Ancestors of The Family History Files of Dalton Ray Phillips

Ancestors of

Jesse Gooch and Elizabeth Owsley

Husband Jesse Gooch

           Born: Abt 1762 - VA
           Died: 1 Oct 1849 - Madison Co., MO

         Father: William Gooch
         Mother: Lucy Fleming

       Marriage: 14 Apr 1792 - Lincoln Co., KY

Wife Elizabeth Owsley

           Born: 26 Sep 1773
           Died: Abt 1820

1 F Mary Gooch

           Born: Abt 1794

2 F Lucinda Gooch

           Born: Abt 1796

3 F Susanna Gooch

           Born: Abt 1798 - Garrard Co., KY
           Died: Bef 1844 - Madison Co., MO
         Spouse: Peter Calloway
           Marr: Abt 1818 - KY

General Notes: Husband - Jesse Gooch


Connections to Lincoln County, KY.


Jesse Alexander Gooch and Mary Ann Greenaway

Husband Jesse Alexander Gooch

           Born: 8 Jul 1847 - McNairy Co., TN
           Died: 4 Mar 1931

         Father: Nicholas Gooch
         Mother: Mary Ann Rains

       Marriage: 19 Oct 1873 - Boone County, AR

   Other Spouse: Christine Pearl Bailey - 11 Apr 1894

Wife Mary Ann Greenaway

           Born: Abt 1854
           Died: Abt 1890

1 F Charity Lucinda Gooch

           Born: Abt 1874

2 M James Edward Gooch

           Born: Abt 1876

3 M Arthur Nicholas Gooch

           Born: Abt 1878
         Spouse: Naomi Corlena Strothers
           Marr: 13 Dec 1908

4 F Iona Adeline Gooch

           Born: Abt 1880

5 M Marion Henry Gooch

           Born: Abt 1882

6 M George A. Gooch

           Born: Abt 1884

7 M John Franklin Gooch

           Born: Abt 1884
           Died: Abt 1884

General Notes: Husband - Jesse Alexander Gooch

Jesse A. Gooch


There are strong indicators that Jesse A. Gooch was our Lige Gooch, and that Jesse James Gooch and Pearl Gooch were his children.

Jesse James Gooch (b. 1874) would have been a child of the marriage to Mary Ann Greenaway.

Pearl Gooch (b. abt 1895) would have been a child of the marriage to Christine Pearl Bailey.


Census information received from Connie Bird, Houston, TX:

In 1880, Ark., found this:
Gooch, Jesse A. b. TN age 33 (vol. 1, E.D. 18, sheet 41, line 1)
Boone Co., Ark. Lee?
, Mary A. wife 26 Ark
, Charity L.C. dau 6 Ark
, James E. son 4 Ark
, Luther S.N. son 1 Ark
(could be a brother of Lige?)

General Notes: Wife - Mary Ann Greenaway

Date of death not proven.

Mary Ann Greenaway was a Creek Indian.

J.R. Teaf and Jimmie Gooch

Husband J.R. Teaf

           Born: Abt 1890
           Died: Abt 1950
       Marriage: 3 Oct 1915 - Lamar County, TX

Wife Jimmie Gooch

           Born: 1 Mar 1892 - TX
           Died: Abt 1970

         Father: William W. (Bill) Gooch
         Mother: Betsy Ann Dunn


Unknown Peake and Joane Gooch

Husband Unknown Peake

           Born: Abt 1655
           Died: Abt 1730
       Marriage: Abt 1675

Wife Joane Gooch

           Born: Abt 1660
           Died: Abt 1730

         Father: John Gooch
         Mother: Jane Jones


John Gooch and Mary (Polly) Tong

Husband John Gooch

           Born: 31 Jan 1790 - Burke Co., NC
           Died: 12 Mar 1864 - Burnet, Burnet Co., TX
         Buried:  - Benjamin Franklin Cem., Mason Co., TX

         Father: Unknown Gooch
         Mother: Mary Rice

       Marriage: 25 Aug 1819 - Joplin, Genevieve Co., MO

   Other Spouse: Sarah Crowson - 28 May 1857 - Williamson, TX

Wife Mary (Polly) Tong

           Born: Abt 1790
           Died: Abt 1842

         Father: William Tong
         Mother: Elizabeth Thomas

1 M Benjamin Gooch

           Born: 21 Jan 1821 - Ste. Genevieve, Mo
           Died: 8 May 1894 - Lampasas, Lampasas Co., TX
         Spouse: Catherine Fears
           Marr: 16 Jul 1866 - Austin, Travis Co., TX

2 F Mary Elizabeth Gooch

           Born: 31 Jan 1823 - MO
           Died: 8 May 1908 - Austin, Travis Co., TX
         Spouse: William McFarland Wilson
           Marr: 20 Nov 1845 - Henry, MO

3 M William Gooch

           Born: 1825 - MO
           Died: 1825 - MO

4 M Thomas Gooch

           Born: 30 Aug 1826 - Lexington, Lafayette Co., Mo
           Died: 2 Mar 1885 - Llano, TX
         Spouse: Verlinda Jennings
           Marr: 7 Mar 1852 - Williamson, TX

5 M Cyrus Gooch

           Born: Abt 1829 - Lexington, Lafayette Co., Mo
           Died: Abt 1900 - Bell, TX

