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George S. Patton

Phillips's are resilient and bounce back well.

I have traced my Phillips family line back to South Carolina in the early 1800's. Others take the family line back further than that but I am not sure about it. Based on known research it is believed that this Phillips family originated in Wales, with migrations to Ireland and then on to America.

CALVIN PHILLIPS (born between 1820 and 1830, died after 1880)

My great grandfather was Calvin Phillips. He was born between 1820 and1830 in South Carolina, a son of Gabriel and Abbey (Rainmaker) Phillips. From what I can piece together, Calvin Phillips spent his early childhood years in the Spartenburg District of South Carolina. When he was around 8 years old, the family left South Carolina and started heading west. They apparently lived for a short time in White County, Tennessee and then moved on to Lauderdale County, Alabama. It appears that they stayed in northwest Alabama for a few years and then moved on west, settling  in Benton County, Arkansas around 1842.  Benton County is in the northwest corner of Arkansas.

Calvin Phillips married Rachael Reddick in Benton County, Arkansas December 20, 1849. They had eight children (6 sons and 2 daughters) between 1850 and 1871, all born in Benton County, Arkansas. They moved to Cooke County, Texas sometime before 1880. Census records from June 0f 1880 place them in precinct 2 of Cooke County, Texas. I have no further records on Calvin and Rachael Phillips after 1880, although it is logical to assume that they moved again to the Chickasaw Nation in the Indian Territory before 1890. They probably lived somewhere near the village of Wapanuka in present day Johnson County, Oklahoma. I do not know where they died or where they are buried.

  • I believe there is Cherokee blood in our Phillips line. Calvin Phillips may have been part Cherokee, and I believe Abbey Rainmaker was a Cherokee. However, that is not yet proven.
  • I believe that Calvin Phillips's full name was either John Calvin Phillips or Calvin John Phillips.
  • I believe there were close relatives living in Lauderdale County, Alabama in the 1830's, probably with the Phillips surname.
  • Through his life, Calvin Phillips was a farmer and blacksmith.
  • The Calvin Phillips family also lived for a time in Washington County, Arkansas - which adjoins Benton County.
  • Some old family records show that Calvin Phillips served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. I can not prove that.
  • I have not found the burial place for Calvin or Rachel Phillips, but I believe it is in Oklahoma, probably somewhere in Johnston County or not far away.

JOHN WESLEY PHILLIPS (born 1868 , died 1939)

My grandfather was John Wesley Phillips. He was born in Benton County, Arkansas February 20, 1868.  He married Willie Katherine Callahan in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory around 1889. During the early years of their marriage, they traveled by covered wagon from the Indian Territory over to northwest Arkansas and down to central Texas. They started having children in 1891. They had seven children between January of 1891 and November of 1903, three daughters and four sons. As far as I can tell, their home base was in the Indian Territory but John Wesley Phillips liked to travel. I am sure traveling was rough for my grandmother, especially after the children came along, and she must have fussed about it. In the early 1900's they finally settled down on a farm in Comanche County, Texas. They lived the rest of their lives there. John Wesley Phillips died October 30, 1939. Willie Katherine (Callahan) Phillips died January 18, 1950. They are both buried in the White Point Cemetery which is seven miles southeast of Comanche, Texas.


Willie Katherine (Callahan) Phillips with daughter, Lizzie - about 1894

Lizzie was seriously retarded. She never married and lived with her parents until she died in 1946. She is buried alongside her parents in the White Point Cemetery in Comanche County, Texas.


John Wesley Phillips and the family, 1921

STANDING: Marvin, Annie, Luther McAnnelly (Annie's husband) , Bertha, Otho, Ellen (wife of Otho), Lizzie, Hubert, Modette (wife of Hubert)

SEATED: John Wesley holding Othene, Beatrice, Willie Katherine holding doll (may be baby Mary Katherine). Children belong to Otho and Ellen.

This picture was obviously taken at some kind of family gathering. My father, Walter Lee Phillips, is does not shown. It is believed that he was living a couple of hundred miles away in Del Rio, Texas during this time.

John Wesley & Willie Katherine (Callahan) Phillips, about 1935


WALTER LEE PHILLIPS (born 1896, died 1971)

My father was Walter Lee Phillips. He was born August 3, 1896 in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. He was married twice - (1) Ethel Beatty and (2) Mava Opal Gooch, my mother. He died January 21, 1971 in Abilene, Taylor County, Texas  and is buried in the White Point Cemetery in Comanche County, Texas.

