Corfe Castle and Area (Isle of Purbeck) PR Extracts


The following Raw* Ral* Rol* Row* extracts are mostly from the OPC project but also may contain records from other transcriptions. They may not be all encompassing and should be checked out independently, I will continue to add listings as I find and extract them. Additions are welcome and may be forwarded to me via email.

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Corfe Castle Births 1653 1841


1681,13-FEB; John son of Robert Rolles

1722,13-NOV; John son of Henry & Ann Rawles

1725,26-NOV; Jane daughter of Henry & Ann Rawles?

1729,02-AUG; William son of William & Margery Rawles

1730,03-MAY; Mary daughter of Henry & Anne Rawles

1730,13-FEB; Henry son of William & Margery Rawles

1731,02-JUN; William son of David & Mary Rawles


Corfe Castle Marriages 1653 - 1841


1727,11-MAY; William Rawles

1730,19-AUG; David Rawles

1739,15-JUN; Henry Rawles

1752,07-JUN; William Rawles & Elizabeth Bowden

1759,18-FEB; John Wakely & Mary Rawles

1808,05-JUL; Timothy Jones & Sarah Rawles

1829,07-JUL; Thomas Trim & Caroline Rawles

1833,29-OCT; John Linnington & Maria Rawles at Kingston Chapel



Langton Matravers Births 1646 1841


1749,06-JAN; Thomas son of John & Mary Rawlins of Worth


1715,17-OCT; Henry son of William & Edith Ralls

1719,21-JAN; Henry son of William & Edith Ralls

1723,26-JAN; Joseph (privately) son of William & Edith Ralls - recd. 25th Feb

1752,01-JUL; John son of John & Mary Rallings of Worth

1755,07-DEC; Betty daughter of John & Mary Rallins


1774,31-MAY; William son of William & Ann Ralls (p)

1775,19-FEB; Henry son of Joseph & Susannah Ralles

1776,16-JUN; Elizabeth daughter of William & Ann Ralles (p)

1779,21-MAR; Benjamin son of William & Ann Ralles

1782,21-JUL; George son of William & Ann Ralles


1777,11-JUN; Christopher Rawlinson Frampton - received

1781,14-FEB; Thomas Rawlins son of John & Mary Bridle


1806,27 Jul William son of William & Ann Rawls

1837,3 Sep John son of John & Ruth Rawlans


1809,25 Oct Caroline daughter of George & ?ickey Ralls


Langton Matravers Marriages 1646 1841


1712,05-JUN; William Ralls & Edith Best

1760,29-MAY; Thomas Rallins of Worth & Mary Smith o.t.p.

1768,17-FEB; William Ralles, labourer of Swanage & Ann Prestly o.t.p.

1774,28-APR; Joseph Ralls of Worth & Susanna Coward o.t.p.

1814,17-NOV; George Beavis & Sarah Rawles b.o.t.p.

1816,16-NOV; Joseph Northover & Hannah Rawles b.o.t.p.


Church Knowle Baptisms 1547 - 1640


1609, 09, AUG, Margaret daughter of John Rawles

1767, 22, FEB, William son of William & Mary Rawlls

1769, 26, MAR, Henry son of William & Mary Rawls

1771, 19, APR, Mary daughter of William & Mary Rawls


Church Knowle Marriages 1560 - 1841


1713, 06,OCT, Thomas Rawles of Pudletown & Anna Hollaway of Dorchester

1769, 20,APR, William Ralls & Mary Selby




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