The Ramsay Family

In Finland there are two families the Noble No 17 and the Barons No 40.

The coat of arms are on the sides here.

Our family came to Finland (in that time a part of Sweden) in 1577. The first Ramsay,Joan, belonged to the Dalhousie Ramsay Family in Scotland. First the Ramsays were officers fighting for Sweden in the Baltic countries and at that time family members were moving with the soldiers. As the Swedish King could not pay the Ramsays in cash, they got land in Finland as compensation for fighting the enemy.

There are two teories why the Ramsays have stayed in Finland for 427 years. The first is that summers in Finland are so nice that you do not want to go anywhere but the winters so hard that you have no means to go anywhere. The second teory is that the Ramsays wanted to live as far as possible from sackpipes!

Here you can see some of my ancestors;

images/WILHELM.gif (12564 bytes)
Me Mac
My father, Henrik 1904-1977 Grandpa, Wilhelm 1865-1928 Carl, August  1791-1855 August 
Anders, Johan
Barbara     1769-1845
 Alexander, Wolter   1825-1891

Anders, Erik   1645-1735  


Ramsay tartans red, blue and festive (Dalhousie) and Ramsay red (the one to the right). Click for bigger pictures.
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To the left the Dalhousie Castle from where all the Scandinavian Ramsays descend.
The castle is situated abt 8 miles south of Edinburg and it is  a hotel today

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