Ancestors of The Family History Files of Dalton Ray Phillips

Ancestors of

William Garland Gooch and Leila Bell Holtzclaw

Husband William Garland Gooch

           Born: 8 Jun 1908 - Lumpkin Co., GA
           Died: 21 Jan 1993 - Forsyth Co., GA

         Father: James Vance Gooch
         Mother: Ethel America Mincey

       Marriage: 20 Oct 1935 - Dawson Co., GA

Wife Leila Bell Holtzclaw

           Born: Abt 1910


William Greenup Gooch and Sarah Grimmett

Husband William Greenup Gooch

           Born: 28 Jul 1806 - Lexington Kentucky
           Died: 16 Apr 1893 - Browning, Linn Co Mo

         Father: Thomas Gooch
         Mother: Ann Bowen Crosthwait


   Other Spouse: Nettie Pompella Reeves

   Other Spouse: Mary Naomi Boggess - 21 Oct 1830 - Pike Co Mo

   Other Spouse: Libby Luella Meyers - 21 Jun 1861

Wife Sarah Grimmett

           Born: 25 Sep 1818 - (West) Virginia
           Died: 31 Jan 1860 - Linn Co Mo

1 M William T. Gooch

           Born: 24 Nov 1831 - Kentucky
           Died: 3 Feb 1900 - Enterprise Mo
         Spouse: Caroline Agnes Trumbo
           Marr: 27 Sep 1855

2 F Elizabeth Ann Gooch

           Born: 26 Aug 1834
         Spouse: Rev E. Nevins

3 F Mary Emma Gooch

           Born: 8 May 1837
         Spouse: Aaron J. Wilkerson

4 M Henry Harrison Gooch

           Born: 1 Mar 1841 - Enterprise Mo
           Died: 4 Jan 1905 - Browning Mo
         Spouse: Helen E. Robinson

5 M James W. Gooch

           Born: 23 Nov 1844 - Enterprise Mo
           Died: 21 May 1926 - Browning Mo

6 M John G. Gooch

           Born: 2 Apr 1846
         Spouse: Nancy Melissa King

7 F Louisanne M. Gooch

           Born: 18 Oct 1847

8 F Sarah Jane Gooch

           Born: 11 Sep 1849
           Died: 10 Feb 1927 - Browning Mo
         Spouse: James O. Calhoon
           Marr: 1865

9 M Ambrose D. Gooch

           Born: 28 May 1851

10 F Francis A. Gooch

           Born: 7 May 1853 - Enterprise Mo
           Died: 3 Jan 1855 - Enterprise Mo

11 F Carry M. Gooch

           Born: 13 May 1855
         Spouse: Jim Hawkins

12 M Edward Wilber Gooch

           Born: 6 Jun 1857

13 F Missouri Lynn Gooch

           Born: 23 Jan 1860
         Spouse: Fielden S. Hanks

14 M Drummond Burgess Gooch

           Born: 28 Apr 1865
           Died: 19 Jan 1938 - Browning Mo
         Spouse: Lena Jones
           Marr: 7 Feb 1888 - Linn Co Mo

15 M Charles E. Gooch

           Born: 12 Sep 1868
         Spouse: Clara Fawcett

William Greenup Gooch and Nettie Pompella Reeves

Husband William Greenup Gooch

           Born: 28 Jul 1806 - Lexington Kentucky
           Died: 16 Apr 1893 - Browning, Linn Co Mo

         Father: Thomas Gooch
         Mother: Ann Bowen Crosthwait


   Other Spouse: Sarah Grimmett

   Other Spouse: Mary Naomi Boggess - 21 Oct 1830 - Pike Co Mo

   Other Spouse: Libby Luella Meyers - 21 Jun 1861

Wife Nettie Pompella Reeves

           Born: 20 Sep 1812
           Died: 1870 - Oregon


William Greenup Gooch and Libby Luella Meyers

Husband William Greenup Gooch

           Born: 28 Jul 1806 - Lexington Kentucky
           Died: 16 Apr 1893 - Browning, Linn Co Mo