Walter Lee & Johnnie Ethel (Beatty) Phillips, 1917. She was his first wife and they had four daughters - Mary Jewel (Judy), Ethel Juanita, Johnnie Bee & Birdie Maxine. (The handwritten caption indicating his name as "Wesley Lee Phillips" is in error.)

Elmer Gore (left) & Walter Lee Phillips (right), about 1915


Walter Lee Phillips, 1951



Stanley Dean Phillips, Sr. (June 12, 1939 - January 13, 2013

Stan passed away January 13, 2013 at the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital in Sweetwater, Texas.  He will be missed by all of us, Family and Friends, as we get together for the Holidays. This photograph was taken shortly before his death.

Rest In Peace, Brother. We all love you.


Family Pictures Page 1

Family Pictures Page 2

Jefferson Davis Phillips Family Pictures

George Washington Phillips Family Pictures

William T. Phillips Picture


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Jackie Gordon
Per my Grandmother: Nonie Mae Harris Phillips I believe Ms. Elizabeth ?Francis? Callahan (b 1818 SC, d aft 1850) married Zachariah Phillips (b. 26 Jul 1810 Little River, Baldwin Co. AL. d. 1886) m. 25 Feb 1842 Little River, AL. They would have been my GGG Grandparents. The story is that the Callahans were at least 2 generations of Pioneer Baptist Preachers. (That might go a long way toward explaining that end of things!) Elizabeth's father is supposed to have been the son of a Baptist preacher (who had something like 20-21 children) with 5 or 6 brothers who were also preachers. I have tried to find them on Baptist web sites, etc. but can't quite put it all together. (Can't find a TRUE link). The Baldwin Co. 1850 Census shows Elizabeth Callahan born in SC. (Elizabeth's mother may also have been Elizabeth). I also show Elizabeth, Lucy J. and Sarah living w/ Phillips children: Ann Elizabeth, John M.K., Liza E., Robert J., and Sarah J. All children are very young. (I'm not sure which census this is on). The adults in the house are 4 Phillips and 1 Stiggins. I didn't take the time to completely read your site so I apologize if this is "wild" information. I am also new to this geneology business and soaring in many directions, often at the same time. But, this may give you another direction to search, especially for the "missing" girls. If you think you have any connections which could help either of us, would you please E-mail me and try to explain it to me. Thanks in advance for your time. Jackie Gordon.
Richard Phillips
My name is Richard Phillips. My family is from Batesville, Ark.; grandfather Roy , great grandfather Sam.
Hello from California. I am researching James Phillips and I came across your name on I also saw the name Gooch. Blake Gooch is my mother's first cousin. James Phillips is their great grandfather. Just wondering if we have a connection. I have found many James Phillips in Texas in the 1800's but can't be sure which one belongs to our family. I will be glad to share any information with you if indeed we are looking for the same people.Thanks for reading my message.

My reply: Thanks for the e-mail. I can't give you much information about the James Phillips in my line, as I have not yet found any of his descendants. I will give you some background information. In the family records prepared by another person, they show a James Phillips born about 1850 in Washington County or Benton County, Arkansas, the first child of Calvin and Rachel (Reddick) Phillips. They were my great grandparents, married in Washington County, Arkansas in 1849. (This makes it sound like I am an old geezer ... well, I guess I am at that.) Anyway, I show them having 8 children between 1850 and about 1871. My grandfather, John Wesley Phillips, was one of the youngest children, born in 1868. Calvin and Rachel Phillips were living in Stephens County, Texas in 1880. I lose track of them after that. My grandfather and one of his brothers (Jefferson Davis Phillips, born in 1864) married two Callahan sisters in the Indian Territory. They both settled in Comanche County, Texas sometime around 1905, and lived most of their lives there. My grandfather is buried in the White Point Cemetery in Comanche County, Texas. It is a small country cemetery and was not kept up very well for many years. In about 1998, after I got into doing this family history research, I went back there for a visit. The association had done a lot of work in the cemetery and restored markings on some of the graves that were not marked before that. I found a grave marked "James S. Phillips, born October 10, 1850, died April 17, 1917". It was located at some distance from the graves of my grandfather and the other Phillips's in my line, but I made the assumption that it was the James Phillips (son of Calvin and Rachel) mentioned above. That may be incorrect, but it seems to fit in with what I know. I know there was another Phillips brother in Comanche, Texas in the early 1900's. I also know that there was a Shad Phillips, a cousin of my father, who was probably born between 1905 and 1915. (My father was born in 1896 and Shad was several years younger than he was.) Dad said that Shad's father (a brother of his father) died in Comanche, Texas, when Shad was still a young boy, leaving his wife and at least one child for her to support. She took in laundry and did other odd jobs around town to support them after her husband died, and they were very poor. My grandfather and his brother, Jeff, did what they could to help her back then, but they were pretty hard pressed themselves, with a lot of hungry mouths to feed in their own households. Dad talked about how rough Shad had it as a boy growing up and how his mother had worked hard and sacrificed to give him an education. I only met Shad Phillips a few times, back in the late sixties and early seventies. I did not talk to him about it and I can only go on what I remember my father saying. When I met Shad Phillips, I would guess he was in his late fifties or early sixties. He had retired from whatever he did for a living. He was not wealthy but seemed to live a comfortable lifestyle. He and his wife did a lot of traveling. I assume that James Phillips was Shad's father, but again that is just educated guesswork - not fact. I am trying to fit all of this together and prove some of it. I hope this gives you enough information to see if it is worth pursuing.