6 F Harriet Gooch

           Born: 1 Oct 1833 - Lexington, Lafayette Co., Mo
           Died: After 1900 - Austin, Travis Co., TX
         Spouse: James A. Horne
           Marr: 24 Apr 1849 - Austin, Travis Co., TX
         Spouse: Dominick Thomas Wiggins Dignan
           Marr: 6 Nov 1851 - Austin, Travis Co., TX

General Notes: Husband - John Gooch

Notes for John Gooch:
According to a query submitted to the San Antonio Light in around Nov . of 1962 which was sent in by a Mrs. Rene Ranklin, "John Gooch--hi s date of birth and where he was born is unknown--was maarried in Nor th Carolina to Elizabeth Rice. It is a family tradition that he fough t in the Battle of Bunker Hill. His wife Elizabeth Rice is said to h ave had a brother James Rice. We do not know who her parents were . It is said one sister married a Mr. Cash; the other married a Mr . Culbertson..."

!1790 BIRTH: NC, Burke Co.(Burke changed to Buncombe Co. in 1791); Mr s. Harry Joseph Morris, Founders and Patriots of the Republic of Texa s- The Lineages of the Members of the Daughters of the Republic of Te xas; pp. 38,269; FHL book 976.4 D2f bk.1.

Sent in by Mrs. Jennette Wilson Roberts, No. 2979. Admitted 27 Jul 1 946: 1. Jennette Wilson, b. Rusk, Texas, m, James Davis Roberts 2. He nry Baily Wilson, b. 3-31-1858, d. 7-29-1930, m. 5-28-1879 Sue Russel l Francis, b. 10-6-1861, d. 2-20-1943. 3. William McFarland Wilson, b . 6-11-1807, d. 7-20-1889, m. 11-10-1845 Mary Elizabeth Gooch, b. 1-3 1-1823, d. 5-8-1908. 4. John Gooch, b. Amherst, Virginia, b. 1-31-179 6 [CONFLICT], d. 3-12-1864, m. Mary (Polly) Long, b. 1802 [CONFLICT] , d. 1842, Texas. John Gooch served the Republic of Texas in the capa city of colonist; Stephen F. Austin Colony, Red River County, Texas ; received Land Grant No. 166.

Sent in by Mrs. Lula B. Wilson, No. 502. Admitted May 26, 1903.
1. Lula B. Wilson, b. Austin, Texas, m. Edwin Wilson.
2. W.M. Wilson, Capt. m. Mary Elizabeth Gooch.
3. John Gooch, b. Buncombe County, North Carolina, 1-31-1790, m. Mar y Long [CONFLICT]. John Gooch established an arsenal for repair an d furnishing fire arms for the service of the Republic of Texas.

SEE ALSO: Cecil Daniels, ed. The Gooch Family Newsletter; v. 4; no . 4; p. 15; 222 Alexandria Drive, Macon, GA 31210.

Query sent in by Kathy Brown, 5905 Churchhill Way, Lot. 70 Juneau, A K 99801. John Gooch, b. 13 Jan. 1790 Buncombe Co., NC [CONFLICT], d . 12 Mar. 1864 in Austin, TX m. Mary (Polly) Tong, 25 Aug. 1819 in MO ...John had a twin bro. named Ben.

1790 CENSUS: NC, Burke Co. Morgan Dist.; p. 110.

Jones Gouge [Jonas Gooch] 2 males 16+; 2 males under 16 [John and Ben jamin]; 4 females.

1800 CENSUS: (Jonas died in 1792) NC, Buncombe Co.; p. 124.

Mary Gooch, head of household, 2 males 10-16 [Benjamin and John]; 1 m ale 16-26; 1 female 0-10; 2 females 10-16; 1 female 26-45.

Also living in Buncombe Co. was John Gooch.

1812 LAND: NC, Buncombe Co.; Deeds; v. E; p. 137-138; FHL Film #04105 48.

This indenture made 7 July 1812...between John Gooch and Benjamin Goo ch of the one part and Thomas Forster...all of...Buncombe Co...for $8 00...John and Benjamin...sell...two hundred acres being a tract of la nd originally granted to James Gooch deceased by the State of No. Car olina situate and lying...on the west side of French Broad River an d on both sides of New found creek formerly called Cole Creek includi ng the Fork and Beaverdam that fork now known by the name of Gooche s Branch. Beginning at a white oak and pointers about twenty poles e ast of the creek thence west one hundred and sixty poles crossing th e creek below the fork to a pine thence south Two hundred poles t o a stake thence east one hundred and sixty poles to a stake thence n orth two hundred poles to the place of Beginning bearing date the sev enth day of August 1787 and No 939 containing by computation Two Hund red the presence of Humphrey Possey [?], David Mathewson . John Gooch seal, Benjamin Gooch seal.

1813 MILITARY: Capt Silas Dickenson's Company, 30 or 31 U.S. Infantry ; War of 1812; Rank of private; Army Enlistment Registers 1798-1817 ; San Bruno Archives; M233; Roll 5.

No. 1606, John Gooch, private. Enlistment period June 9, 1814. M.R . Capt Buck's Co Aug 31, 1813. Discharged Aug 14, 1813. S.O.M.R. De c 30, 1813, discharged Aug 15, 1813.

