Ancestors of The Family History Files of Dalton Ray Phillips

Ancestors of

Henry Beltz and Isa Jane Finnell

Husband Henry Beltz

           Born: Abt 1860
           Died: Abt 1930
       Marriage: 4 Aug 1887

Wife Isa Jane Finnell

           Born: 1 Dec 1863
           Died: Abt 1930

         Father: John Finnell
         Mother: Rebecca Gooch

1 F Florence Beltz

           Born: 24 Oct 1890

2 M John Beltz

           Born: 12 Feb 1892
           Died: Abt 1970
         Spouse: Willie Latham
           Marr: 6 Dec 1914

3 F Lyda Beltz

           Born: 7 Sep 1895
           Died: Abt 1970
         Spouse: Louis Wetzbarger
           Marr: 16 Sep 1914

John Beltz and Willie Latham

Husband John Beltz

           Born: 12 Feb 1892
           Died: Abt 1970

         Father: Henry Beltz
         Mother: Isa Jane Finnell

       Marriage: 6 Dec 1914

Wife Willie Latham

           Born: Abt 1895
           Died: Abt 1970


Louis Wetzbarger and Lyda Beltz

Husband Louis Wetzbarger

           Born: 20 Apr 1895
           Died: Abt 1970
       Marriage: 16 Sep 1914

Wife Lyda Beltz

           Born: 7 Sep 1895
           Died: Abt 1970

         Father: Henry Beltz
         Mother: Isa Jane Finnell

1 F Bessie Wetzbarger

           Born: 31 May 1917
         Spouse: Ernest Sleeth
           Marr: Abt 1940

2 F Louise Wetzbarger

           Born: 27 Apr 1919
         Spouse: John Orback
           Marr: Abt 1940

3 M Ralph Wetzbarger

           Born: 26 Nov 1921
         Spouse: Opal Malick
           Marr: Abt 1945

4 F Doris Wetzbarger

           Born: 1 Jan 1925
         Spouse: Paul Frank
           Marr: Abt 1945

5 M Harold Wetzbarger

           Born: 24 Oct 1928
         Spouse: Mabel Kectcher
           Marr: Abt 1950

6 M Virgil Wetzbarger

           Born: 25 Feb 1930
         Spouse: Geradeen Ullrick
           Marr: Abt 1955

7 M Gordon Wetzbarger

           Born: 30 Mar 1935
         Spouse: Mary Ellen Johnson
           Marr: Abt 1960

William Braxton Gooch and Julia Benfield

Husband William Braxton Gooch

           Born: 25 Mar 1920
           Died: 18 Dec 1985

         Father: Lemuel Braxton Gooch
         Mother: Pansy Hilliard


Wife Julia Benfield

           Born: 5 Aug 1920 - Burke Co., NC?

1 M Douglas Braxton Gooch

           Born: 5 Mar 1953
         Spouse: Unknown *UNKNOWN

Benjamin Benn and Mary Jewel (Judy) Phillips

Husband Benjamin Benn

           Born: 13 Sep 1912 - CT
       Marriage: 1935 - TX

Wife Mary Jewel (Judy) Phillips

           Born: 23 Jan 1919 - TX

         Father: Walter Lee Phillips
         Mother: Ethel Beatty

1 F Mary Ethel Benn

           Born: 22 Nov 1937 - TX
         Spouse: Robert McMillan
           Marr: 1957

2 M Benjamin Allen Benn

           Born: 1 Sep 1939 - TX
         Spouse: Sandra *UNKNOWN
           Marr: 1960

General Notes: Husband - Benjamin Benn


General Notes: Wife - Mary Jewel (Judy) Phillips

Mary Jewell Phillips b. 23 Jan. 1919 Zephyr, Brown Co., TX to Johnnie Ethel

Beaty & Walter Lee Phillips. is shown on the 31 Jan. - 3 Feb. 1920 Brown Co.

census for Walter L., Phillips family as being 11 months old. AKA Judy?

m. 1935 to Benjamin Benn.