Rick Stanley
My name is Rick Stanley. I saw where you have done some work on the Phillips family on I am looking for M.C. (Marion Carl) Phillips. He married Paralee Cross in the late 1890's in Washington County, Arkansas. I am also looking for Annie Phillips. She married E.D.(Elkanah Dulaney) Cross in the late 1890's, also in Washington County, Arkansas. I don't know if M.C. Phillips and Annie Phillips were related or not, but I suspect they were. I do know that E.C. Cross and Paralee Cross were brother and sister. Anything you can do would be of great help.
My grand-aunt DOT (DOROTHY) MCKINDER married WILLIAM B. PHILLIPS and they lived their lives in Pekin, Illinois. Her brother WILLIAM MCKINDER lived near the PHILLIPS in ILLINOIS and then we lost track of him. There is a WM. MCKINDER born correct year (1884) that moved to OKLAHOMA. I am trying to find out whether this McKinder is the same as the Illinois McKinder. Seeing this website with the name PHILLIPS and the states of OKLAHOMA also included made me interested to see if any of your PHILLIPS family has connections to those in Illinois.
Martha Phillips Coates
My name is Martha Phillips Coates. I am from Rusk, Texas. I am new at the genealogy research. I have only been searching for about three weeks, but my goodness, in that time I have surfed over several states, etc. My Great-Great-Grandfather was born in S. Carolina in 1806. He married Mary Jane McCreight who was born in S. Carolina in 1816. They were married in Alabama and their first son (William A.) was born in Alabama. The other 11 children (two whom did not live), were born in Cherokee County, Texas. I have found information about all the children except William A. Phillips. Our family always thought he was killed in the Civil War, but found out later that he was discharged from the military in 1865 after the Battle at Fort Blakely (Ector's Brigade, French's Division). Apparently he decided to stay in Alabama. He was never heard from again. The last account his family had of him, he was in Clinton, Tn. The Alabama information came from another source. If he did decide to stay in Alabama, he probably married and had a family over there that no one ever knew about. I truly want to know for sure. If you can help me in any way, I will certainly appreciate it.
Gerald Phillips
By any chance would you have any information on the following relatives; Fred Raymond Phillips, dob Sep. 12, 1907, Sheridan Ar. (my father), Albert Phillips (GF),   Anna or Annie Phillips (GM).Any help would be appreciated.. My son's name is also Ray.
Willie Phillips
Researching the Phillips family from Culpepper County, Virginia.osuha Phillips, dob 1804; James Phillips, dob 1867; Moses Phillips dob???
Michael A. Phillips
Searching for relatives related to T.F. Phillips during the 1800's in and around McLean Tx. He had one son that I know of named Jesse Arvel Phillips. Jesse Arvel had three sons, Jesse, T.F. (jr) and Wesley.
Elizabeth Shinn
Your page comes up every time I put in my grandmother's name. She is Elizabeth Burleson. I know that my Aunt Helen was born in Texas but I can't find anything anywhere. Can you help? I was born late in my father's life and he did not talk about his family. His name was Arnold Phillips he lived in Douglas, Arizona early in the 1900s. He went back there to die in the 70s. My aunt Helen lived in San Diego, CA. She married Fred Baxter. They lived off Boundary Street in San Diego. My aunt Ruth married a Rock and lived in Blackwell, OK. She died in the late 70s there but I haven't found anything about her family. Please HELP if you can. I am at my ROPES END.
Franklin Tennyson
I saw you listed as Phillips Researcher on Rootsweb. I am looking for John Wray PHILLIPS married Sennie PIPKINS. Children: Wade Hampton PHILLIPS b. May 8, 1894 in Montana, Johnson CO, AR, Red Spearman PHILLIPS, Fred PHILLIPS, Zennis PHILLIPS, Heber PHILLIPS.
Mary Creech
I came across your site because a friend sent a URL to me to check out. My father -in law always told my children that his grandfather died with Gen.Custer. We found a site with the list of men with him and found there were 2 Phillips men that died. His mother was a Martha Jane Phillips,so we are assuming that it was her dad. [as we found no Creeches]. She married his dad Jan.1889 in Ala. I do not know her fathers' or mothers' name. One of the men that died was Pvt. John J. Phillips the other was not named. I wonder if you have anything that you can add to this. I am new at this and hardly know how to go about it .
I am searching a Phillips family line. Do you have a Virgil Felix Phillips in your records, b 2-24-1894 place ?- d 8-27-1956 Dallas, TX. He was married 4 times. Some names are, 1st wife Rosa Lee b 1903 married about 1920. Had 4 children. 2nd wife, unknown .Had 2 kids. 3rd wife,  Mannie Dawson? or Trotter? Married about 1928. Had 3 boys. Third boy born 1944 and died at birth. Mannie died 10 days later. 4th wife, Verda Mae married about 1945. Does any of this ring a bell? Any help will be greatly apprciated.
Quinta Wilkinson
Looking for the family of A S (Alonzo Smithingan) Phillips born in 1883 Miss. Brothers, J B, J F. R L, A W Phillips -- there were others but these were ones in the funeral notice in 1955. J B died in 1955 a few days before Alonzo in Fort Worth. There should have bee a Newt. The father of  this bunch of big guys was J W Phillips who died in 1905 after 50 years  marriage to ? Callie. J W's father was W S and if my information is correct that one should be maybe a Rueben? One of the brothers was in south Texas and one in central Texas. I know one lived in Wichita Falls but I do not remember which one. I was born late in my dad's life and so many of them were old enough they did not travel much by then.
Jean Phillips Osborne

