Mulowski & Moskalewicz Family from Radomyśl Wielki

Mulowski & Moskalewicz Family

Radomyśl Wielki, Poland

coat of arms of Radomysl Wielki
map of Poland showing location of Radomysl Wielki

My grandmother, JULIA BUKOWA OSTROWSKA, was born in Radomyśl Wielki on 3 January 1887; her mother came from the large MULOWSKI and MOSKALEWICZ families that lived in the town. Because members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) had microfilmed church records back to 1784, I've been able to trace my grandmother's direct maternal family line, as well as to document virtually the entirety of the two families back to that date.

I was also fortunate to visit Radomyśl Wielki in the summer of 2002; that visit, although far too brief, gave me the opportunity to tread on the same ground on which my grandmother had walked, to attend Mass in the church that my grandmother attended, and to get a sense of the environment in which she had grown up.

This website is both a genealogy of my grandmother's maternal line and a source of data for anyone who may be related to the MULOWSKIs and MOSKALEWICZs of Radomyśl Wielki. In addition, based on my visit and my research into the area, I'd like this site to provide information about Radomyśl Wielki for anyone whose ancestors were from this town, as well as for anyone who simply wants to learn more about Poland.

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