Mahoney, Nash, and Hart from Ireland

Mahoney and Hart

Counties Kerry and Mayo, Ireland

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As of August 2003, I have very little information about my Irish ancestors. This is what I do know:

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My maternal great-grandfather, JOHN H. MAHON(E)Y, was born on 18 February 1847 somewhere in County Kerry, Ireland. According to his death certificate, his parents were THOMAS MAHON(E)Y and JOHANNA NASH. To this date, however, I've been unable to determine the exact town in which he was born.

At some time before 1873 he emigrated to the United States. His marriage to Anna Hart may have occurred on 3 December 1872 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sources for this tentative conclusion are the facts that:

He worked for railroads as a blacksmith, at least as early as 1880. The census of that year locates the young family of John, Anna, and 7 year old Thomas in Center Township, City of Cochran, Dearborn County, Indiana--just over the border from Hamilton County. Since the Ohio & Mississippi railroad shops were in Cochran, it's likely that he worked for them. (To date, a search of 1870 censuses has resulted in no John Mahon(e)ys that would match him.) It was in this county that two of their other sons were born: John and my grandfather, Daniel Emmett.

By 1900 the family was living at 901 West Main Street, Washington, Daviess County, Indiana, where he lived until the end of his life. Prior to that, they may have been in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, because there's a record of the birth of a daughter, Anna, to John and Anna Mahoney on 12 April 1892. However, in 1889 they were definitely in Daviess County, because the birth and baptism of their youngest son, Leo Raphael, are noted there.

My great-grandfather died on 3 May 1912 in a gruesome railroad crossing accident just a few blocks from his home.

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picture of Anna Hart Mahoney
My maternal great-grandmother, ANNA A. HART, was born on 17 March 1852 in an unknown town of County Mayo. At some point before 1873 she emigrated to the United States and most likely married my great-grandfather in 1872 in Cincinnati. She died on 28 August 1918.

She had four children of whom I have definite knowledge; Anna, born in 1892 to a John and Anna Mahoney in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, may be one of the children who my mother said died in infancy. The four for whom I have certain documentation were:


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