1814 LAND: NC, Buncombe Co.; Deeds; V. G; p. 311; FHL film #0410549.

This Indenture made...this 29th Day of thousand eigh t hundred and fourteen Between Mary Gooch Wilson Owen John Gooch an d Benjamin Gooch of the County of Buncombe...of the one part and Abe l Owen...of the other part...for hundred and fifty id by the said Abel Owen...for land in the County aforesaid ...on bot h sides of Swannano River including the farm on which said Abel Owen s now lives Beginning on a Hickory on the bank of the River on the s outh side and runs south fifteen degrees west ninety five poles t o a lowerwood Stake Thence West one hundred and Eighty poles crossin g the river twice to a lower wood stake on a ridge thence north thirt yeight Degrees. East one hundred and seventy seven poles crossing th e river to a small sassafras pointed by two Clack Haws thence sout h sixty four degrees east one hundred and ten pole to the beginning c ontaining one hundred and eight acres of land ...wit. Joseph Rice an d Wm. Gudger; signed Mary Gooch (her mark), Wilson Owen, John Gooch , Benjamin Gooch, seals.

1815 MILITARY: NC, Buncombe Co; G, Capt Lowry's Company, NC Detache d Militia, War of 1812; Rank of 2nd Lieutenant; National Archives Mi litary File.

Appears on Company payroll for 17 Feb to 12 Mar 1815. Roll dated Ashe ville, NC 27 May 181_. Term of service charged, 24 days. Pay per mon th, 25 dollars. Amount of pay, 20 dollars.

1817 RESIDENCE: MO, Ste. Genevieve Co.; Buncombe, NC Deeds; v. 9-12 ; 1804-1828; p. 159; FHL film # 0410552.

p. 159 This indenture made this 28 day of thousand eight h undred and seventeen between Benjamin Gooch and John Gooch of the cou nty of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Territory of the one part and Danie l Smith SenR of...Buncombe...for three hundred dollars to them the sa id Gooches in hand paid...for land the county of Buncombe...o n the Grassy Branch Beginning on a black oak running north ninety fou r poles to a pine clump then west twenty poles crossing the waggon ro ad to a stake then north twenty poles to a stake then west one hundre d and twenty eight poles crossing the branch to a stake thence sout h one hundred and fourteen poles to a black oak thence east to the be ginning containing one hundred acres and 2 1/2 acres Patent dated 1 9th Jan 1785? to another tract beginning on a black oak on the poin t of a ridge running west one hundred poles to a stake thence twent y poles to a black oak thence east one hundred poles to a Spanish oac k thence south to the
beginning containing twelve and one half acres another tract beginnin g on the north west corner on a black oak running east one hundred a nd forty eight
poles to a black oak thence south seventy five to a post oak then we st one hundred and forty eight poles to a post oak then to the beginn ing containing seventy acres another tract on the grassy branch inclu ding the cove beginning on a pine on the side of a ridge on one of th e above mentioned and runs north one hundred and sixty poles to a bla ck oak then west one hundred poles to a stake then south one hundre d and sixty poles to a stake then to the beginning containing one hun dred and more or less of a [?] or tracts... wit. James Rice and Josep h Griffith?; Benj Gooch and John Gooch Seals. Handwriting of Jame s Rice proved by William Rice. Ben and John Gooch handwriting prove d by James Gudger and John Longmire.

P. 161...This indenture made this 7th day of thousand eigh t hundred and seventeen between Benjamin and John Gooch of St. Genevi eve Missouri Territory ...and Daniel Smith, Sen...of Buncombe ...for. .$300...[land] on the Grassy Branch beginning on a large popular on t he bank of the branch in their old line on the north side and runnin g north one hundred and eighty two poles to a stake then west twent y two poles to a stake then south one hundred and eighty two poles t o a stake then east ninety two poles with his old line to the beginni ng containing one hundred acres...[same witnesses].

!1819 MARRIAGE: MO; Cecil Daniels, ed. The Gooch Family Newsletter ; v. 4; no. 4; p. 15; 222 Alexandria Drive, Macon, GA 31210.

Query sent in by Kathy Brown, 5905 Churchhill Way, Lot. 70 Juneau, A K 99801. John Gooch. John Gooch...m. Mary (Polly) Tong, 25 Aug. 181 9 in MO.

SEE ALSO: Mrs. Harry Joseph Morris, Citizens of the Republic of Texa s; p 254; Los Angeles FHL book 976.4 M832

...Mary Tong... m. John Gooch, Lexington, MO. [No date given]

SEE ALSO: Letter from Martha Gooch, niece of John, to her brother Be njamin Franklin Gooch, dated 24 July, 1900,copied into his journal; c opy made by Ruth Crowson, in possession of Dayna Jacobs:

"Uncle John was married Aug 25, 1819, and died March 12th, 1864 his w ife died Oct 2, 1842."

1821 CHILDREN: MO, St Genevieve; Benjamin Gooch born; National Arch ives Mexican War (1846-1847) pension file for Benjamin #WC-9252 & SC- 13377; documents dated 1887-1894.

