John Claiborne Lott and Josie Parker Click to view the family tree


Husband:   John Claiborne Lott

Born: 1851
Died: 1925
Father: George Washington Lott
Mother: Mary watts
Other Spouses: Sarah Ann "Annie" Maxey, ? Clifton, ? Hall, Mary Jane Williamson, Rachel Hendrix
Other Children: Milton Lott, Griffith Lancaster Lott, William Jefferson Watts, Marvin Lott, Margarette Levonia Lott, Thomas M. Lott, Kitty Watts, Charles Dewey Watts

Changed his name to Charles Jefferson Watts just before marrying Rachel Hendrix in 1893.  May have used aliases as Charles Claiborne or just C.J. Watts or Lott at times.

Wife:   Josie Parker