The Barnes of Pembroke, Wales

In researching the Barnes family from Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Wales I have come across several listings of  Barnes families in the Pembroke, Tenby, Monkton and Milford Haven areas who are not (as far as I can tell so far) related to my ancestors or are under consideration as probable additions. Here is a collection of some of those stray listings for the interest of fellow Barnes researchers, I would be pleased to add information on any other Barnes families from the area.


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I am seeking more information on the following Barnes lines, these are so far as I can tell the remaining Male Line of  George Barnes of Pembroke Dock b circa 1780.

If these are your ancestors or you know of them please contact me.


Lionel Frederick Barnes (b.Dec 1883-Pembroke)

   sp: Ethel M Hodge (m.1912)

(it is now known that Lionel had one daughter, believed to be the only child, who emigrated to the U.S.)


The sons of Frederick Rupert Barnes (b.Abt 1885-Pembroke Dock)

   sp: Esther May Venables (m.1911)

Frank W Barnes (b.1912-Pembroke)

Sydney Barnes (b.1915-Pembroke)

William Barnes (b. abt 1920?)


William George Barnes (b.12 Dec 1897-Pembroke Dock,Pembrokeshire)

   sp: Eilien?


Benjaman Howell Barnes (b.Dec 1901-Pembroke)

   sp: Doris?


Chronological list of early Barnes in Pembroke Dock area.

Information for this period is very sparse, please contact me with any new information no mater how trivial.


Abt 1723 George Barnes born (died Monkton 1809)


30 Dec 1747 Samuel Barnes mrd Jane Williams.
16 Nov 1748 George to Samuel & Jane Barnes
 12 Aug 1750 Elizabeth to Samuel Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes buried 10 Dec 1750 (may not be the above)
27 Sept 1751 John to Samuel & Jane Barnes

Jane Barnes buried 23 Nov 1751 (may not be the above)


Benjamin Barnes a Clerk admitted (to burgess) 25 Nov 1765


22 Nov 1776 John to Mr Jno & Mary Barnes
17 June 1777 John to John & Mary Barnes Esquire

1778 William bapt at St Marys (to John & Mary Barnes)


John born abt 1780 (no record of birth, but could be one of the above)


10 Sep 1782 Elizabeth Palmer to John & Mary Barnes
08 May 1785 Elizabeth Palmer to Wm John & Mary Barnes

22 Jan 1781/82 James to MR John & Mary Barnes
22 Jan 1781/82 Joshua to MR John & Mary Barnes
22 Jan 1781/82 Mary Ann to MR John & Mary Barnes
22 Jan 1781/82 William to MR John & Mary Barnes


George born abt 1787 (no record of birth)

23 Jan 1788 Benjamin to Benjamin & Margt Barnes


William born abt 1793 (no record of birth)


Other loose ends…..

Eliz Barnes paid Tax of 4d annually from 1826 to 1831 for land in Monkton (House & Garden) owned by Thomas Meyrick esq


James (Taylor) & John (Shoemaker) Barns were made Burgess 9 Dec 1811


John Barnes of Monkton m  Elizabeth

          William b 21 jan 1818


James Barnes m Martha Allen 8 dec 1833, Pem, St Marys

           Alfred Allen b 14 May 1834

           Margret Allen b 6 Nov 1835


Henry Barnes m Martha Richards 15 aug 1807, Tenby


John & Mary Barnes (under “gentry” in Pembroke People)

            John bapt 1777 St Marys

            William bapt 1778 St Marys (Naval Officer)


In St. David's Probate Records, 1556-1858 (WlAbNL)3650004

Details Barnes, John, Pembroke (St Michael), Pembroke

Probate document dated 1791 shows the estate of John Barnes going to Elizabeth Davies “Grandmother and Guardian of the children”


From “Pembroke People”