         Father: Thomas Gooch
         Mother: Ann Bowen Crosthwait

       Marriage: 21 Jun 1861

   Other Spouse: Sarah Grimmett

   Other Spouse: Nettie Pompella Reeves

   Other Spouse: Mary Naomi Boggess - 21 Oct 1830 - Pike Co Mo

Wife Libby Luella Meyers



William Henderson Gooch and Jane Craig Leach

Husband William Henderson Gooch

           Born: Abt 1840
           Died: Abt 1920
       Marriage: Abt 1860 - KY

Wife Jane Craig Leach

           Born: Abt 1841
           Died: Abt 1920

         Father: Edmond Leach
         Mother: Emily Ann Gooch


William Henry Clay Gooch and Perneta Moore

Husband William Henry Clay Gooch

           Born: 2 Oct 1839 - Bath Co Kentucky
           Died: 12 Jun 1937 - Browning Linn Co Mo

         Father: Thomas Shelton Gooch
         Mother: Rachel Trumbo

       Marriage: 4 Nov 1920 - Linn County Missouri

   Other Spouse: Mary Ann Chemoweth - 21 Mar 1869 - Enterprise Missouri

Wife Perneta Moore

           Born: Unknown
           Died: Unknown


William Lee Gooch and Amanda Hammock

Husband William Lee Gooch

           Born: 26 Apr 1870 - Texas
           Died: 22 Mar 1951

         Father: Philander Davis Gooch
         Mother: Caroline Epperson Derusha Payne

       Marriage: 29 Apr 1900 - sabine Co., Texas

Wife Amanda Hammock


1 M William Gooch

           Born: Abt 1902

2 F Charly Gooch

           Born: Abt 1903

3 M Theo Gooch

           Born: Abt 1905

4 F Gay Gooch

           Born: Abt 1907

5 F Ona Gooch

           Born: Abt 1909

William Martin Gooch and Elizabeth Jane Oliver

Husband William Martin Gooch

           Born: 3 Jan 1824 - TN 15
           Died: 21 Jan 1919 - Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX 2
 Cause of Death: unknown
         Buried:  - Hoyeye-Mt.Carmel Cemetary, Hunt County, TX

         Father: William Gooch
         Mother: Sarah *UNKNOWN

       Marriage: 5 Jun 1849 - Tishomingo Co., MS

Wife Elizabeth Jane Oliver

           Born: 8 Oct 1832 - TN 2
           Died: 14 Sep 1914 - Celeste, Hunt Co., TX 2
         Buried:  - Hoyeye-Mt.Carmel Cemetary, Hunt County, TX

         Father: Elijah Oliver
         Mother: Mary (Polly) Kuykendall

1 M William Elijah Gooch 10,11,12,13

           Born: 1 Mar 1850 - Tishomingo Co., MS 39
           Died: 10 Dec 1929 - Tarrant Co., TX
         Spouse: S. Jane Elizabeth Davis
           Marr: 30 Oct 1872 - Lee Co., MS 4

2 M Thomas Gooch

           Born: Abt 1852 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: Abt 1940
         Spouse: Minerva Eaton
           Marr: 31 Oct 1872 - Lee Co., MS

3 F Sarah Gooch

            AKA: Sally Gooch
           Born: Abt 1856 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: Abt 1897
         Spouse: M.J. Masters
           Marr: 28 Sep 1879 - Prentiss Co., MS

4 F Mary Pauline Gooch

            AKA: Molly Gooch
           Born: 29 Jan 1858 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: 15 Feb 1943 - Seawick, Shackleford Co., TX
         Buried:  - Hoyeye-Mt.Carmel Cemetary, Hunt County, TX
         Spouse: William J. Jones
           Marr: 22 Dec 1880 - Prentiss Co., MS