Benjamin states he was born 21 Jan 1821 in St Genevieve, MO

1823 CHILDREN: MO; Mary E. Gooch born in Jan 1823; 1900 Soundex; W-42 5 (Carl) thru W-425 (Santa Anna); AGLL film #T1073-274.

TX, Travis Co, Pct 5; V-103, ED-118, S-2, L-12 Mary E. Wilson, w, b J an 1823, age 77, b in MO. Enumerated with W.M. Spencer, son-in-law.

1826 CHILDREN: MO, Lafayette Co, Lexington; Thomas Gooch born; Natio nal Archives Mexican War (1846-1848) pension file for Thomas #WC-5820 ; documents dated 1882-1898, and 1962-1963.

!1827 COURT: MO, Lafayette Co; Lafayette Co, MO Circuit Court Records ; 1821-1886; v 1-3; pp 51,56,57,72,79,86,87,127 FHL film #0959815 . ..July Term 1827 1st 51...John Gooch, plaintiff against Sara h Downey, the widow, Elizabeth Downey, Narcissa Tennessee Downey th e heirs of William H. Downey, deceased. The plaintiff having file d a petition praying for the division of a tract of land held by hims elf and the said heirs, undivided and in common, and the said defenda nts having in due time had review of a notice and the said petition , and being made [?] to the court, that the said heirs are infants... that James Fletcher, be...appointed guardian...July Term 1827 2nd Day 56...This day came the plaintiff by his attorney and the said d efendant Sarah Downey, being solemnly called but came not but made de fault with the said plaintiff having joined agree upon the answer an d [?] pleading of said heirs by their guardian...and neither party re quiring a jury to try the matter...the court doth ascertain and fin d that [they] are entitled to one equal undivided half of a tract o f land in said county being the west half of the south west quarter o f section twenty three in township fifty one south of Missouri Rive r of range twenty-seven containing eighty acres... and the court dot h hereby appoint Lewis Johnson, John Robinson, Isaac Clark and Willia m Boon and [?] Murray or any three of make partition of th e said land...taking into [?] the relative quality and quantitiy of t he same...

...Special adjourned term March 29th 87...commissioners rep ort as follows that John Gooch ought to have off of the north end o f said eighty acres thirty two acres and one half running from east t o west so as to include the said amount of thirty two and a half acre s and all the work and improvements done on the said north end of sai d land and that the defendants have the residue given under our hands ...November Term 1827 2nd 72...the commissioners appointed a t the last July term of this court made report of the division of th e following described tract of land...

...March Term 1828 1st 79...came the plaintiff by his attorn ey and on his motion it is ordered by the court that this cause be co ntinued until next court.

1827 LAND: MO, Lafayette Co; Lafayette Co, MO Deed Records; 1820-183 6; v B; p. 287; FHL film #0959425

Deed for above tract of land recorded 31 Jul 1827.

1828 LAND: MO, Lafayette Co; Lafayette Co, MO Deed Records; 1820-183 6; v B; p. 324; FHL film #0959425

...This indenture made and entered into this twenty second day of Aug ust eighteen hundred and twenty eight between John Gooch and Mary hi s wife of the county of Lafayette and state of Missouri of the one pa rt and David K. Mackey of the county and state aforesaid... That fo r and in consideration of the sum of twelve hundred dollars to the sa id John Gooch in hand paid before the signing and sealing of these pr esents by the said David K. Mackey the receipt whereof is hereby ackn owledged in full for the absolute purchase of the inheritances [?] si mple of and in all that tract or parcel of land...herein mentioned t o be sold and conveyed as follows thirty two acres and a half of th e southwest quarter of section number twenty three township number fi fty one south of Missouri river and range number twenty seven west co ntaining eighty acres... [2 Aug 1828]

1828 LAND: MO, Lafayette Co, Lexington Land Office; National Archive s Cash Certificate #1061.

...31 Dec 1828...on this day purchased...east half north east quarte r of section number 3 of township number 50 in range number 27 contai ning eighty one 36 [hdths] acres, at a rate of 1.25 per acre, amounti ng to $101.70 for which said John Gooch has made payment in full. I.S .[?] Findlay, register

Date of patent 20 Apr 1829

1829 LAND: MO, Lafayette Co, Lexington Land Office; National Archive s Cash Certificate #1111.

...26 Jan 1829...on this day purchased...west half of the south eas t quarter of section number 3 of township number 50 [?] in range numb er 27 containing eighty acres at the rate of 1.25 per acre, amountin g to $100... I.S. [?] Findlay, register

Date of patent 1 June 1829

1829 COURT: MO, Lafayette Co; Lafayette Co, MO Circuit Court Records ; 1821-1886; p 127; FHL film #0959815.

...July Term 127...John Gooch, plaintiff, against David H . Mackey, defendant...Now on this day came the plaintiff by his attor ney, and saith he will not further prosecute this suit.

1829 CHILDREN: MO, Lafayette Co; Cyrus Gooch born; 1850 Census for Wi lliamson Co, TX.

Cyrus age 21, born in MO, enumerated with John Gooch.