I have just started my family search.  I am at a stand still.  Nobody seems to know anything about my grandfather.  I know he was born in Tennessee  in 1876.  He lived in Dekalb Co.,  Alabama  in the early 1900's. He married Lucinda Holland and my dad was born in 1898 in Alabama.  He later moved back to Tennessee .around Lenior City somewhere .  His first wife died when he lived in Alabama.  He remarried in Tennessee. His second wife first wife was Bell?.  Had several children there.  Can't find anything about his ancestry.  Is this anyone you know?  Thank you for any help or suggestions about others ways I might search.  Jean Phillips Osborne,

Debbie Alberts
My name is Debbie Alberts and I am researching the family of Mary Jane Phillips. She was born 9/25/1853 in Effingham Co., GA and died 9/14/1934 in Tatnal Co.,GA. She married Augustus Hansel Beecher on 3/11/1873. I have no further info on her or her family. However I am also related to the Gooch/Googe families that others are researching on this link page. In my research I have found a lot of my surnames, such as Gooch/Googe,Hester,Beecher,Horton,Phillips,Rogers,as well as many others who seem to follow similar trails. VA>NC>SC>GA>Westward. I would love to hear from anyone with Philips/Phillips connections in GA or with corresponding surnames, in hopes to find the missing link.
C. Phillips-Murphy
I'm looking for any information on Guy Willliam Phillips. He is my grandfather's father. I would like to have any information that you might have, so I can finish my research of the family tree. Guy's father was Jefferson Davis Phillips.
Earline White
My name is Earline Burks White, My grandmother was Nancy Phillips born 1800, and married to Alford Hinesley in 1821 in Jasper county, Ga. I do not know where she was born or who her parents were or if she had any brothers and sisters, but they ended up in Carroll county, Ga.
Randy Phillips

Do you think that my Son Mitchell Anthony Phillips (the Youngest) looks a lot Like Your Stanley Dean Phillips????  We are Phillips originally from South Carolina. I just thought the two look a lot alike. When you look at my son running around it really is a good match.