5 M Oliver B. Gooch

            AKA: O.B. Gooch
           Born: 24 Jul 1860 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: 27 Oct 1890 - Celeste, Hunt Co., TX
         Buried:  - Hoyeye-Mt.Carmel Cemetary, Hunt County, TX
         Spouse: Mary F. Blasengame
           Marr: 22 Oct 1883 - Prentiss Co., MS

6 F Margaret L. Gooch

            AKA: Maggie
           Born: 10 Jun 1862 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: 24 Dec 1949 - Hamlin, Jones Co., TX
         Buried:  - Hamlin Cem., Hamlin, Jones Co., TX
         Spouse: John Randolph Reynolds
           Marr: 3 Jul 1881 - Tishomingo Co., MS

7 M Luther Martin Gooch

           Born: 14 Jul 1865 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: 24 Jul 1943 - TX
         Spouse: Katie Belle Cotham
           Marr: 14 Dec 1890 - TX

8 M Other (Otha) Gooch

           Born: 14 Jul 1865 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: Abt 1950
         Spouse: Mary *UNKNOWN
           Marr: Abt 1885 - Tishomingo Co., MS

9 M George Hamilton Gooch

           Born: 23 Jul 1867 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: 26 Jun 1957 - Abilene, Taylor Co., TX
 Cause of Death: Complications of age
         Buried:  - Elmwood Memorial Park, Abilene, Taylor Co., TX
         Spouse: Hattie Dee Callicoatte
           Marr: 3 Mar 1893 - Camp Co., TX

10 F Cynthia Gooch

           Born: Abt 1868 - Tishomingo Co., MS 2
           Died: Abt 1950

11 M A. E. Gooch

           Born: 16 Nov 1870 - Prentiss Co., MS 2
           Died: 16 Sep 1883 - Prentiss Co., MS
         Buried:  - Baldwyn City Cemetery, Prentiss County, MS

12 M Alick Gooch

           Born: Abt 1872 - Prentiss Co., MS 2
           Died: Bef 1910 - Unknown

General Notes: Husband - William Martin Gooch

William Martin Gooch (1824 - 1919)


UNPROVEN: William Martin Gooch was a son of William Gooch and Sarah Unknown.
PROVEN: William Martin Gooch was the husband of Elizabeth Jane Oliver. They were the parents of of William Elijah Gooch eleven other children.

Date of birth for William Martin Gooch, January 3, 1824, taken from information in old census records, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, Tishomingo County and Itawamba County, MS. Birth year varies in these old records, but the 1824 year seems to be the most reliable. "January 3" seems to be consistant in old records.

Census records show the place of birth for William Martin Gooch as Tennessee.
One version of the family history holds that he was the son of a Dr. Thomas Gooch, who lived in Tennessee. Another version of the family history holds that he probably came to Mississippi from South Carolina. This version of the family history assumes that he was the son of a William and Sarah Gooch, and his paternal grandparents were James and Elisabeth (Kelly) Gooch. By that version, most believe that his father, William, had a brother named Tillman. I have found evidence that James and Elisabeth (Kelly) Gooch had seven children between 1786 and 1800, and possibly two children after 1800. I believe that Thomas Gooch, who later shows up living in McNairy County, TN, was the oldest child of James and Elisabeth (Kelly) Gooch. That would make Thomas an older brother of William and Tillman. The other children of James and Elisabeth (Kelly) Gooch remain unnamed, in my records. We will probably never sort this all out, with certainty, by official records that exist today. Maybe we will get lucky and stumble across an old Bible, or a will, that will provide some names. We do know that a William and Tillman Gooch were shown living near each other in South Carolina and neighoring Georgia in the 1830 census records, both with young families of their own. In 1830. William Gooch (spelled Gouch) was living in Spartenburg County, SC. Tillman Gooch was shown living in Rabun County, GA., not far away, in the northeastern corner of Georgia.