1830 OCCUPATION: MO, Lafayette Co, gunsmith; Sutro book F472 L2 Y7 ; p 313.

...It may be state that in 1830, or about that year, the following pe rsons were transacting business in the embryo city: John Aull conduc ted the only well-stocked store; Ed Ragland had the only other store , and was about closing up his business; George Houx, saddlery; Jaco b Nottingham was the only "Village Smithy"; John Gooch was a gunsmith , who was ever busy, for a gun was kept in every household; General G raham followed the trade of a hatter, while the tavern was kept by El isha Green, where entertainment was furnished "to man and beast."

1832 LAND: MO, Lafayette Co; Lafayette Co, MO Deed Records; 1820-1836 ; v C; p 307; FHL film #0959425.

...This indenture made this twenty fourth day of February in the yea r of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty two between Hiram C. Meek a nd Rachel his wife ...and John Gooch of... all of Lafayette County an d state of Missouri [?] that the said Hiram C. Meek and Rachel his wi fe for ...the sum of four hundred them paid do... sell.. . unto the said John Gooch one [?] lot or parcel of ground lying situ ate and being in the town of Lexington, county and state aforesaid an d known and designated in the plan ofsaid town now in the office by n umber twenty six. Also one other certain lot or parcel of ground...n umber twenty five... the aforesaid being amid premises together... Si gned in the presence of I. or J. S. Findlay [4 Feb 1832]

1834: MO, Lafayette Co; Lafayette Co, MO Deed Records; 1820-1836 ; v D; p 204; FHL film #0959425.

...I John Gooch of the county of Lafayette and state of Missouri of t he first part and James Aull of the county of Lafayette and Robert Au ll of the county of Clay and the state aforesaid of the second part w itnesseth that the said John Gooch for... the sum of one dollar to hi m in hand paid by the said Aulls do ...sell to the said Aulls...the f ollowing personal property to wit one horse saddle and bridle, two co ws and calves, one fancy bedstead with feather bed and bedding one di ning table one press cupboard, one small one horse Dearborn waggon an d geese two log chains one wooden clock which said property is now i n the possession of the said John Gooch and there to remain until th e nonperformance of certain things herein after agreed to be performe d by the said John Gooch.
The conditions of the above bargain and sale is such that wherea s the said John Gooch stand in debted to the said Aulls in the sum o f one hundred dollars by his bond dated on the twenty sixth day of Fe bruary 1834 [26 Feb 1834] and payable on the twenty seventh day of Ju ne 1834 [27 Jun 1834] with interest at the rate of ten percentum pera nnum from the time due until paid. Now therefore for and in consi deration of the above stated bond and for the purpose of securing th e said Aulls in the payment thereof when the same shall become due wi thout delay or defalcation I do hereby make this bill of sale and I d o hereby authorize the said James default of the payment o f the said sum of money above stated and on the day after as he may t hink fit to take into his possession the above an d sell the public sale after giving twenty days notice in w riting by putting up at these different public places in said count y of Lafayette...And the...surplus if any there be...after paying al l the expenses of this deed...and sale shall be paid over to the sai d John Gooch...signed on 26 Feb 1834...witnesses William H. Russell , William G. Roberts, John Aull, Robert Aull, James Aull...also Jame s Bounds, Justice of the Peace, and Young Ewing, clerk

1838 LAND: MO, St. Clair Co.: Letter dated 17 Aug. 1993 from Marsha H offman Rising to Gooch Family Newsletter; Vol. 2, No. 4; p. 69.

John Gooch was b. 1780-1790. His wife is unknown. He purchase d 40 acres of land in St. Clair County about 1838 from the Springfiel d, Missouri land office. "John Goots" that was said to be in St. Cla ir County, Missouri at the time of its formation 1 January 1841. [abs tract of 1840 census entry for John Gouch in Rives County included]

1839 LAND: MO, Rives Co; Miss Nadine Hodges, Missouri Pioneers, Count y and Genealogical Records; v 8; p 65; MHFC book MO21.

Rives (Henry) Co Abstracts of Deeds, Books A & B, 1821- 1852 24 Jun 1 839 John Gooch to Crow & Crutchfield and to Cox & Co., Mortgage - su m of 353.59 to Crow & Crutchfield, and sum of 73.34 to Cox & Co. (th e NW Q of SE Q of S20 T37 R25, 40 a.) (96).

!1840 CENSUS: MO, Rives Co, p 377.

John Gooch, 2 males 10-15 [Thomas and Cyrus], 1 male 15-20 [Benjamin] , 1 male 20-30 [?], 1 male 50-60 [John], 1 female 5-10 [Harriet], 1 f emale 15-20 [Mary Elizabeth], 1 female 40-50 [Mary].

1841 LAND: MO, St. Clair Co.; See source for 1838 LAND above.

On 24 August 1841 Daniel Waldo of St. Clair county received judg ement in
the St. Clair County Circuit COurt against John Gooch in the amount o f $243.00. The court commanded the sheriff to sell real estate in or der to pay te debt and in November of 1841, for $70.00, Jacob Coonc e purchased the 40 acres in NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of 20-37-25 which had be longed to John Gooch (St. Clair County Deed Book C, p. 29).[Referenc e to original mortgage recorded in Henry Co. Deed Book B, p. 96 on 2 4 June 1839].

1841 IMMIGRATION: November 1841 immigration date stated in 4th Clas s Headright Certificate #166 issued by Republic of Texas on 7 Mar 184 2.