Kari Klein
I do not have any information on Phillips excapt that I have a great- grand father who is A.L. Phillips that married Sallie Todd in 1884,Johnson Co.,Tx. They had a child named Joseph Claude Phillips . He married my great grandma Carrie Loveless.They devorced and Joseph became a mystery in my family. If you know some thing to help me I would grateful to you.

SECOND MESSAGE: I was wondering about the Phillips line you have. First, is that Alcy a girl or boy?. I have a Phillips line too. It starts and ends at Johnson County, Texas . My g-g- grandfather was an A.L. Phillips, who married a Sallie Todd in 1884. He left her after the last child sometime ,1903, and nobody know anymore on him. I really hate his name. I don't know if it is abreviated or what. If you know any thing please help me out.

Kirk Gruenewald
My name is Kirk Gruenewald and I am having trouble with this part of my family line. I hope you can help me. On one side (Gadberry's) I have a Nancy Sophia Hastings marrying a Calvin C. Phillips. Other relatives have told me that her Husband is Pleasant M. Phillips. I am confused. Do you have any information on this Phillips line? I deeply thank you in advance for your help.
Brenda Tiner Hirrlinger
My name is Brenda Tiner and Sarah Amanda (Giner) Tiner is my great great aunt. She was born about 1848 in MO., came with her family to the Choctaw nation for awhile before coming to Cook Co. TX where she married George W. Phillips on Nov 2, 1876. The Cooke Co 1880 Census shows: George self m m w 25 AR Farmer Fa: N.C. Mo: IL. Amanda wife f m w 30 MO housekeeping shows nothing for her parents Burrel son m s w 2 TX ( born abt 1878) Fannie dtr f s w 1m TX (born 1880 - twin) Susie dtr f s w 1m TX (born 1880 - twin) Melissa Tiner sister f w 16 TX this is Amanda's baby sister, she was born in 1864 on the Choctaw nation. Do you have any other info on George and Amanda and their kids? I would really like to share this and other info with Amanda's descendants. Would love to share info with you. Please contact me. Look forward to hearing from you. 
Joe Myers (aka Charles Glenn Brown)
My records from Shiloh Baptist Church shows Daisy Brown married Morris Phillips in Taylor County Marriage Record No 5358 14 day of April 1935.

Morris Phillips came from Noodle Texas and was a farmer. I was abandoned as a baby as Charles Glenn Brown in Abilene Texas. Daisy was committed to Big Springs Mental Hospital because of grieving for the giving up of the baby.(Me). He remarried. Do you know any Phillips in Abilene or Merkel Texas.

Carl Phillips
Your family seems to parallel mine. I can only trace mine back to Jack Phillips who died in 1868 in Lauderdale Co AL. He was born in NC in 1794, moved to TN when very young. Lived in Giles, Maury, Lawrence counties. Was married in Lawrence co. TN then moved to Lauderdale co AL. His son, Milton, moved with several other Phillipses to Washington Co AR. Milton is buried at Elm Springs, AR. There are descendants in Washington and Benton Counties.
Maybe you can help me? My paternal grandfather was Fred Phillips. He was married to a Florence Maxwell and had six children. (My father was the youngest) I can't think of any other information at this time, but if you have any questions, please let me know.
Descendant of Alice Jane, daughter of Calvin Phillips and Rachel Reddick 
John M. "Mike" Phillips
Do you know where in SC your grandfather was born? My gg-grandfather was William Travis Phillips. (Website M."Mike" Phillips - USAF Retired 
David Phillips

I saw your name one the MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC web page and was wondering if have have any leads on a Nathan Phillips that was to have been born in Mecklenburg Co 1810.He married Vilet from TN. Thats all I have on him, I haven't been able to prove it, but thats what been pasted on down. Not sure but John could of been his dad. Thanks for any help you can give me or if you know of some other place I need to look then point me there. It's a small world...I live in Washingtion CO and Work in Benton Co Ar. We have a big Gen. Library in Fayetteville and if you ever need something looked up in either in Benton or Washingtion CO just let me know and I would be happy to do so for you. There is lots of info for these Co at the Library. Thanks again for your time.

Billye Beck
Descendant of Jefferson Davis Phillips.

