John A. Watts and Judith Unknown Click to view the family tree


Husband:   John A. Watts

Father: William Watts
Mother: Agnes Unknown


Wife:   Judith Unknown


Speculation on the parents of Judith ? has her connected to a couple of possible families. Several researchers list Judith as a daughter of John Rawls & Patience Cotton. I have seen no evidence or documentation to verify the relationship. In fact, I have never seen any evidence as to what Judith's surname might be, or even whether her name is really Judith. Other surnames seen associated with Judith are: Henderson, Easterling, Claiborne, Lott.

Bobby Ray Rawls ( believes that Judith was the sister of Benjamin Rawls (who has also been listed as a son of John Rawls & Patience Cotton) of Marion Co., MS, but thinks they were most likely the children of Marmaduke Rawls. "Benjamin was in the Revolutionary War as was Marmaduke, both from the Wilmington district of North Carolina. Both went to the Georgetown, Horry & Marion county area of South Carolina. Benjamin then went to Mississippi as did Judith Rawls Watts."

Male  Child 1:   Thomas Watts

Born: 1769
Spouse: Elizabeth Lott
Children: John B. watts