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Some Rawls data from Dorset that may or may not be connected to my ancestors

Most of this comes from the L.D.S. International Genealogical Index, it is included because of being in the same area

and same time frame as Henry Rawls (My GGG Grandfather whose parents and siblings Im trying to find.)


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John Rawles b 06 oct 1806 d 11 dec 1874

Mary Rawles b 11 apr 1809 d 08 aug 1887


All from Netherbury, Dorset


Joseph Rolls m Honor Philips 1793 , Bothenhampton, (Bridport, 5m S of Netherbury) Dorset

Children:- all shown as children of Honor Philips and Joseph Rolls or Joseph Rolles of Bothenhampton.

Elizabeth Rolls c 1793

Mary Rolls c 1795

Thomas Rawles c 1803 (Father given as Rolls)

John Rawles b10 nov 1805 c 1805 (Father given as Rolls,unconfirmed that this is the same John as above)

Joseph Rolles b 1808 c Joseph Rawls 1809!! (Father given as Rolles)

Frances Rolles c 1812 (Father given as Rolles)

John Rawles b10 nov 1805 c 1805 (Father given as Rolls) m Mary Gillam b abt 1812

Children;- Elizabeth Clarke b 1836 c 19 feb 1836 d 22 mar 1870 (records show both Rawls and Rawles)

Honor b 1844 (records appear as Rawls but with father as Rawles!)

Ann b 1846 (records appear as Rawls)

Thomas b 1846 (records appear as Rawls)

Richard Clarke c 6 feb 1834 (records appear as Rawles)

Jane c 10 mar 1841 (records appear as Rawles)


NOTE the changes in spelling from 1793 to 1812 (from LDS and Netherbury Parish records)


John Rawls m Edwina

Children;- Isabella b 1793 m Benjamin Dunham 1821

Harriet b 1799


All from Bridport, Dorset (near Netherbury)


Matthew Rawles m Elizabeth

Children:- Matthew Richard c 5 aug 1821


Matthew Bradpole m Elizabeth Ellery 8 mar 1821


From the Bridport / Bradpole area


Henry Rawles m Joanna Downton 22 july 1776

Children:- Ann c 25 jan 1789 Bloxworth

Joanna c 18 mar 1782 Bere Regis

Mary c 20 apr 1777 Bere Regis

Elizabeth c 30 july Bloxworth

Henry c 6 aug 1780 Bere Regis


William Rawles m sept 1740 Joan b abt 1719

Children:- William c 31 mar 1745

Ann c 3 mar 1750

Stephen c 3 nov 1754

Jno c 20 nov 1757


All from Bere Regis


The following assembled from Winfrith Newburgh Parish Register listings


William Rawles m Hanna d 28 nov 1777 (may be William c 27 jul 1727 in W. N. and William Dec. lists)

Children:- Hanna c 28 feb 1749

Mary c 5 nov 1747

Betty c 18 mar 1752

Sarah c 5 nov 1757

Richard c 10 apr 1758


Richard Rawles m Jane (may or may not be the above Richard!)

Children;- Mary Pitman c 27 mar 1796

Maria c 22 nov 1802

Martha c 11 may 1800

George c 2 may 1805

Priscilla c 16 aug 1807

Children;-Sarah Ann c 24 feb 1833

George c 2 may 1836

Jane c 4 apr 1828


John Rawles m Elizabeth Burt 6 may 1793

Children:- Ann c 12 feb 1794


John Rawles m Amy Gilbert 11 june 1723

Children:- Ann c 3 july 1732


The following from Clive Rolls who is seeking more information on Henry & Suzanna.


Henry Rolls m. Suzanna

Sarah b. 1803 West Knighton

Peter b. 1813 West Knighton.

Henry William b. 1811 1890 West Knighton m. Sarah Woodrow at Affpuddle 1838. 

Harriet b. 1839 

Henry m. second wife Mary Ann Holly 1843 - b 1817 Salisbury

Annie b. 1845,

Henry b. 1848,

Alfred b. 1853,

Mary S. b. 1855,

Alma b. 1856,

Ketmah b. 1858,

Elijah b. 1860

William b. 1862.

George b. 1847 m. Elizabeth Kate Napton 1872 - b1850

Elizabeth Kate b. 1874,

Alfred John b. 1877 - 1962

Ada Mary b. 1881,
Alice May b. 1883,

Hedley Robert b. 1886,

William H. b. 1889,

Ursula b. 1892

Reynold George b. 1894.