William Martin Gooch probably came to northeastern Mississippi as a boy with his family in the late 1830's. Most family records show that he had two brothers; Wesley, b. about 1822, James b. before 1825, possibly a twin of William Martin, and a sister, Rebecca, b. about 1826. I have found records that seem to show William and Sarah Gooch were married in 1815, probably in SC, and they may have had three children between 1816 and 1821, but I have no hint as to the names of those children. It seems that two of them were sons, and one was a daughter. In 1840, the William Gooch family is shown living on a farm in Tishomingo County, MS. The family of Tillman Gooch lived on a farm adjoining them, which strengthens my belief that they were brothers. Thomas Gooch was living nearby, just across the state line in McNairy County, TN.

William Martin Gooch married Elizabeth Jane Oliver in June, 1849. They lived on a backwoods farm on Tombigbee river bottom land in Itawamba or Tishomingo County, MS, far from any of the main roads. He appears in the 1850 and 1860 census records for Itawamba County and/or Tishomingo County, MS. The first of their twelve children, William Elijah Gooch, was born in March, 1850. They continued to have children, at two or three year intervals, even during the war years. It appears that they had at least one set of twins, Luther Martin and Other (b. 1865).

When the Civil War started, William Martin left his home to join the fight. He returned home early in the war, wounded. He had gunpowder wounds on his face and eyes, and he was blind. A negro house servant (slave) is credited with saving his eyesight, maybe even his life. She made a concoction of the ashes of various things she burned, and applied it to his wounds. This "voo doo medicine" seemed to work miracles: he regained some, if not all, of his sight. (Source: Elizabeth Jane Palmer, stories passed down by her grandmother, Molly (Gooch) Jones.) Molly told many stories about the Civil War, and the period after the Confederates surrendered. After the south had lost the war, Molly talked about spending time with her grandparents, the Olivers, who lived in a home near one of the main roads. The women and girls would take turns, keeping fires burning around the clock along that road. They tried to keep soups and other simple foods for the beaten soldiers to eat, as they traveled along the road, trying to make their way back to their homes. The women and girls would wash the mens clothes, in pots of boiling water, to kill the lice and other vermin, while the men sat around the fires, wrapped in blankets, telling stories about the horrors of the battles they had been through.

William Martin and Elizabeth Jane Gooch raised all their children in Mississippi. They moved to Texas in 1889 or 1890, settling in Hunt County near the town of Celeste. Their daughter, Molly, married in the 1870's or early 1880's, and she moved to that region of Texas with her new husband, W.J. Jones. She apparently influenced her mother and father, as well as other family members, to come to Texas. Many of them moved to Texas in the late 1880's or 1890's.

Elizabeth Jane (Oliver) Gooch was the daughter of Elijah and Mary (Unknown) Oliver. Mary talked about being a descendant of Daniel Boone, and that story has been passed down through the family. She was apparently from an old family in that region. The orginal settlers of that part of the country were three families; the Boones, Williams', and Curlees. As I understand it, they all had connections to Daniel Boone. They established a camp on wilderness land near the site of present day Booneville, Mississippi around 1740, after working out a deal with a Chickasaw Indian Chief. Families trickled into that region, a few at a time, but it remained essentially widerness lands until after 1800. There is mention of a Gooch family being in the area, possibly as early as the 1760's, in the History of Tishomingo County, available at the Booneville, Mississippi Library. The entry is not specific: it mentions several of the first families to settle in the region, a Gooch family being one of them. Most families that entered the region before about 1810 were sponsored by the original founding families. It was pretty much a "closed society" until about 1810, when white settlement of the region began to escalate.

Elijah Oliver came to the region as a poor young man, probably in the late 1820's. He met Mary, and they fell in love. It seems that Mary's family was upset when Elijah proposed marriage to Mary: they saw him as being "beneath them" in class, having little to offer their daughter. In old family stories, Elijah simply told Mary that he would someday be as rich as they were. She married him in the early 1830's. He kept his word. He became a rich man. He owned at least one general store - possibly several of them - and bought and sold land and other property in that area.

