Rolls Family from Lulworth


It seems possible and in many cases probable that many of the Rawles, Rawls, Rolls and Ralls lines are all related if one goes back far enough, I have seen some evidence of the interchangeable spellings in my own line. This Rolls family came from Lulworth, the village just south of Winfrith (where my own line originated) and this partial listing is included here to seek further information. I am in touch with the descendants of this family and we would be pleased to hear from any other researchers regarding this line. (this information provided by Natalia A. McKenzie)


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Descendants of William Rawles


--1. William Rawles     (it is possible that these are also the parents of the Ralls line from Lulworth)

       sp: Mary

----2. Edmund Ralls (b.2 Jan 1766-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.1 Mar 1844-East Lulworth,Dorset)

        sp: Catherine Bartlett (b.8 Aug 1773-East Lulworth,Dorset;m.25 Jul 1792;d.12 Jun 1853-East Lulworth,Dorset)

------3. John Ralls (b.1 May 1793-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;d.16 Mar 1822-Lisbon,Portugal)

------3. Sarah Ralls (b.7 Jul 1795-Wool,Dorset;d.12 Jan 1823-Longfleet,Poole,Dorset)

------3. Mary Ralls (c.18 Dec 1797-East Lulworth,Dorset;b.3 Jan 1802-East Lulworth,Dorset)

------3. James Ralls (b.29 Apr 1800-East Lulworth,Dorset)

------3. Henry Rolls (b.5 Apr 1803-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.26 Sep 1877-East Lulworth,Dorset)

          sp: Maria Slade (b.15 Jan 1811-East Lulworth,Dorset;m.6 Jul 1840;d.13 Sep 1873-East Lulworth,Dorset)

--------4. Monica Rolls (b.2 May 1841-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.3 Oct 1900-Staplehill Convent,Poole,Dorset)

--------4. Lucy Rolls (c.19 Aug 1842-Lulworth Castle RC Chapel;d.15 Jun 1918)

            sp: Dennis Regan (b.Abt 1833-Ireland;m.30 Sep 1865;d.23 Feb 1874-Coombe Keynes,Dorset)

----------5. Edward Regan (b.Abt 1868-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.15 Dec 1925)

----------5. James Regan (b.Abt 1871-Coombe Keynes,Dorset;d.15 Mar 1896)

----------5. Mary Ann Regan (b.Sep 1873-Coombe Keynes,Dorset;d.10 Jan 1874-Coombe Keynes,Dorset)

--------4. George Rolls (b.26 Mar 1844-East Lulworth,Dorset;b.19 Jun 1845)

            sp: Sarah Frances Runyard (b.Abt 1846-East Lulworth,Dorset;m.8 Jul 1878;d.9 Mar 1901-East Lulworth,Dorset)

----------5. Agnes Mary Rolls (b.Abt 1880-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.2 Mar 1961-East Lulworth,Dorset)

--------4. George Rolls (b.Abt 1846-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.30 Aug 1929-East Lulworth,Dorset)

--------4. Emily Rolls (b.Abt 1848-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.2 Mar 1961-East Lulworth,Dorset)

            sp: Joseph Taylor (b.Abt 1850-Tyneham,Dorset;m.28 Oct 1875;d.3 Mar 1878-East Lulworth,Dorset)

----------5. James Henry Taylor (b.16 Sep 1876-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.Feb 1956-Morden,Surrey)

              sp: Harriet Gibbons (b.Abt 1873;m.1 May 1901;d.Oct 1918)

              sp: Nora Dunsford (m.15 Jan 1920;d.1947)

        sp: Austin Squib (b.Abt 1841-East Lulworth,Dorset;m.21 Apr 1879;d.24 Feb 1908-East Lulworth,Dorset)

----------5. Agnes Squib (b.Abt 1880-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.Abt 1964-East Lulworth,Dorset)

----------5. Cristina Squib (b.Abt 1884-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.5 Dec 1955)

----------5. Clare Squib (b.Abt 1885-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.14 Jan 1947-East Lulworth,Dorset)

--------4. Clare Rolls (b.Abt 1850-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.7 Dec 1909-East Lulworth,Dorset)

--------4. Francis Rolls (b.18 Apr 1851-East Lulworth,Dorset;b.11 Oct 1852-East Lulworth,Dorset)

--------4. Cristina Rolls (b.20 Jul 1853-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.25 Nov 1935-Saltney,Flintshire)

--------4. Eliza Rolls (b.Abt 1856-East Lulworth,Dorset)

            sp: John Duffey (b.12 Oct 1855-Portland,Dorset;m.10 Jan 1889)

----------5. John Raymond Duffey (b.Abt 1890-East Cows,IOW;d.Abt 1891)

------3. Edward Rolls (c.15 Sep 1805-East Lulworth,Dorset;b.2 Jul 1807-East Lulworth,Dorset)

------3. Mary Rolls (b.17 Apr 1807-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.26 Jun 1858-East Lulworth,Dorset)

          sp: UNKNOWN

--------4. Fanny Rolls (b.9 Sep 1828-East Lulworth,Dorset)

------3. Elizabeth Ralls (b.11 Oct 1809-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.30 Dec 1885-Wareham,Dorset)

          sp: William Cooling (b.Abt 1795-East Lulworth,Dorset;m.8 Sep 1835;d.20 Mar 1854-East Lulworth,Dorset)

------3. Martha Ralls (b.11 Apr 1813-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.20 Apr 1858-East Lulworth,Dorset)

------3. Edward Ralls (b.5 Mar 1815-East Lulworth,Dorset;d.13 Nov 1829-East Lulworth,Dorset)

----2. John Rawles (c.20 Jan 1786-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;d.18 Jan 1857 -Pennington,Milford,Hants.)


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