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Ancestors of

Howard Jefferson Burt and Jewell Marian Gooch

Husband Howard Jefferson Burt

           Born: Abt 1920
       Marriage: 14 May 1966 - Walker Co., GA

Wife Jewell Marian Gooch

           Born: 17 Jan 1923 - Lumpkin Co., GA/Lumpkin Co., GA

         Father: James Vance Gooch
         Mother: Ethel America Mincey


John Alison Burton and Florence Alice Lamkin

Husband John Alison Burton

           Born: Abt 1875

Wife Florence Alice Lamkin

           Born: 1 Apr 1876
           Died: 6 Mar 1973

         Father: Walter Frederick Lamkin
         Mother: Elizabeth Humble Powers


John Osmond Burton and Rosa Lamkin

Husband John Osmond Burton

           Born: Abt 1870

Wife Rosa Lamkin

           Born: 21 Sep 1874 - Pike Co., MS
           Died: 17 Feb 1972

         Father: Walter Frederick Lamkin
         Mother: Elizabeth Humble Powers


Tully Burton and Pearl Elsi Lamkin

Husband Tully Burton

           Born: Abt 1900
       Marriage: 15 Jun 1929 - Baton Rouge LA

Wife Pearl Elsi Lamkin

           Born: Between 14 Feb 1901 and 1905 - Greensburg, LA

         Father: Walter Frederick Lamkin
         Mother: Margaret Idella Powers


William Owen Montgomery and Zella Burton

Husband William Owen Montgomery

           Born: 26 Aug 1901
           Died: Abt 1975

         Father: George Washington Montgomery
         Mother: Mona Gooch

       Marriage: 31 Jul 1929

   Other Spouse: Mildred Richardson - Abt 1933

Wife Zella Burton

           Born: Abt 1905



Husband Fora Lee HIGHTOWER

           Born: 23 Sep 1900 - Dora, Ozark Co., MO
           Died: 9 Jul 1919 - Dora, Ozark Co., MO

         Father: James Milton HIGHTOWER
         Mother: Eldora McClellan GARDNER


Wife Nellie BUSHONG



William Claiborne Sr. and Elizabeth Butler

Husband William Claiborne Sr.

           Born: Abt 1600 - England
           Died: Abt 1678 - VA
       Marriage: Abt 1625 - VA

Wife Elizabeth Butler

           Born: Abt 1600 - England
           Died: Abt 1680 - VA

1 M William Claiborne Jr.

           Born: Abt 1627 - VA
           Died: Abt 1700 - VA
         Spouse: Elizabeth Wilks
           Marr: Abt 1652 - VA

2 F Jane Claiborne

           Born: Abt 1629

3 M Leonard Claiborne

           Born: Abt 1631

4 M John Claiborne

           Born: Abt 1633

5 M Thomas Claiborne

           Born: Abt 1635

General Notes: Husband - William Claiborne Sr.

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This is taken from an e-mail I received from Ms. Eddie Josey Wilson:

Bulletin: The Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County, PO Box 938,
Forest City, NC 28043, Vol. 13 #1 Feb., 1985
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Contributed to the Bulletin for the benefit of all Ledbetter descendants
by Gene Hubbard, 705 Richards Ave., Gridley, CA 95948. Based on the
research of the contributor and Mrs. Lillian Stumpp, 1819 E. 12th St.,
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401.

The ancient family name is derived from the Manor of Cleburne, or
Cleburne, near the river Eden in Westmorland, northwest England. The
manor is named in Doomsday Book (1086 AD.), and the family was for many
generations Lords of this place, and of Bampton, Dandale, and Kyne. Part
of Cleburne Hall, which was built in 1567 on the site of the old castle,
still remains. The line descends from John de Cleburne who married
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Curwen of Workington Hall, Cumberland,
who was a descendant of Malcolm II, King of Scotland.

1st Generation in America.

William Claiborne was born in England about 1600. He was evidently an
adventuresome young man of good education and marked ability. He seems
not to have inherited an estate or much worldly goods, but strong
merchant connections and family influence at court succeeded in having
him engaged by the London Company as Surveyor General of the Virginia
Colony with a stipulated compensation of thirty pounds a year, fees, and
a house. Arriving in Virginia on the "George" with Sir Francis Wyatt in
1621, Claiborne prospered greatly as his intelligence and capabilities
as a leader won the respect of both the planters and the authorities.
In 1631, under a license from Charles I, William Claiborne planted on
Kent Island the first settlement within the bounds of the present state
of Maryland. He purchased the island from the Indians, colonized it with
serious-minded planters who brought livestock and farming implements
with them, began trading with the natives on the shores of the
Chesapeake Bay and in a short time had a representative in the new
Virginia House of Burgesses. The jurisdiction of Virginia over this
settlement was later disputed by Cecilius Calvert, the 2nd Lord
Baltimore, who received in 1632 a Royal charter to establish his
Maryland palatinate. A bitter feud resulted between Virginia and
Maryland, with the Claiborne resolutely defending his Kent Island
property against the intrigues and attacks of Leonard Calvert, brother
of Cecilius and Governor of Maryland, who insisted that Claiborne
confess himself a member of the Maryland colony. Claiborne steadfastly
refused to do this, acting on the advice of the Council of Virginia
which declared there was "no reason for rendering up the right of the
Isle of Kent which Virginia is bound in duty to maintain." Although
victor in a Chesapeake Bay naval engagement between his ships and those
of Calvert, invader and actual ruler of Maryland for two years, and
backed by the Council of Virginia throughout a period of twenty years,
Claiborne was finally dispossessed. A treacherous associate had caused
misunderstanding between him and his London business partners, Cloberry
& Company, who were now dis-satisfied with the turn of events. The King,
though friendly, was straddling and political intrigue intervened before
Charles' execution to wrest from Claiborne his island, if not his claim
which he dauntlessly and justifiably pressed until his death.