1841-1849 LAND: TX, Red River Co; Joyce Martin Murray, Red River C o Deed Abstracts; 1838-1855; v 1; p 151; FHL book 976.4212 R28m.

Land transactions involving both Benjamin and John Gooch, and each in dividually. Other names mentioned: William Owens, Thomas Hill, Edwar d West, Palser Rouse, Isaac Burton, William Cragg, A Sloan, Isaac Lan gston, Josiah Davidson, W B Stout, J G Wright, James Basham, F L Blan ton, Henry Acres, S W Sims, Isaac Keykendall, John R Russell, A J Rus sell, Silas B Hart, George Gordon, Samuel Huffer.

1842 LAND: Republic of TX, Red River Co; Red River Co, TX Board of La nd Commissioners; 4th Class Headright Conditional Certificate #166 i ssued to John Gooch on 7 Mar 1842.

...John Gooch is entitled to 640 acres of land a married man he havin g proved to us that he arrived in the Republic on the day of Novembe r 1841 that he has never received a certificate for the quantity of l and for which he is applying. Given under our hands at Clarksville th is 7th day of March 1842...Attest J.C. Hart, clerk county board, Gilb ert Clark, [?] [?]

1846 LAND: State of TX, Red River Co; Red River Co, TX Board of Lan d Commissioners; Unconditional Certificate #128 issued to John Gooc h on 19 Sep 1846. entitled to 640 acres of land by virtue of certificate #166 da ted 7 Mar 1842...having proved to us that he has resided in the Repub lic three years and performed all the duties required of him as a cit Clarksville ...19 Sep 1846...attest John A. Bagly , Chief Justice and Ex-Officio President Board Land Commissioners. [o ther names illegible]

1847 LAND: Transfer of land rights to Benjamin Gooch, son, written o n back of unconditional certificate #128, 6 May 1847.

1849-1857 LAND: TX, WIlliamson Co; Williamson Co, TX Land Records, Re verse Index; 1848-1877; FHL film #0977920.

Many entries with John Gooch or John C. Gooch as grantee during thi s period. Not clear from index which is the older John.

1849 RESIDENCE: TX, Williamson Co; Clara Stearns Scarbrough, Land o f Good Water (Takachue Pouetsu), A Williamson Co, TX History; p 162 ; FHL book 976.4289 H2s.

...John Gooch is said to have built a corn mill in 1849 at Mill Hollo w or Mustang Springs, later called Wilson Springs for John S. Wilso n (also Willson), who bought the property in 1854 from Ben Gooch. Se veral of the Gooch family were millers. Benjamin Gooch, in partnersh ip with George
Washington Glasscock, Sr., built a mill about three-fourths of a mil e from the junction of the North and South San Gabriels in 1850. Bef ore the enterprise was established, it was damaged by flood, but wa s soon repaired.

1850 CENSUS: TX, Williamson Co, Milam and Williamson District; 1850 F ederal Census; pg 335; Dwelling #142, Family #153; 7 Sep 1850.

John Gooch, head, age 56, male, occupation gunsmith, value of real es tate owned $500, born in NC; Cyrus Gooch, age 21, male, occupation fa rmer, born in MO; James W. Lloyd, age 36, male, occupation Methodis t clergyman, born in TN; Ambrose Goff, age 36, male, occupation farme r, value of real estate owned $500, born in TN

1850 CENSUS: TX, Williamson Co, Milam and Williamson District; 1850 F ederal Census; p 337; Dwelling #131, Family #142; 7 Sep 1850.

John C. Gooch, age 22, male, occupation clerk, born AR; Jemima E. Go och, age 18, female, born AR; Martha E. Gooch, age 16, female, born A R; Matilda R. Gooch, age 14, female, born TX, Delinda A. Gooch, age 1 0, female, born TX; Roseann E. Gooch, age 8, female, born TX; Benjam in F. Gooch, age 12, male, born TX; Thomas Gooch, age 23, male, occu pation laborer, born MO; Cyrus Gooch, age 21, male, occupation labore r, born MO. Neighbors: Norton Moses born GA, Newton D. Johnson bor n GA, William Knight born OH.

While these Gooches are not enumerated with John Gooch, Thomas and C yrus are believed to be his children.

1851 LAND: TX, Ellis Co, Robertson Land District; 4 Mar 1851 survey o f land issued by virtue of certificate #128 to John Gooch.

...I have surveyed 640 acres of land for John Gooch situated in Elli s Co about 2 miles N 25 E of Waxahatchie...Beginning at the NE corne r of [neighboring properties] B.B. Davis... J.C. Armstrong...Willia m Baskins...signed James E. Pattan, Dept S R L District. witness Joh n W. Berry and Joseph H. Whittenberg

1855 LAND: TX, Ellis Co, Robertson Land District; TX General Land Of fice Patent #1013 issued to Benjamin Gooch, assignee of John Gooch fo r land described in 4 Mar 1851 survey and issued by virtue of certifi cate #128. Done at Austin, TX on 5 Jun 1855.

!1857 MARRIAGE: TX, Williamson Co; G. Mclin, Williamson Co, TX Marria ge Records; 1849-1860; p 3; FHL book 976.4 A1 #217.

