the north of Ireland. As members of a hostile and an
alien race their life there was one of conflict. Later they bitterly resented the action
of the crown in compelling them to pay tithes for the support of the English Church,
and (pg 2) largely on this account emigrated to America. Men,... . These militant
churchmen found an appropriate home for the development of their sterling virtues
in the beautiful valleys lying between the Blue Ridge and the Alleghenies -- the
Paxtons in the rough but fertile lands of Rockbridge.

ELISHA FRANKLIN PAXTON was born March 4, 1828, in Rockbridge
County, Virginia, the son of Elisha Paxton and Margaret McNutt. His grandfather, William Paxton, came to Rockbridge in its earliest settlement about the year 1745. He was a man of character and substance and commanded a company at the battle of Yorktown. Margaret McNutt was the daughter of Alexander McNutt and Rachel Grigsby. She was one of a family of eight sisters and four brothers, many of whom possessed marked intelligence and great force of character. Alexander Gallatin McNutt, Governor of Mississippi, was one of the brothers. In 1854 he opened a law office in Lexington, Va., and married Miss Elizabeth White, daughter of Matthew White of Lexington. This union was a most happy one and there were born of it four children, three of whom survived him.

During the Civil War he wrote to his wife weekly and these letters, which well show
the man and the times. Here are two excerpts from his last letters to his wife.

The thread by which I hold my life is brittle, indeed, and may be severed
any day. I have thought much of it, and think that I feel content to accept
whatever fate God's justice and mercy has in store for me; and my prayer
is that he will give me such faith, repentance and conformity to the law of
his holy Gospel as is required of the sinner. I feel that I can say, "If it be
possible, let this cup pass from me; but thy will be done."
 April 27, 1863. . . Sooner or later we must separate in this life, and it will be
whenever God so wills it. Despondency and despair under such circumstances is
foolish and sinful. Far better to be contented and complaisant, ready to do our duty and submit in patience to our fate, whatever it may be. . . .

In this feeling I am prepared to go forward in the discharge of my duty,
striving to make every act and thought of my life conform to his law, and
trusting with implicit faith in the salvation, promised through Christ. How
I wish that I were better than I feel that I am; that when I close my eyes
tonight I might feel certain that every thought, act and feeling of tomorrow
would have its motive in love for God and its object in his glory! Well, so it is.
Why is it we cannot feel sure that the sins of the past are never to be repeated?

May God give me strength to be what I ought to be -- to do what I ought to do!
And now, darling, good-bye. When we meet again, I hope you will have a better
husband -- that your prayer and mine may be answered."

May 3, 1863.
The enemy was dislodged from all his positions around Chancellorsville and driven back towards the Rappahannock, over which he is now retreating. We have to thank Almighty God for a great victory. I regret to state that Gen'l Paxton was killed, Gen'l Jackson severely and Gen'l Heath and D. H. Hill slightly wounded.
(Signed) R. E. LEE,
Gen'l Commdg.


May 4, 1863.

Madam: As the senior officer of Gen'l Paxton's staff, and a person with whom he was probably more intimate than with any one in the brigade, I deem it my duty, although a painful one, to notify you of the circumstances of his death. He fell yesterday morning while bravely leading his brigade into action, and lived only about an hour after receiving his wound. As soon as he was struck he lifted his hand to his breast-pocket. In that pocket I knew he kept his Bible and the picture of his wife, and his thoughts were at that moment of heaven and his home. Beloved and esteemed by officers and men, his loss is deeply mourned,and the brigade mingle their tears with those of his family relations.
I have for some time thought that the General expected that from the first battle in which he led his brigade would be his last, and I had observed, and am satisfied from various conversations with him, that he was preparing his mind and soul for the occasion. It is a consolation to know that while he nobly did his duty in the field and camp without regard to personal consequences, he had been convinced that there was a home beyond this earth where the good would receive an eternal reward. For that home he had richly prepared himself, and, I confidently hope, is there now. Almost the last time I saw him, and just before the brigade moved forward into the fight, he was sitting behind his line of troops, and, amidst the din of artillery and the noise of shell bursting around him, he was calmly reading his Bible and there preparing himself like a Christian soldier for the contest.
Dr. Cox, A. D. C., has already departed with his body for home.

