Matriculation, Nya svenska läroverket, Helsinki 1961
M.Sc.(Eng) at Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Pulp and Paper, 1968
Licentiate work approved in International Economics (HUT, prof Osmo Jaskari) 1994

Studies in Strategy, Leadership and Management (For Doctoral Thesis 2002-)



Studies in leadership and strategy (HKKK) 2003-
Studies in Web and Distance learning 2001-

Teacher training (35 study weeks) Helia 2000
Sutjatko/Multimedia   HY/SLK 1999
Studies in pedagogics 1995-9
The small industry in the global economy HKKK 1994
NGO representative in HCCE-talks, Helsinki 1992
Studies in information techniques HUT/HU 1988
Director of economic seminars and work groups HUT 1988-9
ADP-cources for administrators of small industry HUT/HU 1985
High-Tech training in small industry companies HUT/HU 1984-85
Director of several seminars in Forestry in Finland and Devbeloping countreis 1980-84
Studies in ppedagogics HU (Helsinki University) 1981-2
Studies in Spanish Culture, La Laguna University, Spain 1977
Export managers training in Finland 1974
Algol programming course, Nokia 1968



ADB teacher for adults 2003-
Teacher HELIA, (ADP) Oulunkylä unit, 2002-
Teacher HELIA, Porvoo unit (Strategy, economics) 1.8.2000 -2
Teacher in computers, physics, chemistry, mathematics at several schools 1984-
Oy FTP Ltd, Helsinki, Finland Teacher in computer and economics 1989-
Oy Mc Ramsay Ltd , Import-export consultant 1984-89
Finnida/AKH Training manager for Developing Country Seminars in forestry 1980-84
Intech Sa Import-export consultant in Spain and Finland 1976-80
Commercial attashe´ for Finland in Beograd 1975-76
Export engineer for Metex (Latin-America) 1973-75
Project engineer for Solvay/Laporte/Kymmene building peroxyde facroty 1971-73
Technical service engineer Berner/CPC-international 1969-71
Research engineer for Bjorksten Research Company, Madison, Wisc. USA 1968-69