Elizabeth Jane bought a farm of 171 acres in Hunt County, Texas in 1890. It is not clear why the land purchase was made in her name. We know that her father, Elijah Oliver, died in 1883. It is possible that Elijah Oliver had left Elizabeth Jane a substantial inheritance, and she may have used part of that to make the land purchase in Texas. Old tax records in Texas show most of the family assets belonging to Elizabeth Jane. It may have simply been more convenient to do it that way, especially if William Martin was handicapped in some way, i.e. possible visual (or mental) impairment from his war wounds. In any case, it seems that the couple lived together on the farm in northeast Texas until Elizabeth Jane died in 1914. After the death of his wife, it seems that William Martin lived with several relatives in northeast and north central Texas. It seems that the farm, including their home, was sold shortly after the death of Elizabeth Jane, and the proceeds were divided up between the children (daughters) who were heirs in her will. George Hamilton Gooch, one of their sons, was the executor of the estate when Elizabeth Jane (Oliver) Gooch died.

Records show that William Martin was living in the home of a Gooch family in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas when he died in 1919. Both Elizabeth Jane (Oliver) Gooch and William Martin Gooch are buried in the Hoyeye (Hogeye)-Mt. Carmel Cemetery near the town of Celeste, Hunt County, Texas.


Correspondence received from the Tennessee Department of Archives and History indicates that a William Martin Gooch served with the 11th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C, as a Corporal. In reviewing historical files, I find that Company C was comprised mostly of men from Dickson County, Tennessee. Dickson County is located in the North Central region of Tennessee, west of Nashville. This may be a hint about earlier family connections to that area. The 11th saw service in Tennessee. Kentucky, Georgia and North Carolina. From about July, 1861 to November, 1862 the 11th was assigned mostly to picket and rear guard duties in northeastern Tennessee and Kentucky, in support of Confederate operations. The men were shuffled around, and their meager camp life became monotonous. Morale suffered, and many of the men simply went home, or left to join up with units that were seeing more action. While it was in the vicinity of several significant battles, the 11th did not actively participate in any major engagements until the Battle of Murfreesboro in December, 1862. It seems that it was ill prepared for that action, and suffered heavy casualties. William Martin may have been wounded in that battle. After that, the 11th fought in many significant battles in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina, including the Battle of Atlanta. They earned a reputation for being gallant fighters, and three of the Colonels in command were either killed in battle or went on to be generals. The 11th surrendered in North Carolina in 1865.

It seems unusual that William Martin would join up with a unit so far from his home in Mississippi, where he was known to be living in 1860. Still, in early 1861, when the Civil War erupted, things were in a frenzy, and very poorly organized, on both sides. In the south, the men who lived in out of the way regions (such as Mississippi) packed up their weapons and personal essentials, and rode away with a few friends, to meet the "Yankee threat". If that is the way it was, William Martin probably rode toward the north, into Tennessee, where the Union forces were starting to stage along the Mississippi River and in Kentucky, for a thrust southward and eastward into Tennessee and the deep south. It is quite possible that he joined up with the Tennessee unit, after things became more organized, in the summer of 1861.


Information from Connie Ball, Paris, Texas, shows that she found records where Tillman Gooch was a JP (Justice of the Peace) in Corinth, Mississippi in 1841 or 1842. She believes that he left the area shortly after that, to homestead in Arkansas. By 1850, he may have died, as several children show up living in the home of William and Sarah Gooch, back in Mississippi, who appear not to be their children.



Gooch, W.M. on tax list for Lee County, MS, 1877.

DATE: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 00:12:45
From: Christi <>
To: <>

In looking for evidence of the T.A. Gooch who married Miss Callie Sherrod in
Prentiss Co., MS., in 1873, I did some digging on the census's of both Lee
and Prentiss Co., MS.
Lee County borders Prentiss Co., MS. to its north, so while one family may
have lived in Lee and the other in Prentiss, they could have been just a
'creek' apart in where their homes were located.