Daily Express (Petersburg, VA) July 4, 1864, pg 2. (LVA Archives)
"Lexington cadet confirms statement of burning of Governor Letcher's house by Hunter, also residences of Col. Williamson and Major Graham. Capt. Mathew White, brother-in-law of Gen. Paxton, murdered."

ii. James Gardner Paxton, Major, b. ca. 1830; killed August 6, 1870, in a train
    wreck at Jerry's Run on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. (source: Diehl,
    who referred to him as General Frank Paxton's older brother.)

iii. William Hays Paxton, born ca. 1832. iv. Alexander McNutt Paxton, born ca. 1834.
v. Andrew Jackson Paxton, born ca. 1836.
vi. John Gallatin Paxton, born ca. 1838.

vii. Rachel Grigsby Paxton, born ca. 1840.

56. Samuel4 Paxton (Thomas3, Thomas2, Samuel1) was born 16 March 1766124. He married Catherine Atkinson 08 August 1791 in Rockbridge Co.125.

Diehl, Rockbridge Notebook:- Samuel and Catherine had twelve children-- six sons and six daughters. Elizabeth m Charles Cartright, Nov 1, 1812 and migrated to Ohio.Sarah died in early childhood.Catherine "Kate" d soon after her marriage to Malachi Staley. Jane m Nathaniel Henderson Aug 1823, settle in Cooper Co. Mo. Nancy m twice...second husband was Thomas Robinson, whose grandparents were Nancy's g-aunt and uncle. Phoebe m snd cousin John Paxton, and when her father died Mar 30, 1941, the young couple cared for the widow until her death.Alexander b March 19, 1802 m Catherine Deitrick. Thomas m Dicie Cartwright and in 1825 joined a wagon-train to settle in Kanawha Co. (now W.VA) John m Elizabeth Childress. Their son, Capt Samuel Paxton, was wounded several times in the Spottsylvania Courthouse battle and again in the assault on Fort Stedman, where he was taken prisoner. He died in prison in Washington D.C.Samuel Jr. m Susan Atkinson, his cousin, who was the sister of his brother William's wife.They moved to Cooper Co. Mo where his sister Jane had settled. William m Eliza Atkinson in 1830; they also settled in Cooper Co. Mo. George, the youngest died in early youth.

Child of Samuel Paxton and Catherine Atkinson is:
115 i. Alexander5 Paxton, Capt., b.18 March 1802; married Catherine Deitrick
         06 June 1826 in Rockbridge Co. VA125,126; b. ca. 1805. Children included
         five daughters and three sons, Samuel, James A. and Theophilus, all serving
          in the Civil War. (Source: Diehl.)

60. Martha "Patsy"4 Paxton (Jonathan3, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born 1802 in Rockbridge Co. VA, and died 03 February 1852 in Columbus,Ohio. She married Robert "Robin" Gilmore127 on 17 December 1818 in Preble Co. OH (unverified), son of James Gilmore and Sarah Davidson. He was born ca. 1793 in Rockbridge Co. VA, and died in Columbus, Ohio.

Child of Martha Paxton and Robert Gilmore is:
116 i. Robert Paxton5 Gilmore128.

75. Robert4 Paxton (Thomas3, Samuel2, Samuel1) was born 1763, and died 1856. He married Adoris Archer.

Child of Robert Paxton and Adoris Archer is:
117 i. Archer L.5 Paxton129, b. ca. 1813 in KY; m. Eliza Ann Young 09 Feb. 1834
in Bath Co. KY130; born ca. 1814.

Marriage Notes for Archer Paxton and Eliza Young:
From Ron - "R Greg"
Here is info for family of Archer L. Paxton (b. abt. 1812, son of Robert Paxton & Adoris Archer):

Wife - Eliza Ann Young
Married 9/2/1834 in Bath Co., KY
(source - Kentucky Pioneer & Court Records, p. 163)

Margaret - abt. 1837
Robert Alonzo - 3/1840
Melissa J. - abt. 1844 (marr. Charles Jordan)
Rebecca - abt. 1846 (marr. James M. Hogan)
Georgiana - abt. 1848
May - abt. 1850
James A. - 3/1854 (marr. Nona Kidwell)
William B. - abt. 1858 (marr. Izora M. ??)
Emma - aft. 1858 (marr. Jacob Harris)

Note: Robert Alonzo Paxton m. Eliza Davis, d/o Elizabeth Carlin Humes
and 1st cousin of James Humes.


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