H.) Benjamin Benn b. 13 Sep. 1912 Connecticut. d. 29 Jan. 2004 San

Antonio, TX. Buried in the Fort Sam Houston TX National Cemetery Section 31,

Site 39. Veteran of WW II, the Korean Conflict and retired as Chief Warrant

Officer. Joined the U.S. Army 30 Aug. 1937.

A. Mary Ethel Benn b. 22 Nov. 1937

B. Benjamin Allen Benn b. 1 Sep. 1939


Robert McMillan and Mary Ethel Benn

Husband Robert McMillan

           Born: 1937
       Marriage: 1957

Wife Mary Ethel Benn

           Born: 22 Nov 1937 - TX

         Father: Benjamin Benn
         Mother: Mary Jewel (Judy) Phillips

1 F Christie McMillan

           Born: 1956

2 F Terrie McMillan

           Born: 1958

3 F Kathy McMillan

           Born: 1960

4 M Robert McMillan

           Born: 1962

General Notes: Wife - Mary Ethel Benn


Joesph Francis Bennet Jr. and Leona Fisher

Husband Joesph Francis Bennet Jr.

       Marriage: 10 Oct 1923

Wife Leona Fisher

           Born: 25 Sep 1894 - Cross Plains, Callahan Co., TX
           Died: 27 Mar 1973 - Silver City, NM

         Father: William Wells Fisher
         Mother: Nettie Laura Gooch


Wesley Gooch and Jemima Bennett

Husband Wesley Gooch

           Born: Abt 1822
           Died: After 1860

         Father: William Gooch
         Mother: Sarah *UNKNOWN

       Marriage: 5 Feb 1840 - Tishomingo Co., MS

Wife Jemima Bennett

           Born: Abt 1823
           Died: 16 Dec 1897

1 F Sarah Gooch

           Born: Abt 1842
           Died: 1890 - Mississippi
         Buried:  - Hopwell Cem.
         Spouse: B.F. Kenney
           Marr: Between 1859 and 1860 - Mississippi

2 M William Martin Gooch

           Born: 2 Jun 1843 - MS
           Died: 16 Dec 1930 - Prentiiss Co., MS
         Buried:  - Hopwell Cem., Prentiss Co., MS
         Spouse: Emily C. Blythe
           Marr: 28 Dec 1871 - Lee Co., MS

3 F Missouri A. Gooch

           Born: Abt 1844

4 M Thomas B. Gooch

           Born: Abt 1847

General Notes: Husband - Wesley Gooch

Wesley Gooch is listed in 1850 Census Index, Itawamba County, MS:

age 28 occupation farmer value $500
Jemima (wife) age 23
Sarah age 8
Missouri A. age 6
Thomas B. age 3
not named son less than 1 year

Probably related to William Gooch:

son of William and Sarah, older brother of William Martin?
son of Tilman?

A Jemima (sometimes spelled Gemima) Gooch is shown in other records later, standing up at weddings for the children of William Martin and Elizabeth Jane (Oliver) Gooch.

02/17/1997 - Attached Wesley Gooch as a child of William and Sarah Gooch, based on research by Elizabeth Jane Palmer and Connie Ball. I am still not convinced that he was their child, but I will go along with that assumption until proven different. In the 1850 census, there were several children living in the home of William and Sarah. Most of these children seem to be too young to have been their children (both of them were in their middle fifties). One of the children was a boy named "Wooley" or "Wesley". All of the children had the Gooch name. It is believed that they were either grandchildren or nephews of William and Sarah. Their place of birth is shown as Arkansas. Perhaps one of the older sons of William and Sarah, still unknown, (born in the middle 1810's) settled in Arkansas, and these could have been his children. They could have been in Mississippi visiting their grandparents when the census was taken, or there may have been some kind of tragedy in that family that necessitated the children living with their grandparents. They could also be the children of Tilman Gooch, as he seems to disappear from the records in Mississippi in the 1840's, and he may have moved to Arkansas. That seems unlikely, as he too would have been in his fifties.

Marriage info: Feb 5, 1840, Tishomingo County, MS.