The Death of Samford Halcom Phillips

My grandparents Sam and Carrie Phillips are buried at Zion Hill just
off the DeLeon highway, probably about half way between Comanche and
DeLeon. Jefferson Davis Phillips is also buried there. I don't know
if you heard the story about how my grandfather died. They lived just
outside DeLeon, probably about five miles. December 5, 1935, he was
walking to Comanche to try to find work. He had been unemployed for
awhile and it was nearing Christmas time. They were finding it harder
and harder to feed their kids. Daddy was married, for a year at that
time. I guess the rest were at home. Anyway, he got as far as Van
Dyke, and just as he was about to cross the Rush Creek (I believe
that was the name of the creek) bridge, he was hit by a cattle truck.
The truck did not stop. His body was found in the creek bed, by some
kids walking home from school that afternoon. They first saw his hat
on the bridge. One of the kids knew him and remarked that that looked
like his hat. They looked down into the creek bed and saw his body.
The truck driver stopped in San Saba to have his headlight fixed.
That's when he was caught by the law. He said he dozed off, and when
he hit something, he thought it was probably some kind of animal and
did not stop. The only good thing that came out of it, was the fact
that his insurance helped Granny to feed and clothe her children for
a while longer. Mother and Daddy moved in with her to help her with
the other kids. I'm not sure how long they stayed. After grandpa was
killed, some of the other kids got tired of taking care of Grandpa
Jeff,(Jefferson Davis Phillips), and brought him to granny's house
and dumped him out for her to take care of, as though she needed that
in addition to all of her kids. Anyway she took care of him until his
death, which I believe was in 1938. He is buried beside Granny and
Grandpa at Zion Hill. I guess no one could afford to take him to be
buried with his wife in Arkansas.



By Jewell Dukes Huddleston


The Last Wagon Train

(As published in The Comanche Chief in the late 1990's)


A telephone call from Lena Phillips Patton frought about a family

gathering and revived memories of a twenty one day wagon train trip

from Arkansas to Comanche County, back in 1924, and that is going on

seventy years ago.

The destination of the wagon train? They were headed for the home of

Otho Phillips, who resided in the Harmony community. Members of the

Phillips family came to Texas back in the mid 1800's. However some of

them became homesick and went back to their home state, Arkansas.

Relatives still live near Rogers, Arkansas.

Making the trip during the heat of summer gave additional memories.

Bill (Willie Jefferson) Phillips, learned to swim when taking a

cooling dip in the Brazos River near Weatherford, (Texas) when they

stopped for a rest break. Another memory surfaced when they recalled

one of the couples flagging a train and going to Fort Worth to visit

kinfolks there. They later took a train to Comanche and rejoined the

group. Some one else volunteered to drive their wagon.

Lena's father Sam Phillips (Samuel Halcom) grew up in the old

Brysonville community south of Comanche when it boasted a school,

church, and general store. He attended school there around the turn

of the century. You need to be familiar with the area to be able to

detect the foundation stones of those early day buildings today.

This is Lena's story:

"The wagon train left Viney Grove, Arkansas , near Fayeteville, on

July 29, 1924, with five wagons, one buggy, a hack, and a saddlehorse

in the entourage, with Comanche, Texas as their destination.

There were 21 members in the group, including Uncle John and Aunt

Kate Phillips, and their children, Lizzie, Hubert, Annie, and her

husband Luther McAlily and their son, Phillip. Modet and her father,

Will Nunnley.

Another daughter and her husband, Bertha (Phillips) Beaty and their

daughters, Mozelle and Ernestine.

From Jeff and Rudy Phillips (Jefferson Davis Phillips and Mary Rue

Callahan) family, were Sam and Carrie Phillips and their children,

Bill, Lillian, Lena, Melvin, Viola and Katie.

We would travel six days and stop on Sunday to let the teams rest,

and for the women, these were laundry days. The wash tubs and the rub

boards were brought out and all the dirty clothes were washed and

hung on bushes to dry. Then we could have clean clothes for another


One of the wagons had the grub box attached. This was where the food

was prepared to be cooked on camp fires. Those were good biscuits

cooked in an old dutch oven. All of the food tasted good to a bunch

of hungry travelers.

The wagon train really attracted attention. People would stand by the

side of the road until all the vehicles had gone by.

There were few cars traveling on these roads at this time, but when

we would meet a car the drivers of the teams would pull off to the

side of the road because the horses were scared of cars.