Although William Claiborne's entire life is historically identified with
his courageous and pertinacious struggle with the Calverts of Maryland,
his career was punctuated by a series of achievements and honors in
Virginia. As a Captain of colonial troops he was a successful commander
of early Indian campaigns. He was Secretary of State of Virginia, 1625-
1638, again held that post throughout the duration of the Cromwellian
Commonwealth from 1652 to 1658, and after the restoration was honored by
Charles II with the same position. In 1642 Claiborne was appointed by
Charles I Treasurer of Virginia for life, doubtless to salve that
unhappy Monarchs conscience to some extent about Claiborne's loss of
Kent. He was a colonel, commanding all colonial forces in the campaign
against the Indians in 1644-45. In 1652, as Parliamentary Commissioner
with Richard Bennett for the reduction of Virginia and Maryland, he
governed Maryland, wisely, without vengeance and without taking
advantage of his position to regain personal control of Kent
Island. He maintained a firm hand in the affairs of Maryland until late
in 1657 when Baltimore conformed and made his peace with Parliament. In
1653 Colonel Claiborne acted as Deputy Governor of Virginia. From 1625
to 1660 he was a Member of Council and as late as 1666 he served in the
Virginia Assembly.

On September 1, 1653, William Claiborne was granted 5000 acres,
adjoining West Point which was settled by Governor John West in 1650, on
the Pamunkey River where it joins the Mattaponi to form the York. This
was the beginning of his plantation "Romangkok," or Romancoke as it came
to be known. To it other tracts were added, and from it later was carved
"Sweet Hall" plantation, the home of his grandson, Captain Thomas
Claiborne, who built in about 1721 the high windowed, fort-like old
house which still stands. Col. Claiborne subsequently organized and
settled New Kent County, naming it for his beloved island in Chesapeake
Bay. His great plantation is prominently named on John Speede's first
official map of Virginia and Maryland, the area about the forks of the
York being indicated as "Clayborn." Romancoke was subdivided further in
later generations numbering among its owners, Daniel Park Custis, whose
widow Martha Dandridge Custis married George Washington; Martha's
grandson, George Washington Parke Custis; and his grandson, Capt.
Robert E. Lee, Jr., whose father married Mary Anne Custis. The operation
of this plantation was said to have been one of George Washington's
favorite hobbies.

William Claiborne married Elizabeth Butler, a sister of John Butler of
Kent Island fame. Col. Claiborne died at Romancoke about 1678, leaving
to his descendants an illustrious heritage of achievement built upon his
ability, courage and strength of character. Their children were: Jane,
William, Leonard, John and Thomas.

2nd Generation.

William Claiborne received grants of over 12,000 acres in King William
and New Kent Counties during the period 1667-1675. He was a member of
the House of Burgesses from New Kent, 1663-1666. He was a Lt. Col. in
the Militia and is stated to have distinguished himself in service
against the Indians, and there was formerly on record at King William
Court-house, a certificate of his valor attested by Nathaniel Bacon,
Philip Ludwell, Ralph Wormeley and Richard Lee. In 1676 he, with Major
George Lydall, was appointed to command the fort at Indiantown in New
Kent, and in the same year he sat on the court martial to try the
rebels. Dissident frontiersmen rebelled under the leadership of
Nathaniel Bacon, Jr. with strong popular support. Bacon won a commission
as commander in chief of the anti-Indian forces from Governor
Berkeley. He persuaded the Assembly to pass what became known as
"Bacon's laws," increasing local control over government. Next, learning
that the Governor was raising troops to use against him, Bacon took over
Jamestown and burned it.

William Claiborne married Elizabeth Wilkes and they had children:
William, Ursula, and Mary.

3rd Generation (a)

William Claiborne married Elizabeth Ludman or Tudman, with children:
William, Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Philadelphia, Unity, and Lucy.

3rd Generation (b)

Ursula Claiborn married William Gooch. See Gooch Line.

4th Generation

Mary Claiborne married Henry Fox II. See Fox Line.


1st Generation, Clayton Torrence in Genealogies of Virginia Families,
Volume II, pages 1-70, challenges the previously held parentace of sec'y
William Claiborne, but he also concludes that no doubt they were from
the same Westmoreland clan.

Chapter V of Roots in Virginia by Nathaniel Claiborne Hale, 1948.
Virginia Historical Magazine, Volume I, pages 313-324. Genealogies of
Virginia Families, Vol. Ii, pp. 1-70, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1981.


Lonnie Butler and Betty Willene Kester

Husband Lonnie Butler

       Marriage: 1994

Wife Betty Willene Kester

           Born: 1959

         Father: Billy Kester
         Mother: Betty Jean White

   Other Spouse: Kenny Miller - 1979


Lonnie Joe White and Linda Kay Byles

Husband Lonnie Joe White

           Born: 15 Feb 1949 - Durant, Oklahoma

         Father: Johnnie David "Non" White
         Mother: Nell Marie Courtney

       Marriage: 16 Sep 1967

   Other Spouse: Linda Crowe - 1 May 1978 - Durant, Oklahoma

Wife Linda Kay Byles



Larry James White and Pamela Sue Byrant

Husband Larry James White

           Born: 11 May 1956 - Dallas, Texas

         Father: Claude James "C. J." White
         Mother: Berva Kletta Jackson

       Marriage: 3 Aug 1975 - Folsom Hwy. Bapt Church in Durant, Oklahoma

   Other Spouse: Donna Fisher - 5 Jun 1999 - Sherman, Texas

Wife Pamela Sue Byrant

           Born: 1959


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