Joseph Gooch and Susan Bennett

Husband Joseph Gooch

           Born: 12 Dec 1791 - NC
           Died: 9 Oct 1876

         Father: Daniel Gooch
         Mother: Nancy Sneed

       Marriage: Abt 1824 - NC

Wife Susan Bennett

           Born: 27 Dec 1801
           Died: 3 Aug 1868

1 F Jane Dudley Gooch

           Born: 23 Jun 1842 - NC
           Died: 8 Jun 1923
         Spouse: Millington Blalock
           Marr: 21 Dec 1865 - NC

Jesse Benton and Nancy Ann Gooch

Husband Jesse Benton

           Born: Abt 1744 - NC
           Died: 1791 - NC

         Father: Samuel Benton
         Mother: Unknown *UNKNOWN

       Marriage: Abt 1777 - Granville Co., NC

Wife Nancy Ann Gooch

           Born: Abt 1757 - Caswell Co., NC
           Died: 3 Jan 1838 - St. Louis, MO

         Father: William W. Gooch
         Mother: Keziah Ann Hart

1 F Peggy Benton

           Born: Abt 1779 - NC
           Died: 1807 - Williamson County, TN

2 F Mary Benton

           Born: Abt 1780
           Died: Abt 1860

3 M Thomas Hart Benton

           Born: 14 Mar 1782 - NC
           Died: 10 Apr 1858 - St. Louis, MO

4 M Jesse Benton Jr.

           Born: Abt 1783 - NC
           Died: 1843 - Sabine Parish, LA

5 F Nancy Benton

           Born: Abt 1784 - NC
           Died: 1810 - Williamson County, TN

6 M Samuel L. Benton Sr.

           Born: Abt 1786 - Hillsboro, Orange Co., NC
           Died: 28 Sep 1846 - St. Augustine, TX
         Buried:  - San Augustine City Cem., San Augustine, TX
         Spouse: Mary Hunter
           Marr: 21 Mar 1808 - Williamson Co., TN

7 M Nathaniel Benton

           Born: Abt 1788 - NC
           Died: 1830 - Dyer Co., TN

8 F Susannah Benton

           Born: Abt 1789 - NC
           Died: 1810 - Williamson County, TN

General Notes: Husband - Jesse Benton

Posted by Ray C. Riley on May 02, 1998 at 20:35:48:

In Reply to: Re: Senator Thomas Hart BENTON, MO posted by elizabeth hart bozer augustus on March 23, 1998 at 23:46:04:

I just returned from the Library at Hillsborough, NC. It is a virtual treasure for genealogist looking at the family of Thomas Hart Benton. There are two family histories on the Benton Family. The family of Jesse Benton (father of Thomas Hart Benton) and the family of Jesse's father Samuel Benton are also named. The following come from a family history by Alma Cheek Redden date July 1969 and entitled "A Chronicle of two Pioneer Families - The Bentons and the Taylors of the North Carolina Back Country ". Jesse Benton ba 1744 married Nancy Ann Gooch in 1777. Nancy was the daughter of William Gooch of Caswell County and his first wife Ann Hart Gooch. Nancy was born in about 1758. The children of Jesse and Nancy Benton were (1) Peggy ba 1779, died near Nashville, TN (2)Mary ba 1780, died near Nashville (3) Thomas Hart b March 14, 1782, died April 10, 1858 in Washington, D. C. (4) Jesse ba 1783, d 1843 in TN (5) Nancy ba 1784, died in TN (6) Samuel ba 1786, died 1846 in San Augustine, Texas (7)Nathaniel born Feb, 1788, died 1833 (8) Susannah ba 1789, died 1806 in TN. The five oldest children were born at "Meadow Place" near Efland, NC and the three youngest children were born at the "Hartford" plantation near Hillsborough. Jesse was the son of Samuel Benton who died in 1770 in Granville County. Jesse's mother is unknown. Samuel married second to Frances Kimbrough born 1731 or 1732. Frances last appeared in the Orange County records on December 4, 1823 at the age of 91 years. Her date of death is unknown. In a sworn affidavit on Sept. 25, 1819, Frances gave the children in order birth from her marriage with Samuel Benton as (1) Betty who was married to Charles Bruce at the time of Samuel's death (2) Lemuel (Lem) ba 1754, m. Elizabeth Kimbrough, d May 18, 1818 in SC (3) Penny (4) Martha (Patty) (5) Samuel Died about. 1809 or 1810 (6) John (7) Augustine. Unfortunately, my ancestor Epaphroditus Benton is not among the family of Samuel. There is a wealth of information on Thomas Hart Benton including some of late life publications. Thomas was a prolific author. In the last eight years of his life, he completed a two volume work entitled "Thirty years in the U.S. Senate". Volume 2 available at the Hillsborough Library contains 788 pages. The two part series was published in 1854 and 1856 and sold over 50,000 copies. He also completed a sixteen volume series "Abridgment of the Debates of Congress from 1789 to 1856". This period of his life included his first defeat as a Missouri Senator in 1850, a tour as a Missouri congressman 1852-1854, the death of his wife in 1854, and a fire that destroyed much of his massive accumulation of manuscripts. There are many other stories including his first great failure as a student at North Carolina University in 1799, the families struggle with tuberculosis in TN, Thomas Hart Benton's love hate relationship with Andrew Jackson and much more but that is more than enough for now. Besides, he is not my ancestor.

