Ancestors of The Family History Files of Dalton Ray Phillips

Ancestors of

George Hamilton Gooch and Hattie Dee Callicoatte

Husband George Hamilton Gooch

           Born: 23 Jul 1867 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: 26 Jun 1957 - Abilene, Taylor Co., TX
 Cause of Death: Complications of age
         Buried:  - Elmwood Memorial Park, Abilene, Taylor Co., TX

         Father: William Martin Gooch
         Mother: Elizabeth Jane Oliver

       Marriage: 3 Mar 1893 - Camp Co., TX

Wife Hattie Dee Callicoatte

           Born: 10 Nov 1872 - Upshur Co., TX
           Died: 24 Nov 1953 - Abilene, TX
 Cause of Death: Complications of age
         Buried:  - Elmwood Memorial Park, Abilene, Taylor Co., TX

         Father: Harrison C. Callicoatte
         Mother: Unknown *UNKNOWN

1 M Oliver Harrison Gooch

           Born: 1894 - Hunt Co., TX/Hunt Co., TX
           Died: 1974 - TX

2 M Dick Hardy Gooch

           Born: 1895 - Hunt Co., TX/Hunt Co., TX
           Died: 1897 - Hunt Co., TX

3 F Verda Eulalia Gooch

           Born: 1896 - Hunt Co., TX/Hunt Co., TX
           Died: 1979 - TX

4 M Walter Elwyn Gooch

           Born: 1899 - Hunt Co., TX
           Died: 1901 - Hunt Co., TX

5 M Louie Lee Gooch

           Born: 1902 - Hunt Co., TX/Hunt Co., TX
           Died: 1906 - Hunt Co., TX

6 F Bonnie Gooch

           Born: 1904 - Hunt Co., TX/Hunt Co., TX

7 F Connie Gooch

           Born: 1904 - Hunt Co., TX/Hunt Co., TX
           Died: Abt 1990

8 M Loice Elmore Gooch

           Born: 1906 - Hunt Co., TX/Hunt Co., TX
           Died: 1948 - TX
         Spouse: Alona *UNKNOWN
           Marr: 1929 - TX

9 M Durelle (Dude) Gooch

           Born: 1908 - Hunt Co., TX/Hunt Co., TX
           Died: 1985 - TX

10 M George Bush (Bill) Gooch

           Born: Abt 1910 - Hunt Co., TX/Hunt Co., TX
           Died: Abt 1961 - TX
         Spouse: Hellen Terry
           Marr: Abt 1928 - Abilene, Taylor Co., TX

11 M Bert Dee (Pete) Gooch

           Born: 2 Nov 1912 - Celeste, Hunt Co., TX
           Died: 7 May 2003 - Abilene, Taylor Co., TX
         Spouse: LaRue *UNKNOWN
           Marr: 1932 - TX
         Spouse: A. Lee *UNKNOWN
           Marr: 1982 - Abilene, TX

General Notes: Husband - George Hamilton Gooch

George Hamilton Gooch (1868 - abt 1957)

George Hamilton Gooch was a brother of William Elijah Gooch.

George Gooch moved to Texas in the late 1880's, first settling in Hunt County, in the town of Celeste. He lived in Hunt County for several years. Sometime in the early 1900's he went on west to Abilene, Texas. He helped found the First National Bank in Abilene, and served as one of the banks operating officers until he retired.

George was the only contact my mother ever had with the older Gooch's, that I know of. Mother visited him and his wife, Hattie, several times in the early 1950's. She had got in contact with them in an unusual way: she read a piece in the Abilene Reporter News about the Gooch Packing Company. The article was about the founder of that company, Pete Gooch. It mentioned that his father was George Gooch, and described how George had been one of the early settlers, and helped establish the bank in Abilene. Apparently Mother remembered her father talking about George Gooch. She wrote a letter, addressed to Pete Gooch at the Gooch Packing Plant in Abilene. In that letter, she described who she was, and her possible connection to George Gooch. She asked Pete to relay the information to his father. In a short time, she received a letter from George Gooch. After that, Mother visited them several times. George told many stories about spending time with her father, Jesse Gooch, as a boy and young man. Both he and Hattie seemed to know about the marriage of Jesse Gooch to Ira Scarborough. It seems that they were close to Jesse and Ira when they were married, and had stayed in touch with Ira after she parted with Jesse. They knew that Ira was still alive, living in Wichita Falls, Texas, as an old lady. They arranged for mother to meet with representatives from Ira at their home. Mother met with these people - an old man and old woman - behind closed doors. I don't know what was said at that meeting, but seemed to be very disturbing for Mother. She never talked about it much, and as far as I know, she never tried to contact her mother, Ira.

It is interesting to note that the family of Maggie (Gooch) Reynolds lived in Hamlin, Jones County, twenty miles from the town we lived in. George Gooch must have known that, but as far as I know, he never mentioned anything about it to my mother. I believe she would have tried to contact them, if she had known they were living there.

