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Rancho Alamitos High School

Home of the proud

  located in Garden Grove, California 

Alumni Class of 1977 ...

no official web site currently for this class ...

  • Class President:  Mary (Allen) Van Slyke

  • Reunion Committee: Teresa (Pierce) Remmel

  • Class Historian:

  • Web site Designer:

  • Sports Editor:



web pages on this site for the Class of '77

some might say ...
"hey, it's anything for another get together"
hint, hint ...any ideas and/ or plans out there ?


At a separate website that Great Reunions.com uses ...called Great Alumni ... they have your senior class pictures that have been uploaded to that website, which you can view for FREE ... note that there is a $20.00 fee, for a 5 year subscription, for any other activities you might be inclined to participate in, while there ... http://www.greatalumni.com/classmates/index.cfm?Class=613


Webmaster note:  as soon as we get the '77 yearbook scanned and uploaded ...  all those senior class pictures and more ! can be viewed here for FREE  :)   it's coming soon !




For the Class of  1977  ...  your 30 year Reunion !

already took place on June 30th, 2007


at: Bella Marri's restaurant in Anaheim

Great Reunions assisted with the planning and
management of your reunion.

to be sure your in the loop of future events ... keep in touch with

Mary (Allen) Van Slyke and Teresa (Pierce) Remmel
they are your
class contact people ...

maryvanslyke [at] sbcglobal [dot] net



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Many thank you's to the Rancho Alamitos staff and fellow classmates that
help in getting the material together to make this web site possible :)