The Will of Jesse Benton
Orange County, North Carolina - Book B, Pages 144-148
In the Name of God Amen I Jesse Benton of the County of Orange and State of
North Carolina, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner following (to
wit) Whereas I heretofore purchased of Col. David Hart of Caswell County one
moity of his Sixteenth part of two hundred thousand Acres of Land Granted by the
Assembly of Virginia to Richard Henderson & Company as tenants in Common Situate
on the Ohio and Green Rivers, which said Moity containing by estimation Six
thousand two hundred & fifty Acres, be the same more or less, I afterwards sold
to Capt. Nathl Hart, late of Kentucky deceased and have received the
Consideration agreed on for the same but have not made any title in Law to the
said Nathaniel for the said premisses, I do therefore Will and devise all my
Interest in the said Lands to the Devises heirs or assigns of the said Nathaniel
in his life time, if any such disposition and if not then to the heirs at Law of
the said Nathaniel according to the rules of lineal descend to the use of the
said divisies heirs or assigns of the said Nathaniel forever. And do request
that the said David Hart, may Execute a Deed or Deeds for conveying the said
Lands accordingly if necessary. I Will and Devise my Plantation called the
meadow place which I purchased of John Kitzmiller on MGowins Creek in Orange
County to my beloved Wife Nancy to her and her heirs and assigns forever which
said plantation contains by estimation two hundred and thirty acres, be the same
more or less. I also Will to my said Wife, three Negroes (to wit) Jack, Milley
and Rose, together with all my Stock of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Hoggs and fowls,
except as many of my Horses as my Executors may think necessary to sell and
dispose of reserving a sufficient number for my said Wife, also all my household
& Kitchen furniture Still Waggon gears and all my plantation utensils, Meat Corn
Wheat and forage on hand at the time of my decease and also one hundred pounds
current money to her and her heirs and assigns forever. I Will that when the
first of my Children comes of Age, or either of them marries (whichever first
happens) that all the rest of my Negroes may be praised by two respectable
freeholders, and put into as many lotts as there may be of my Children then
living, so as to make such lots of Negroes as nearly equal in value as may be,
and the said lots be drawn by my said Children or some Judicious person in a
fair and equitable manner, and that each of my said Children shall have such
lott so drawn for them, to them their heirs and assigns forever, but whereas
some of the lotts so laid off may be of more value than others, it is my Will
that those of my Children drawing such lotts shall pay unto them a sum of money
sufficient so as to make all the lotts or shares of equal value
But it is nevertheless my Will and desire that my said Wife shall have the
benefit of the work and labour of all my Negroes in consideration of her
Mothering and boarding my said Children and also for her clothing, feeding and
paying taxes for said Negroes, until the respective times of Marriage or coming
to full age of my said Children, and it is also my Will and desire that my said
Children may all receive reasonable education at the expense of my Estate, and
that my Sons may at all events be taught the english language as perfectly as
may be found necessary.
And in order to establish a fund for the payment of my Debts due Col. Thomas
Hart of Maryland and William Cain and Company of the town of Hillsborough and
other Creditors if any, It is my Will and desire that my Executors Collect the
Debts due to me by Bonds, Notes or otherwise as far as may be in their power,
also sell and dispose of my Law Books, and it is also my Will and desire that my
Executors or a majority or the survivor or survivors of them do as soon as may
be convenient and necessary sell and convey (and make and Execute a Deed or
