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  Do you remember the former ... 

  Glacier Falls Ice Arena 

that was located once upon a time near Disneyland, east of Harbor Blvd.
at: 211 W. Katella Avenue in Anaheim, CA. 

Ever wonder about and/or wishing you could
reconnect, with your old friends from days gone by ? ?
Another long awaited ...
  Rink Rat's Reunion 

 Is being planed for April 24th 2010

  At CoronaCages in Corona, CA 

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The fast approaching Rink Rat's Reunion

is at Corona Cages in less than two weeks on April 24 at 10am until ??? :)

1148 California Ave. Corona, CA 92881  ph. # 951-734-0228  

Let all of your Glacier Falls Rink Rat contacts know ...

Lots of Fun. Bring the kids. Dodgeball, Soccer, Wiffleball, Batting Cages, Card Games,  BAR-B-Q. or just sit and talk.

   Contact Dave Hedgpeth and/or Sandy (Hedgpeth) Vittozzi directly and/or on Facebook for further details ...  



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  2010 Glacier Falls Rink Rat's Reunion 

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Are you in need of a pair of new ice skates ?

these two business' come highly recommended :)

Hockey Giant  (714) 940-1705   Location in between Katella and Orangewood at the 5 Fwy, in Anaheim

Hockey Monkey  (714) 210-2949  Location McFadden & 55 Fwy in Santa Ana.

send us any other recommendations to be posted here also :)

where is there a good local shop to get Figure and/or Speed skates from ? ? ?

Don't be just a memory for most of us ...

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Be sure to check this out, a nostalgia type project  that Jerry Search has had on the back burner for some time now ... He is looking for YOUR ideas, input and any suggestions. He is especially interested in looking for old photographs of our old home away from home and it's many friends ...


Glacier Falls
--  ICE ARENA  --

Historical Events, Facts
and Pictorial Remembrance

Friends of Glacier Falls
it's open Now !

Want to see a sample of some pictures sent in so far  ?

We could really use your help, in putting together a historical record

of events and happenings ... of this grand old place :)

check out this page, and perhaps you can help us fill in some of the blanks :)


Hey check this out ... Southern California Speed Skating Association

Anyone remember that little jingle that Jerry Pease wrote,
when the rink closed ? 
We finally got a copy of the words ...

click here to take a trip down memory lane once again

> > >  "the Memories of Glacier Falls"  < < <


"Ladies and Gentlemen, the ice floor is open once again .....
skate slowly and in the regular direction
"   :)


Do you remember the Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club ? ? ?

they are STILL active and going strong ... since 1961
-  incorporated in 1965  -

What about the Hockey skater's ? Broomball team ? did they have an official club  ?

Anyone up for a ice skating party get together ?

say what ... you haven't had a pair of skates on in nearly 26+ years ?

I hear it's like riding a bicycle, one never forgets how to ...

check here for additional info

Something about that cold, hollow ground, drew us all together at one time or another ... what was it ?

  • for the camaraderie

  • the over lapping generations

  • friendships that bonded and expanded

  • we all came from different neighborhoods / cities and schools ...

enquiring minds ask ... what was it ?

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