From what I know, George Gooch spent his younger years in northeastern Mississippi, and he did not leave there until he moved to Texas. He seemed to be an educated man, and he probably went away from there for a period to attend college. But, his stories indicate that Jesse Gooch lived nearby when they were boys and young men. That seems to place Jesse Gooch in that region of Mississippi as a boy and young man.

General Notes: Wife - Hattie Dee Callicoatte

Hattie Dee Callicoatte (abt 1869 - abt 1957)

Hattie Dee Callicoatte married George Hamilton Gooch about 1893.

Charles Calloway and Sarah Adeline Sebastian

Husband Charles Calloway

           Born: 17 Feb 1858 - Madison Co., MO/Madison Co., MO
           Died: 10 Mar 1936 - Hollis, OK

         Father: Powell Calloway
         Mother: Mary Elizabeth Berryman

       Marriage: 10 Dec 1882 - Parker Co., TX

Wife Sarah Adeline Sebastian

           Born: 30 Dec 1866 - Fannin Co., TX
           Died: 24 Aug 1947 - Hollis, OK

1 M Oscar Filmore Calloway

           Born: 20 Nov 1887 - Parker Co., TX
           Died: 18 Jan 1957 - Hollis, OK
         Spouse: Hester Louisa Owens
           Marr: 18 Dec 1910 - Hollis, OK

Joe Bob Sheriff and Ethel Pauline Calloway

Husband Joe Bob Sheriff

           Born: 20 Apr 1913 - Harmon Co., OK

         Father: Thomas Arthur Sheriff
         Mother: Alice Florence Davis

       Marriage: 27 Jul 1940 - Sayre, OK

Wife Ethel Pauline Calloway

           Born: 12 Oct 1918 - Motley Co., TX

         Father: Oscar Filmore Calloway
         Mother: Hester Louisa Owens

1 M Wendell Joe Sheriff

           Born: 26 Sep 1941 - Las Cruces, NM
         Spouse: Marilyn Schmidt
           Marr: 3 Aug 1968 - Newton, KS

2 F Mary Pauline Sheriff

           Born: 23 Aug 1946
         Spouse: Jimmy Alen Williams
           Marr: 27 Jan 1967 - Hollis, OK

3 M Thomas Sheriff

           Born: 17 Oct 1949 - Iola, KS
         Spouse: Linda Ann Wharton
           Marr: 5 Feb 1972 - Hollis, OK

Oscar Filmore Calloway and Hester Louisa Owens

Husband Oscar Filmore Calloway

           Born: 20 Nov 1887 - Parker Co., TX
           Died: 18 Jan 1957 - Hollis, OK

         Father: Charles Calloway
         Mother: Sarah Adeline Sebastian

       Marriage: 18 Dec 1910 - Hollis, OK

Wife Hester Louisa Owens

           Born: 7 Aug 1887 - Lawrence Co., AL
           Died: Abt 1975 - Hollis, OK

         Father: Milies Emerson Owens
         Mother: Sarah Jane Cole

1 F Toye Calloway

           Born: 19 Sep 1911

2 F Rosa Angeline Calloway

           Born: 23 Sep 1915

3 F Ethel Pauline Calloway

           Born: 12 Oct 1918 - Motley Co., TX
         Spouse: Joe Bob Sheriff
           Marr: 27 Jul 1940 - Sayre, OK

4 F Earle Belle Calloway

           Born: 3 Jan 1922

Peter Calloway and Susanna Gooch

Husband Peter Calloway

           Born: Abt 1795 - KY
           Died: 9 Feb 1834 - Madison Co., MO
       Marriage: Abt 1818 - KY

Wife Susanna Gooch

           Born: Abt 1798 - Garrard Co., KY
           Died: Bef 1844 - Madison Co., MO

         Father: Jesse Gooch
         Mother: Elizabeth Owsley

1 M Powell Calloway

           Born: Abt 1820 - Madison Co., MO/Madison Co., MO
           Died: Abt 1870 - Madison Co., MO
         Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Berryman
           Marr: 12 Sep 1844 - Madison Co., MO

Samuel Campobello and Juanita Phillips

Husband Samuel Campobello

           Born: Abt 1920
       Marriage: 1950

Wife Juanita Phillips

            AKA: Ethel Juanita Phillips
           Born: 1 Aug 1921 - Zephyr, Brown Co., TX
           Died: Abt 1988 - TX

         Father: Walter Lee Phillips
         Mother: Ethel Beatty

   Other Spouse: Tommy *UNKNOWN - Abt 1940 - TX


General Notes: Wife - Juanita Phillips

Ethel Juanita Phillips b. 1 Aug. 1921 Zephyr, Brown Co., TX to Johnnie Ethel

Beaty & Walter Lee Phillips. A TX Death Index shows a Neta Campobello died

25 Mar. 1980 Comal Co, TX. From a Jorns Family Tree is shown Juanita Allen

Phillips b. 18 July 1921 Hopkins Co., TX m. Thomas R. Burtis. d. Mar. 1980

and is buried in the Mission Burial Park, N. Bexar Co. TX.