We traveled on dirt roads most of the time, but when we came through

McAlister (Oklahoma), there was some kind of topping other than dirt.

The horses had trouble keeping their footing. We would travel 20

miles each day.

The oldest person in the group was Uncle John*, who was 52. The

youngest was Katie (Sam and Carries daughter), who was 18 months old.

We camped one weekend on the Brazos River near Weatherford. It took

us three more days to reach our destination: 8 miles south of

Comanche to the home of Otho Phillips,(son of John and Kate) When we

arrived, we camped under a large shade tree until we could find a

place to live. The tree is still living and much larger now."

Contributed by Bill Phillips, Lillian Phillips Kirkland, and Lena

Phillips Patton, the three oldest children of Sam and Carrie Phillips.

At the time this article was written there were six who made the trip

that were still living. They were Lena Phillips Patton, Bill

Phillips, Viola Phillips Cottrell, who lived in Comanche, Lillian

lived in Weatherford, Texas, Melvin Marshall Phillips, living in

DeLeon and Ernestine Beatty, living at Lake Brownwood. Katie Passed

away in 1979.

The memories of this last wagon train will live on and be retold to

their descendants.

Since that time four more have passed away, Melvin passed away in

late 1990's, Lena and Bill in 2002, and Viola in 2003. Lillian

Phillips Kirkland now lives in Bowie Texas with her daughter and


After returning to Comanche County, Sam and Carrie had two more

children, Clifton Samuel, who now lives in Abilene, Texas, and Retha

Faye who lives in Comanche Texas.

*Uncle John was John Wesley Phillips, seventh child of Calvin

Phillips, and Rachael Reddick Phillips, brother of Jefferson Davis


Tyslon Jo Phillips Lawrence/Wesley Ed Phillips
We are Tyslon Jo Phillips Lawrence and Wesley Ed Phillips, daughter and son of Wesley Tyson Phillips, and grandchildren of Otho Benjamin and Rachel Ellen Phillips; great-grandchildren of John Wesley and Willie Kathrine Phillips.  I am in the process of gathering pictures to e-mail you as well as information on our families.  Please let me know what you are looking for.  Thanks, Ty Lawrence. 
Evelyn Pehl Reininger
In your genealogy, did you come across Mozan Mary Phillips that married David Alterman Kirkland.December 4, 1855 in Tyler County. I believe Mozan's father to be John Phillips b. 1801 in Georgia, son of Daniel E. Phillips b. about 1760 in Ireland. I am researching (as a friend, not a professional researcher) for Sarah Kirkland, a  friend who wants to be in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Cutoff date for membership is 19 Feb 1846 and we are nine years short. 
Thurman Paul Phillips
Jefferson Davis Phillips was my grandpa. My dad's name was Earnest Jefferson Phillips. He passed away on Dec. 8th, 1969 in Delta Colorado. 
I'm trying to locate the family of Delia Phillips.  She was born March 15, 1870 and died June 6, 1917.  On every genealogy site I've tried she keeps coming up as being born in Blount County,  Alabama but I haven't been able to find her nor her family in any of the Federal Census for 1870 to 1910 in the state of Alabama.  Because everyone who actually knew her is now dead I only have family folk lore to go on.  According to family legend Delia's mother ran off and married an Indian.  Her father & brothers tracked them down and her father paid to have the marriage annulled.  After getting her back home they discovered she was pregnant.  When she gave birth to Delia they gave her the family name "Phillips" rather than her birth fathers name.  Delia Phillips married  Dr. Thomas Riley McCay (my GreatGrandfather) in Jefferson County,  Alabama on March 31, 1889 at her mothers house.  They traveled back to Blount County,  Ala. where they lived and she had 10 children by him.  She died on June 6, 1917 and is buried by my GGrandfather in the family cemetery (Pine Bluff Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery) in Locust Fork,  Blount County,  Alabama.  One of their sons,  William Riley McCay is my Grandfather on my Dad's side of the family.  There are only 2 surviving children and they have both said they think her family was from somewhere in Georgia.  I've been trying,  without success,  to obtain her mothers full name in order to locate Delia's birth father so we can establish our Native American heritage with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington.  I have a copy of their marriage certificate and an 8 x 10 picture of Thomas Riley & Delia Phillips McCay that I'd be willing to share with members of Delia Phillips family. There is a really great web site where you can check out a lot of information from the different counties in Alabama.  It's at
Gerald Phillips
I am trying to find some info on my fathers (Fred Raymond Phillips) family.  All I know is that his fathers name could be Albert A Phillips or just AA Phillips.  His mothers name was Rhoda Ann Pritchett or Annie Pritchett.
Elaine Bearden Wooddell
My Great Great Grandfather was Charley Earnest or Ernest Phillips. He was Robert (Bob) and Sarah Mitchell Phillips son. Charley was born 1874 in ????? and died 1936 in McCurtain County OK. Please put me on a mailing list for any information on this family. I am also looking for any Indian heritage.
Tammy (Phillips) White
My paternal grandfather is James F. Phillips from Stroud, Oklahoma. Just wondering if there is any relation here?
I am researching Joseph S. Phillips in North TX area, 1870 census has him in Collin Co TX living with his parents, James W.&Nancy Phillips and siblings.  He was listed in 1860 Pike Co AR living with wife, Francina.  Do you have info regarding Francina(lst wife).  He married (2) Cynthia Kelly, had three children.  My interest is lst wife, Francina.  Did they have children?   Any info so appreciated.
Mary Nell Irons Stokes
I am researching Henry H. Phillips who was my great-grandfather and lived in Hopkins County, Texas.  Is there any connection?
William H. Phillips
My name is William H. Phillips, Sarah Eliza [Lida] Phillips was my GR.GR.GR.aunt.
Kay Blake
I am decendant of James Monroe Phillips and Melinda Vitty Hagewood . Mary Jane Wilson married a Tiner also she is a long time back grandmother do you have info on these?
Kelly Gillett
I live in Midland, Texas.  My family tree shows Phillips decsendants from Commanche Co. Deleon Texas. Do you have any from there?  The next connection comes from the Johnson line to the Phillips.  James Aaron Phillips, George Martin Phillips.  There are more but I thought to spare you of the long list. 
Richard Carlisle Phillips
I am Richard Carlisle Phillips, Son of Fred Dewey Phillips, son of John Wray Phillips, Son of John Thomas Phillips of Johnson County Arkansas.
Rodric M. Phillips, Sr.
I would be interested in sharing information concerning the following Phillips' lineage.