Groom John Gooch, Bride Sarah Lollar, Date 28 May 1857 NOTE: In IG I entry bride is Mrs. Sarah Lollar, indicating that this is a secon d marriage for her.

!1857 LAND: TX, Williamson Co; Williamson Co, TX Deeds; 1856-1863 ; v 7-8; pp 267-268; FHL film #0977903.

...I B. Gooch of [Williamson Co] thousand dollars to me i n hand paid by John Gooch of San Saba sell...the said Joh n Gooch...a certain... parcel of land...lying and situated in the Co unty of Williamson...on the headwaters of the San Gabriel about 20 mi les due W. of Georgetown. Beginning on the SE corner of a Labor Surv ey in the name of ? Addison in the W line of a League Survey in the n ame of Rebecca Burleson [?] a stone mound on the side of a hill fro m which a Spanish Oak bears S 83 degrees E 15 vrs a cedar bears S50 d egrees E 2020 vrs. Thence S19 degrees E with sd Burlesons W line at 1 900 vrs on a branch 2020 vrs a stone mound on a rocky ledg [?] for th e SE corner of this survey from which a Sp O bears E 2 vrs another be ars S6 degrees W 2 vrs. Thence S71 degrees W 1788 vrs a stake for th e SW corner. Thence N19 degrees W 2020 a stake for the NW corner. Th ence N11 degrees E 112 vrs a Branch 512. The SW corner of the Addiso n survey with his line running S1788 vrs to the place of beginning co ntaining 640 acres of land being one half of Jacob Spears headright c ertificate issued to sd Spears by the Board of Land Commissioners fo r Red River County, and conveyed to me the sd Gooch by deed bearing d ate Oct 25 184?.
Dated the 20th day of Nov 1857... Signed B. Gooch

NOTE: Background information on Burnet County can be found in "Burne t County History, A Pioneer History, 1847-1979, Vol. I" by Darrell De bo; pp. 11-12, 35-37; Sutro F 392 B97 D4 v. 1.

!1858 LAND: TX, Burnet Co; Burnet Co Land and Property, Grantor Index ; p 43; 1852-1894; FHL film #0978770.

doi 24 Aug 1858, Mortgages, v D, p 430, John Gooch to Margaret Procto r, 5 acres, John Hamilton League #1.

1858 LAND: TX, Burnet Co; Burnet Co. Deed Records; v. A-D; 1852-1859 ; p. 430; FHL film #098773.

John Gooch to mortgage Margaret Proctor. ...John Gooch and Sarah Gooc h have for...the sum of four hundred dollars...conveyed unto Margare t lying and being in Burnet County...a part of the Joh n Hamilton League (No 1) in what is known as Josiah Brantly's portio n of the Town of Burnet on the west side of Hamilton Creek. Beginnin g at a stake hence north west 240 vs to a stake from which a live oa k bears south 9 vs. Thence south 70 degrees W117 1/2 vs to a stak e a live oak bears south 25 varas. Thence south 83 degrees E240 vs t o a stake or stone corner from which a live oak bears N13 degrees W1 4 vs. Thence N 7 degrees E117 1/2 vs to the beginning containing fiv e acres of land which includes the house built by the United States A rmy for a hospital... the condition of the above sale is such that th e said Margaret Proctor has this day deeded the above described lan d to the said John Gooch for the sum of four hundred dollars which i s secured by a promissary note drawn payable to the said Margaret Pro ctor on or before the 25th day of December 1859 with interest at te n percent.

NOTE: On p. 429 of same source is MArgaret Proctor Deed to John Gooc h dated 24 August 1858 for same parcel of land.

!1858 LAND: TX, Burnet Co; Burnet Co Land and Property, Grantor Index ; p 43; 1852-1894; FHL film #0978770.

doi 6 Dec 1858, dof 12 Mar 1859, Deeds, v D, p 527, John Gooch to W.H . Westfall, 320 acres, Burnet-Williamson Co's.

1858 LAND: TX, Burnet Co.;Burnet Co. Deed Records; v. A-D; 1852-1859 ; p. 527; FHL film #0978773.

John Gooch to Deed, W.H. Westfall...I John Gooch...have for...four hu ndred and twelve dollars...paid by W.H. Westfall...convey...three hun dred and twenty acres of more or less one equal and undivided half th e south half of six hundred and forty acres of land patented to B. Go och assignee of Jacob Spears lying and being in the counties of Burne t and Williamson on the waters of the south San Gabriel and bounded a s follows on the east by the Burleson League on the north by a Labo r of Land now occupied by D.C. Reed. To have and to hold the south h alf of the above describe tract to him the said Westfall...signed Joh n Gooch, at Burnet this 6th day of December A.D. 1858

!1859 LAND: TX, Burnet Co; Burnet Co Land and Property, Grantor Index ; p 43; 1852-1894; FHL film #0978770.

doi 14 Feb 1859, dof 15 Oct 1859, Deeds v E, p 10, John & Sarah Gooc h to Samuel Renick, 5 acres, Old Hospital Place.

!1860 LAND: TX, Burnet Co; Burnet Co Land and Property, Grantor Index ; p 43; 1852-1894; FHL film #0978770.

doi 19 Jun 1860, dof 20 Jun 1860, Deeds v E, p 173, John & Sarah Gooc h to G. J. McFarland, lot 4, block 12, Burnet Co.

