Descendants of John Barnes

List provided by Joy Fuller/Cozens , this John may be a brother to “my” George!

A George d 5 june 1809 and Elizabeth d 20 Feb 1837 both age 86 are buried at Monkton churchyard, these may be the ancestors of George, also John b 1787? and William b 1793 d 1823 possible brothers, but this is unproven.

(Please contact me if you have further information in this regard.)

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1. John Barnes (b.Abt 1781-Pembroke,Pembs;d.15 May 1853-Westgate,Pembroke,Pembs)

   sp: Elizabeth John (b.Abt 1789/91;m.21 Sep 1813;d.18 Jul 1844-Pembroke,Pembs)

-2. William Barnes (b.29 Apr 1816-Pembroke,Pembs;d.11 Feb 1862-Pembroke Dock,Pembs)

   sp: Winifred Richards (b.Abt 1818-St. Mary's,Pembroke;m.27 Mar 1842)

--3. John Barnes (b.Abt 1846-St. Mary's,Pembroke)

   sp: Mercy  (b.Abt 1849-Chatham,Kent)

-2. Kezia Barnes (b.Abt 1821)

   sp: George Phillips of Cosheston - m. 04 Jan 1846 (St Marys)

--3. John Barnes Phillips (b.Abt 1847-Woolwich,Kent;d.4 Jun 1854)

-2. John Barnes (b.Abt 1822-Pembroke St. Mary's,Pembs)

   sp: Frances Meredith (Elizabeth?) Fender (b.Bef 10 Aug 1827-Pembroke,Pembs;m.6 Jul 1850)

--3. John F Barnes (b.Abt Jan 1851)

--3. Ellen Barnes (b.Bef 10 Sep 1856-Pembroke Dock,Pembs;d.Bef 17 Jan 1858-Pembroke Dock,Pembs)

--3. Sarah E Barnes (b.Abt 1858-Pembroke Dock,Pembs)

--3. William George Barnes (b.Bef 27 Nov 1861-Pembroke Dock,Pembs;d.Bef 8 Mar 1862-Pembroke Dock,Pembs)

--3. Francis Albert Barnes (b.29 Jan 1863-Pembroke Dock,Pembs)

--3. Walter W Barnes (b.Abt 1865-Pembroke Dock,Pembs)

--3. Edgar Vincent Barnes (b.10 Jan 1868-Pembroke Dock,Pembs)

-2. Jemima Barnes (b.Abt 1825)

-2. Frederick Barnes (b.Abt 1828-Pembs)

     sp: Sarah  (b.Abt 1827-Portsea,Hampshire)

--3. William Barnes (b.Abt 1858-Pimlico)

--3. Walter Barnes (b.Abt 1860-Pimlico)

--3. Joseph Barnes (b.Abt 1862-Pimlico)


NOTE:- “In the year 1872 Mr Frederick K Barnes a gentleman of considerable eminence as a naval constructor was appointed Surveyor of Dockyards.” Born 11 Feb 1826 he was apprentice at Pembroke Dock dockyard for 6 years before attending the School of Naval Construction starting in 1848. As such he was responsible for the maintenance and repairs boats, steam machinery in ships boats and in the yards and factories, and for the management of the yards including the pay of men, the working of manufactures and the introduction use of machinery in the yards.

Since the 1881 census gives FK Barnes ‘Surveyor of Dockyards’ b Pembroke abt 1828 and the Frederick Barnes in the above family tree is the only one in the 1841 census b abt 1828 in Pembroke we must assume that this is John’s Son


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