Considering all the circumstantial evidence that Callie Sherrod was a
daughter of Thomas Sherrod and wife Purtandy (shown as Paulina in 1870
only), I found the following.

In Lee Co., MS., where I found Thomas Sherrod & family living in 1870, I
also found a Gooch family living not far away and they had a son, Thomas,
age 18, born in MS.

Thomas Sherrod's home was #57-57*see previous email for the details of his

The Gooch home was #29-29
The Gooch home was as follows:

Gooch, William 45 TN
Jane 38 TN
Elijah 21 TN
Thomas 18 MS
Paulina 17 MS
Sarah 16 MS
Oliver 9 MS
Margaret 8 MS
Opera 5 (male) MS
Cynthia 5 MS *apparent twin to Opera
George 2 MS

I wonder if T.A. Gooch who married Callie Sherrod in Prentiss Co., was this
18 year old Thomas, above.
If Callie was a daughter of Thomas Sherrod as I suspect (perhaps a nickname
for the 15 year old "Purtanda" (shown in error on the 1870 census as
Paulina), then she and this Thomas Gooch (of an age to marry in 1873) were
neighbors in 1870.

The 1880 LDS census found that this family of William Gooch above was not in
Lee Co., MS.,in 1880. He was in Prentiss Co., MS!!

Here is his home in Prentiss Co., MS., in 1880 in the Blackland p.o., page
196A. #203
Gooch, W.M. (wm) 55 TN *this is William
E.J. wife 47 TN * this is Jane, wife from 1870
O.B. son 18 MS *this is Oliver, son from 1870
M.M. dau. 17 MS *this is Margaret, dau. from 1870
Lucher son 14 MS * this son was not on the 1870 census, when Cynthia was
Opher son 14 MS *this is Opera, son from 1870. His twin in 1870 was Cynthia
George son 12 MS *this is George, son from 1870
Alick son 8 MS *this son was born after 1870
Rodgers, M.P. dau. 23 MS* this is Paulina, dau. married & widowed since 1870

**note that your website has Maggie P., married to W.J. Jones in 1879 in
this county. Either an error was made in the marriage record you found, or
in her married name on this census, but it is clearly "Rodgers" here and she
is shown to be widowed as that box is checked for her on this census.

Son, Thomas from 1870 is missing from this home in 1880. If he was the T.A.
Gooch who married Callie Sherrod in 1873, then he has died before she
remarried in 1879 in Crockett Co., TN., and I can not find him anywhere on
any census nationwide in 1880.

I fill more convinced now than ever that Callie Sherrod who married T.A.
Gooch in Prentiss Co., MS., was in fact, a daughter of Thomas Sherrod's in
Lee Co., TN., in 1870 and likely the one called "Paulina, who was actually
named Purtandy, after her mother. She could also be the daughter of Thomas
Sherrod's, called Sarlia (Sarah lee?) from the 1860 census, and at the age
of about 19 in 1870, might have been working in some one's home as a nanny
or housekeeper, but since I don't find her in 1870 in her father's home or
nearby, so I assume for now that she either married someone else bwt.
1860-1870 and was not "Callie", or she has died.
I also do not find any Paulina/Purtandy Sherrod on any census in 1880 nor on
any yet found marriage record, and with all this other evidence, I do
believe she was nicknamed "Callie" and married T.A. Gooch (Thomas Gooch, the
son of William M. Gooch and wife E.Jane.

Now, after reading your website, I wanted to point out some things. I am not
writing to critize you at all, only to show some things which maybe you
didn't know of or notice on the records. I know if I have something in
error, I welcome someone to point it out because I just want to get it right
no matter what when it comes to my family history.
I know much of what is below will conflict with some of what you posted on
your website, so I hope you are offended that I am pointing these things

The birthstates of William M. Gooch indicate from this census data that he
and his wife were both born in TN., not in MS. They came from TN., to MS.,
bwt. the birth of son Elijah in TN., in 1849 and the birth of son Thomas, in
MS., in 1852. Wonder if they were in TN. or in MS., in 1850?
Both William and his wife E.Jane show TN., as their birth states and those
of both their parents. They also show that son, Elijah (in 1870) was born in
Thomas, born c1852, was the first child shown to be born in MS.