!1860 CENSUS: TX, Burnet Co, Burnet P.O.; 1860 Federal Census; p 175 ; Dwelling #302, Family #302.

John Gooch, Head, age 68, male, occupation gunsmith, value of real es tate owned 820, value of personal estate 425, born in NC; Sarah Gooch , age 52, female, born in TN. Living next door: James McKenzie, ag e 28, male, occupation stock raising, value of personal estate $1575 , born VA,; Harriet McKenzie, age 24, female, born IL; Sarah E. McKe nzie, age 6, female, born TX; Martha A. McKenzie, age 5, female, bor n TX; Mary E. McKenzie, age 1, female, born TX; William A. McKenzie , age 1 month, male, born TX.

General Notes: Wife - Mary (Polly) Tong

Notes for Mary (Polly) Tong:
!1796 BIRTH: MD, Washington Co. Probably born near Hancocktown. NOTE : One IGI
record incorrectly says birthplace is Nelson Co., KY

NIL: I have searched the following sources with no success:

AR, Little River Co.; Cemetery Records; v. 1-2; FHL book 976.755 V2L.

AR, Union Co.; Cemeteries; v. 1-3; FHL book 976.761 V3cu.

See copy under BUR for full list of cemeteries. Too many to list.

TX, Red River Co; Red River Co, TX Cemeteries; FHL book 976.4212.

Cemeteries include Jonesboro, Wilkes, Medford, Bartonville, Bluff, St . Joseph
Cath, Bogota, Annona, Detroit #1, Dilliard, Haywood, Hopewell, New Ho pe,
Savannah, Stone's Chapel, Shawnee, Slate, Warthan, Williams, Avery, B lankton
Creek, Youn's Chapel, Becknell, Catonville, Rosalie, Cuthland, Libert y,
McKenzie Chapel, Prentice Watson, Cooper-Woods, Henson, Smith, McKenz ie
College, Clarkesville, Harris, Brewster, Atkin Grove, Halesboro, Lon e Star,
Dodd, McCrury, Morris, Bethel, Turner.

TX, Williamson Co; Williamson Co, TX Cemeteries, Index to Cemteries ; FHL film
#1398558 item 10 & 7.

TX, WIlliamson Co; Williamson Co, TX Cemeteries, Index to Surnames; F HL film
#1398559 item 1.

TX, Bell Co; Bell Co, TX Cemeteries; 1770-1956; FHL film #0889471 ite m 3.

Cemeteries include Old Cenaville, Cenaville, Hillcrest, Wedel, Dyess.
NOTE: Other Gooches found are Charles, Mathis, Joseph, Lydia, Mary, E lizabeth.

TO DO: Check film #0889471. Note dates of above-listed Gooches, incl uding
Mary, to see if they are related, and if this is John's Mary.


John Gooch and Sarah Lollar

Husband John Gooch

           Born: Abt 1835
           Died: After 1858
       Marriage: 28 May 1857 - Williamson Co., TX

Wife Sarah Lollar

           Born: Abt 1835
           Died: After 1858


General Notes: Husband - John Gooch

IGI files, Texas.

General Notes: Wife - Sarah Lollar

IGI files, Texas.

Listed as Mrs. Sarah Lollar.

John Gooch and Elizabeth Ann Talley

Husband John Gooch

           Born: 19 Nov 1832 - Pocahantis, McNairy County, TN
           Died: 21 Feb 1892 - McNairy County, TN

         Father: John Gillentine Gooch
         Mother: Louvina Brumbeloe

       Marriage: 1871 - McNairy County, TN

   Other Spouse: Sarah Catherine Brown - 6 Jun 1854 - McNairy Co., TN

   Other Spouse: Martha Ann Stanley - 13 Jan 1871 - Hardeman Co., TN

Wife Elizabeth Ann Talley

           Born: Abt 1835
           Died: Abt 1900


John Gooch and Martha Ann Stanley

Husband John Gooch

           Born: 19 Nov 1832 - Pocahantis, McNairy County, TN
           Died: 21 Feb 1892 - McNairy County, TN

         Father: John Gillentine Gooch
         Mother: Louvina Brumbeloe

       Marriage: 13 Jan 1871 - Hardeman Co., TN

   Other Spouse: Sarah Catherine Brown - 6 Jun 1854 - McNairy Co., TN

   Other Spouse: Elizabeth Ann Talley - 1871 - McNairy County, TN

Wife Martha Ann Stanley

           Born: Abt 1835
           Died: 13 Jan 1871 - TN

1 F Martha Jane Gooch

           Born: 5 Jan 1871

John Gooch and Polly Walters

Husband John Gooch

           Born: Abt 1780 - Caswell Co., NC
           Died: Abt 1860

         Father: William Gooch Jr.
         Mother: Sarah (Sally) Kerr

       Marriage: 25 Aug 1807 - Caswell Co., NC

Wife Polly Walters

           Born: Abt 1782
           Died: Abt 1870


John Gooch and Sarah Terry

Husband John Gooch

           Born: Abt 1760

Wife Sarah Terry

           Born: Abt 1766

         Father: Roland Terry
         Mother: Unknown *UNKNOWN

   Other Spouse: William Gooch


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