Deeds in fee simple) my Mils and plantation called Hereford, or the Mills and
part of Land, or such other of my Lands situate in Orange County aforesaid, or
all or any part of my Lands on the Waters of the River Mississippi, or any other
Lands I may be possessed of or instilled to at the time of my decease at their
discretion sufficient for the purposes hereafter mentioned, that is to say for
the payment of my Debts the legacy before mentioned to my Wife, my funeral
expenses, and reasonable allowances to my Executors, for their trouble and
expenses in Executing this my Will. And all the rest and residue of my Lands I
Give and devise to such of my children as may arrive to the full age of twenty
one years or marries, to be vested in them at those periods as the one or the
other may first happen which said Lands as intended for my children I will may
be put into as many lotts as there is of my Children, (when the first of them
arrives to full age or the first of them marries which may first happen,) then
being so as to make each lott as nearly equal in value as may be convenient and
that the said Lotts may be drawn for by my said Children, or two Judicious
freeholders, and that each and every of the said lotts be vested in my said
Children respectively as they shall marry or come of Age to them their heirs and
assigns forever.
And it is further my Will that in order to do Justice to my said Children, and
to prevent disputes I desire my Executors may appoint some skilfull person to
reduce to writing and describe particularly the Lands and Negroes which may be
drawn, among my children and cause the same to be attested by a number of
witnesses and recorded.
And I do also Will and desire that my Mills and houses be repaired at the
discretion of my Executors, and at the expense of my estate, and also that my
Executors Advances such Sums of money for securing the titles to my Western
Lands as may be necessary.
And it is further my Will and desire that my Wife Nancy enjoy all the profits
and benefit, arising from my Mills and Lands until my Executors shall make Sale
thereof, or until the division of my said Lands shall be made amongst my
Children as aforesaid. And I do make my said Wife Nancy my residuary Ligetee, of
all the rest and residue of my Estate.
And lastly I do appoint my said Wife Nancy my Executrix, and Col. Alfred Moore
William Watters and Absalom Tatom my Executors of this my last Will and
Testament, hereby revoking all other Wills and bequests by me made Ratifying and
confirming this only to be my last Will and Testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal, this Twenty
first day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and
Signed Sealed published pronounced
and declared by the said Jesse Benton
the testator to be and contain his last
Will and testament, in the presence J
Benton (Seal)
of use who in his presence and the
presence of each other and at his
request have subscribed our
names hereto as Witnesses

S. Benton Jurat
A. Benton

State of North Carolina
Orange County August Term 1891
The Execution of the above last Will and Testament of Jesse Benton Esquire
Deceased was duly proved In Open Court by the oaths of Saml Benton one of the
Witnesses thereto and ordered
To be recorded - - -
Abner B.
Bruce CC

General Notes: Wife - Nancy Ann Gooch

Nancy Ann Gooch (1756 - 1838)

Married Jesse Benton.

Mother of Thomas Hart Benton, who was a distinguished lawyer and politician. He served as a U.S. Senator from the state of Missouri for many years.

Nancy Ann (Gooch) Benton came to Rutherford County, Tennessee in 1800 with her eight children. Her husband died in 1771, and the family had lost everything they owned in North Carolina.

The Bentons settled on 2,540 acres of land that Jesse Benton had purchased before he died. Lawsuits continued to plague the widow, and by 1807, the acreage they owned had decreased to 1.280 acres. They lived in hardship in Tennessee.

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