1841 West Kinghton (Lewell) Census HO107-284-4F3p1

William RAWLS (? ROLLS) m 30 Laborer

Susan RAWLS f 30 Laborer

Hariot [sic] RAWLS f 8 Laborer

James RAWLS m 5 Laborer

Hister (? Hesther) RAWLS f 3

Elizabeth RAWLS f 11m


1851 W Knighton F250/p9

William ROLLS; Head; Mar; 42; Ag Lab; Dorset Knighton

Susan ROLLS; Wife; Mar; 40; ; Dorset Radipole

Harriet ROLLS; Daur; Un; 17; ; Dorset Knighton West

James ROLLS; Son; ; 15; Ag Lab; Dorset Knighton West

Esther ROLLS; Daur; Un; 13; Scholar; Dorset Knighton West

Elizabeth ROLLS; Daur; ; 11; Do; Dorset Knighton West

William ROLLS; Son; ; 4; Do; Dorset Knighton West



ref. PE/BER/OV 5/3/3 - date: 10 Jan 1720/1

Order confirming the order of removal of William Rawles, Mary his wife and William and John their children to Bloxworth



ref. PE/BER/OV 6/1/56 - date: 4 Oct 1775

Thomas Rawles the younger to Stephen Lambert of Okeford Fitzpaine, tailor and staymaker


ref. PE/BER/OV 7/1/18 - date: 16 Sep 1777

George Parsons (reputed father) of Charlton, Dorset, shepherd; Mary Rawles of Bere Regis, single woman



ref. PE/BER/OV 7/2/10 - date: 23 Jan 1818

George Manuel of Bloxworth, yeoman, and Mary Ann Rawles, concerning a female child born in Dec 1814

ref. PE/BER/OV 7/2/11 - date: 23 Jan 1818

George Manuel of Bloxworth, yeoman, and Mary Ann Rawles, concerning a male child born in Dec 1816

ref. PE/BER/OV 7/2/18 - date: 27 Oct 1821

Samuel Clark of Bere Regis, labourer, and Dinah Rawles



Parish of Bloxworth 1851 CENSUS HO 107 1856 Transcribed for the OPC Project by Julia Chaplin

13; Bloxworth; Elizabeth; RAWLS; Daug; Widow; 55; Buttoner; Blandford; HO107.f478p3

13; Bloxworth; Emily; RAWLS; GranDaug; Unmarr; 22; Buttoner; Morden; HO107.f478p3

13; Bloxworth; Emma; RAWLS; GranDaug; Unmarr; 19; Buttoner; Morden; HO107.f478p3

13; Bloxworth; Mary; RAWLS; GranDaug; Unmarr; 13; Scholar; Morden; HO107.f478p3


Parish of Bothenhampton

Thomas RAWLS & Jane CAMEL married 13-Feb 1764 by licence

Death - 1844 22 Mar RAWLS Margaret 78 Mapperton Netherbury PR's

Birth - 1844 19 Mar RAWLS Honor John Mary . Netherbury



There are many more Rawles or variations, in the area around that time which may somehow be related, It now seems that Henry Rawls moved from Winfrith Newburgh where links going back to the early 1700s or before have been found. Most of the listings are spelt Rawles . (see my Dorset page) This area includes Bloxworth, Corfe Castle and many other small villages. The nearest town is Wareham.

The Netherbury area includes the following Villages and/or Parishes

Beaminster, Bridport, Broadwinsor, Melplash, Mapperton, Stoke Abbot, Waytown, Powerstock,

And many other small villages. The nearest large towns are Yeovil to the north and Dorchester to the south east.



The book,  Mansions and Merchants  of Poole and Dorset, written by Derek Beamish, John Hillier, and H. Johnstone, published by the Poole Historical Society in 1976 has a chapter on the Rolls family.  The Whites/Rolls mansion called Beech Hurst built by John Rolls's son Samuel still stands in Poole, Dorset, built with his part of the enormous fortune of the Whites. Much of the Whites fortune went to the Rolls, because Samuel White had no sons but had a daughter married to John Rolls. The many marriages of the Whites/Rolls brought in such names as Garland, Jeffreys, Vallis, Seagers, Drivers, Steeles and Biddles. James Rolls from Strurminster, Newton Castle, Dorset, England set up a merchant premises in Barr'd Islands Fogo Island, NFLD  around 1840. His daughter Ellen married a Martin in Grate's Cove.



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