George & Mary

               Joshua bapt 1782 St Marys

               William bapt 1782 St Marys

               Mary Ann bapt 1782 St Marys

               James bapt 1782 St Marys


From 1841 census

John Barnes 60

Elizabeth "    50                                                                 

William     "   25            Brickmaker                               

Kezia?      "   19                                                                 

John         "    18      app ship                                                 

Jemimia?  "    15                                                                

Frederick   "     13                                                                

living at Pembroke, Pembrokeshire H0107/ 1451/1 page 10 & 11


George Phillips of Cosheston mrd Kezia Barnes of Pembroke 04 Jan 1846 (St Marys)


From M. Barnes, a fellow researcher looking for more information

James Barnes, Servant

           George William Barnes b 1820 m Isabella Amory 1865 (lodging house keepers, Tenby)

                        George William Barnes Jr b Tenby

In 1853 Frederick Barnes, William Duggan and George Le???? all of Pembroke St Marys, stood bond for John Barnes in the sum of 400 pounds to the Bishop of St Davids.   There is only one Frederick Barnes of legal age shown in the welsh 1851 census as follows - BARNES, Fredrick 1822 29  M Abergavenny Monmouthshire , there is a John Barnes at Pembroke in 1851 as follows - BARNES, John 1823 28  M Pembroke Pembrokeshire  -  Document held at Pembroke Library Archives can be viewed at


The Journal of the Society of Arts dated June 7 1872 gives Frederick J Barnes age 21 Shipwright attending the Pembroke Dock Mechanical Institute 2nd Prize for Arithmetic in the Final Examination with an award of 3 Pounds.

A Frederick Barnes age 10 is shown in Pembroke in 1861 census as follows

John 37 Shipwright and Frances 33 children-

Frederick J 10, John 7, a daughter 2


The folowing in 1881 census

Frederick J. BARNES   M   Male   30   Pembroke Dock, Pembroke, Wales   Ride Officer Excise Branch H M Inland Revenue Department 

 Rosina A. BARNES   M   Female   25   Williton, Somerset, England   Wife Of Ride Officer 

 Frederic BARNES      Male   9 m   Warminster, Wiltshire, England    

 Sarah FOUND   U   Female   16   Chitterne St Mary, Wiltshire, England   Gen Serv Domestic 

  Dwelling   27 George St

  Census Place Warminster, Wiltshire, England


1901 census gives

 Frederick J Barnes 50 Pembrokeshire, Pembroke Dock, Shropshire Ludlow Supervisor Excise Branch ...

 Rosina A S Barnes 45 Somerset Williton, Shropshire Ludlow

 Archibald C Barnes 17 Monmouthshire Newport, Shropshire Ludlow  

 Rosa F S Barnes 15 Monmouthshire Newport ,Shropshire Ludlow Juvenile  

 Norah E Barnes 11 Mon Newport, Shropshire Ludlow Juvenile


No listing can be found in 1891 census (this line of Barnes from Pem Dock has not been fully researched)


Some notes about Monkton church and churchyard

(may have something to do with the lack of records for the birth of George, John & William?)

Up to the year 1834, the inhabitants of what is now Pembroke Dock had the "right" of burial in St Mary's Churchyard, Pembroke, but that place being very limited Monkton Churchyard (with the exception of a few buried at  Bethany Chapel) became the burial ground.

Monkton Churchyard contains by far the greater number of the 'honoured ''dead  of the early dockyard. On the west side of the churchyard they were laid side  by side from the Churchyard gate up to the Church door, close alongside  that pathway.

When the Rev David Bowen, who was also an architect, was appointed Vicar in 1877 the church was partly in ruins and had been for some time. At that time the congregation worshipped in the nave, a photograph of which shows that the chancel and side chapel were in ruins with no roof or windows and covered in  vegetation.


The first part of the restored building was reopened on 8th December 1882


Merchant seamen

BARNES         Harold T.        New Milford   1882   49139   PEM  141/1     Ship's engineer. T.= Tregarthen.

 BARNES        Oswald T.       New Milford   1885   48807   PEM  141/1     Ship's engineer. T.= Tonkin.




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