Liz Walton?s DB shows Ethel?s first husband was Thomas R. Burtis:

H.1) Thomas Ray Burtis b. ca Mar. 1918 to Etta Mae Hill &

Frederick William Burtis. Father of at least one daughter with mother

Juanita Allen. These parents are shown in the TX Birth Index.

Reconstructed Military records indicate Thomas R. Burtis b. ca

1917 in TX lived in San Joaquin Co. CA when he enlisted 11 Mar. 1946. These

type records indicate to ME this was at least the 2nd enlistment for Burtis

as it shows him as a Master Sergeant so he probably enlisted in the Army

BEFORE outbreak of WW II or was drafted around 1940. The 1946 Enlistment is

for the Regular Army. This Military record shows Burtis is Divorced with


Jenna Scott sent documents that indicated Thomas R. Burtis was a

Warrant Officer 1 in 1943 living in Alexandria or Pineville, LA with wife

Doris. This gives a clue about WW II when many enlisted were advanced to

Warrant or Officer status and given a choice when the war ended of taking a

discharge or reverting back to their permanent enlisted rank. Thomas Ray

Burtis probably took a discharge and shortly afterwards enlisted back into

the USA or USAAF with rank of Master Sgt.

The Jorns Tree also shows Thomas Ray Burtis had only one daughter

with Juanita Allen Phillips, Then two more children with his 2nd wife named

Doris Dunlap or Tucker? and his 3rd child being a son he named Thomas Ray

Burtis, Jr. b. 20 Dec. 1943 d. 3 Sep. 2000. Then Pansey Burtis was Thomas

Ray Burtis 3rd wife with they both living in Lubbock TX at time Junior died

3 Sep. 2000.

Thomas Ray Burtis was still living in Lubbock TX when his sister

Ada Burtis Russell d. 3 Mar. 2006 in Denison TX.

A. Tommie Jean Burtis b. 22 Nov. 1939 Bexar Co. TX

Tommie Jean Burtis may have married 3 times?

H.2) Samuel Campobello b. 13 Feb. 1921. Last Residence IAW the

SSDI was Spring Branch, Comal Co., TX at time of death 10 Oct. 2001

Samuel appears to have married June Ahrentzen 31 July 1982 Dallas

Co., TX. Probably his 2nd wife as his first wife appears to have died in

Mar. 1980. June born in June 1923 so Samuel was probably her 2nd husband.

Note. A Day family DB shows H.1) incorrectly as: Thomas E. Lawrence b. ca

1920 AKA Tommy. Killed as a soldier in 1944 during WW II. Ethel Juanita

Phlllips supposedly had 3 children by first husband? This is also wrong. She

only had one daughter by her first husband.


Duard Lee White and Joy Gail Capshaw

Husband Duard Lee White

           Born: 27 Feb 1942 - Coleman, Oklahoma

         Father: Delbert Lee "Buck" White
         Mother: Lanoma Sampson

       Marriage: 16 May 1960 - Tushka, Oklahoma

   Other Spouse: Janice Lee Capshaw Brazier - 24 May 1997 - Dennis, Texas

Wife Joy Gail Capshaw

           Born: 11 Oct 1944 - Dumas, Texas
           Died: 25 Jun 1996 - Dallas, Texas
 Cause of Death: Leukemia


William W. Kimbrough and Mary Ann Carless

Husband William W. Kimbrough

           Born: 7 Jul 1818 - Rutherford County, TN
           Died: Jul 1853

         Father: Azariah Kimbrough
         Mother: Nancy Ann Basey

       Marriage: 26 Nov 1850 - TN

Wife Mary Ann Carless

           Born: Abt 1830
           Died: Abt 1890

1 F Lizzie Alice Kimbrough

           Born: Abt 1852

Forrest Lee Reynolds and Movelda Carlton

Husband Forrest Lee Reynolds

           Born: 31 May 1906
           Died: Abt 1981

         Father: William Joseph Reynolds
         Mother: Florence Jerusha Carroll

       Marriage: Abt 1924

Wife Movelda Carlton

           Born: Abt 1910
           Died: Abt 1980


Thomas Carmichael and Eliza Jane Kidd

Husband Thomas Carmichael

           Born: Abt 1815
           Died: Abt 1890 - Williamson County, TN
       Marriage: Abt 1840 - Williamson County, TN

Wife Eliza Jane Kidd

           Born: 1818 - Williamson County, TN
           Died: 1892 - Williamson County, TN

         Father: James Kidd
         Mother: Frances Gooch


General Notes: Husband - Thomas Carmichael

REF: G2B1A4A1A Thomas Carmichael (abt 1815 - abt 1890)

Husband of Eliza Jane Kidd.

General Notes: Wife - Eliza Jane Kidd

REF: G2B1A4A1 Eliza Jane Kidd (1818 - 1892)

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