As for the twin's you show on your website as "Other" and "Luther Martin", I
don't really understand what the exact truth was, however, the 1870 census
shows "Opera" to be a male, age 5 and Cynthia, a female, age 5, indicating
they were the a male and one a female.
There is no Luther or Martin, of any age in the home in 1870.

Then when the 1880 census appears, it shows "Opher" a male age 14 and
Lucher, a male, age 14 in the home, but no Cynthia at all.

All I can say about this matter is that Opher and Opera appear to be the
same child, and if later called "Other" by family, I don't know, but their
was not a female called Opera, as indicated on your website, and if
"Lucher", (the way the male's name in 1880 appears to be written) was the
Luther you mentioned, I don't understand where he was in 1870, when Cynthia,
a 5 yr. old female was the same age as Opera, a male age 5.
I do wonder if perhaps Lucher/Luther was a nephew or an orphan taken in
sometime after the 1880 census, and shown to be a son in 1880, who happened
to be the same age as son, Opera/Opher.
As for Cynthia, either she died bwt. the age of 5 and the 1880 census when
she would have been 10, or she married extremely young (before or just as
she turned 14 but before this census was recorded)

Your website shows that Cynthia and twin sister Opera died at birth, but
Cynthia was age 5 and alive in 1870. And as I stated, "Opera" was a male,
and alive in 1870, at the age of 5.

Also, your website shows "A.E.", a female daughter of William M. Gooch, who
died in Prentiss Co., MS., at about the age of 13. I don't find any female
with these initials or a name to match them in 1870 or 1880. Unless she was
born after 1880, I don't see any proof they had a daughter by this

I noted that you had many of the Gooch children of William M. Gooch's
marriage records showing they married in Prentiss Co., MS., which is also
where T.A. Gooch married during the same decade. Since I don't find a Gooch
family in Prentiss Co, in 1870 or 1880 that has a T.A. or a Thomas or any
other T. or A. name who is unaccounted for, I can only surmise this T.A.
Gooch was not in Prentiss Co., in 1870 as another Gooch family member, nor
still living in Prentiss Co., in 1880.
There was a Thomas B. Gooch in 1870 Prentiss Co., but he married another
woman in 1872 and is accounted for in 1880 in TX., with that wife.

I welcome any comments or thoughts. I really think T.A. Gooch who married
Callie Sherrod was the son, Thomas Gooch of William Martin Gooch's family,
and that he and Callie moved from Prentiss Co., MS., after they married in
1873 to Crockett Co., TN., where his brother Elijah also was found by 1880.
I think Thomas died before 1879 when Callie Gooch remarried to Perry Winston
Davis and with him they continued to raise Callie and Thomas's two children:
Nora and Walter.

Hope to hear from you!
Christi C. Partee

> From: "SALLEE, JACK" <>
> Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 11:04:50 -0400
> To: "''" <>
> Subject: T. A. Gooch
> Hello, Christi.
> I have looked at the Goochs in Prentiss Co., MS, and do not believe
> T. A. is one of them. There is a Thomas B. of the right age who married
> someone else in Prentiss Co. in 1872 and he ultimately moves to Texas with
> the rest of the family and died there about 1940. While he could have
> married and divorced Callie Sherrod, I don't think he is the one.
> What puzzles me is I cannot find the 2 Gooch children on the 1880
> census ( I have created a fairly good index to all the Goochs in 1850 and
> 1880). You said that Callie remarried in Crockett Co., TN in 1879, and I
> don't have access to those records, but I do find a marriage of a Callie
> Gooch to Alex Benthall 12-29-1879 in Madison Co., TN. Is this the one? You
> didn't give the name of the man she married. I suspect that T. A. may have
> taken Callie back to his family before he died and there have been
> (separate) Gooch families in both Madison Co. and Crockett Co. The Crockett
> Co. ones are difficult, because I haven't been able to connect them with a
> Gooch family on the 1850 census - if I could, I could probably tell you if
> there was a T. A. and what his ancestry was.
> Sorry this is all I could come up with. If you can give a little
> more information I will be glad to look further.
> Yours,
> Jack Sallee


