Town of Raczki
Town of Raczki


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Plac Kosciuszki, Raczki's town square, straddles the main street;
on the west side is a large shaded park, at the end of which is the PKP (bus) station.

Town Park The view from the middle of the park towards the west.


On the east side of the street are the Gmina offices
with a green space containing a World War II monument and a fountain.

Plac   The Gmina office building

Monument Click on the picture for a translation.


To the north is an L-shaped block of shops, including a small market,
a grocery store/café, and a bookstore, among others.

commercial buildings

Across the road from the Plac is Raczki's post office.



Raczki's architecture is a mixture of the old and the new.

Barn An old barn near Plac Kosciuszki

Old Houses    Older houses south of the Plac

New Construction             Concrete brick is typical.

New Houses         New houses near the school


The large building holding both the elementary school (podstawowa) and the gimnazjum is at the southern end of town.



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