Description of Radomyśl Wielki

Description of Radomyśl Wielki

coat of arms of Radomysl Wielki
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Radomyśl Wielki is a small urban center of an agricultural district that focuses on fruits and vegetables and that is near natural gas fields. The gmina of Radomyśl Wielki, which includes the town itself and associated villages, is 159.8 square kilometers in size (61.7 square miles); that area is home to over 13,000 people (the 2001 population was 13,668), with 2,769 people living in the town proper. The educational system of this urban-rural community consists of 12 podstawowe (primary schools), przedszkołe (preschools), a gimnazjum (middle school), a general liceum (high school), and an agricultural high school. Radomyśl Wielki also has a public library and a cultural/sports center.

The gmina is served by the Polish bus system through PKS Mielec, Tarnów, and Dębica; while the rail line doesn't pass through Radomyśl Wielki, it does run through Mielec, Dębica, and Tarnów.

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(Derived from the map on the town sign located in the Rynek park)

street map of Radomysl Wielki

      C -- Cemetery (cmentarz)
yellow color  Cluster of streets named for artists
red color  Cluster of streets named for political heroes
 1 -- Route 984: south of the main square it's Piłsudskiego;  
north of the rynek it's named Firleja.
 2 -- 3 Maja
 3 -- Akacjowa
 4 -- Armii Krajowej
 5 -- Boczna
 6 -- Dębowa
 7 -- Graniczna
 8 -- Hacerska
 9 -- Jarzębinowa
10 -- Jasna
11 -- Kąty Zielona
12 -- Klonowa
13 -- Kopernika
14 -- Kościuszki
15 -- Krotka

      K -- Church (koscioła)
 green color  Wooded areas
 blue line  Kanał (canal)
16 -- Ludwika Lonczaka
17 -- Matuli
18 -- Nowa
19 -- Ogrodowa
20 -- Piekarska
21 -- Polna
22 -- Przemysłowa
23 -- Rolna
24 -- Rożana
25 -- Targowa
26 -- Topolowa
27 -- Wałowa
28 -- Witosa
29 -- Zasowska

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Traditionally, European towns have been centered on a town square, called a "rynek" in Polish. Here are a few pictures of Radomyśl Wielki's rynek (to see larger photos, click on the thumbnails):

Some other buildings of interest in the town, both older and newer, include the following:

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