10th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry - Company B, E - Private

10th Cavalry Regiment [also known as the 12th Regiment] was organized in January, 1865 by consolidating the 12th Mississippi Battalion Partisan Rangers and Company C of the 56th Alabama Cavalry Regiment. The unit served in Ferguson's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, then was assigned to W. Adams' command in the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. It confronted the Federals in South Carolina and Alabama, and ended the war in Mississippi. Colonel William M. Inge was in command.
Associated unit:

12th Battalion Partisan Rangers was formed during the spring of 1863 with nine companies. The unit was assigned to Ferguson's Brigade and totalled 250 effectives in October. It served in Mississippi, then skirmished in Georgia and the Carolinas. In January, 1865, it merged into the 10th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel William M. Pound and Major William M. Inge were in command.

--------- End Forwarded Message ---------

General Notes: Wife - Elizabeth Jane Oliver

Elizabeth Jane Oliver (1832 - 1914)

Elizabeth Jane (Oliver) Gooch was the mother of William Elijah Gooch.

11/12/95 Information from Elizabeth Jane Palmer: As part of the inheritance from her father, Elijah Oliver: A deed dated June 28, 1883, gives Elizabeth Jane Gooch title to a tract of land for the sum of $600. Signatures appearing: Pauline Rogers, Mrs. R.A. Archer, Mrs. Mary T. Tynes, Mrs. G.B. Oliver, Mrs. M.?. Jopling. Deed prepared in Lee County, Mississippi, # 572. Land is located in Prentiss County, Mississippi.


William Piney Gooch and Esther Etta Patterson

Husband William Piney Gooch

           Born: 30 Jul 1859 - Enterprise, Linn Co Mo
           Died: 1954 - Kirksville, Adair Co Mo

         Father: John Thomas Gooch
         Mother: Delia Ophelia Hazeltine Southerland


Wife Esther Etta Patterson

           Born: 1867 - Sullivan Co, Mo
           Died: 1932 - Kirksville, Adair Co Mo

1 M John Curtis Gooch

           Born: 17 Mar 1886 - Browning, Linn Co Missouri
           Died: 1971 - Moline Illinois
         Spouse: Ethel Lee Neely
           Marr: 2 May 1908
         Spouse: Beatrice Hentis
           Marr: 1931 - Kirksville Mo

2 M Lloyd Alexander Gooch

           Born: 12 Jun 1887 - Browning, Linn Co Mo
           Died: 1 Jul 1911 - Browning, Linn Co Mo
         Spouse: Single

3 M Paul L Gooch

           Born: 20 Jan 1892 - Browning, Linn Co Mo
           Died: 1 May 1945 - Browning, Linn Co Mo
         Spouse: Opal E Cordray

4 M Lewis B. Gooch

           Born: 1896 - Browning, Linn Co Mo
           Died: 1968 - Washington State
         Spouse: Verna Lee Neely
           Marr: 1916
         Spouse: Mamie
           Marr: 1930

William T. Gooch and Caroline Agnes Trumbo

Husband William T. Gooch

           Born: 24 Nov 1831 - Kentucky
           Died: 3 Feb 1900 - Enterprise Mo

         Father: William Greenup Gooch
         Mother: Sarah Grimmett

       Marriage: 27 Sep 1855

Wife Caroline Agnes Trumbo

           Born: 22 Jul 1838 - Kentucky
           Died: 27 Feb 1923 - Browning Mo

1 M James H. Gooch

           Born: 1857

2 M Manasa Gooch

           Born: 1859

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