Generation 1 Raymond Lewis Phillips (1899-1957) & Myrtle Pauline Carroll (1905-1964   GA

Generation 2  Asberry Phillips (1855-1918) & Araminta Lucretia Lewis (1861-1830) AL, GA

Generation 3  Lewis Phillips (1819-1884) & Emeline Hogan (1822-1885)  PA, AL, GA

Generation 4  Joseph Phillips (1790-1859) & Elizabeth Pressley (1797-1829)  PA, AL

Generation 5  Peter Phillips (1762-1820) & Sarah Cooper (1767-1842)  IRELND, PA

Generation 6  Gabriel Phillips (1705-1829) & Johannah Cook (1725-1808)  IRELAND, WALES

Charles Phillips
Hi, I am a descendant of Zachariah Phillips of Little River, Al.
Kelly Michele Phillips Jackson
I was doing some research in my family tree and i am trying to find out information about my family ,,, where we came from ... where we started ... who started the Phillips name, etc. My father's name is Alvie Dale Phillips from , Baird Texas, his father's name is Ottis Lee Phillips "Shorty". He is from Clarkvillie, There a cemetery there with nothing but the Phillips famiiy.
JENNA   Contact Webmaster  10/14/2009

Hello Dalton ... I was checking Find a Grave to find Walter Phillips and found your contribution.  Am so pleased that you put the info on the site.  I am researching the Beaty family and Johnnie Ethel Beaty is one of mine. Do you know anything about her children and perhaps who she married after she and Walter Phillips were divorced?  You give a death date on Rootsweb for Ethel but not her name at the time of death. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.


My reply: 

Referring to my notes: Ethel married George S. Allen, a career Army Officer, around 1928, in San Antonio I believe. The children from the marriage to Walter Lee Phillips were: Mary Jewel (Judy) b. Jan. 23, 1919, Juanita b. Aug. 1921, Johnnie Bee b. Apr. 1923, Maxine b. Jan. 1925. Judy married Benjamin Benn; Juanita married a soldier named Tommy (I dont have a last name) who was killed during WWII she then married Samuel Campobello; Johnnie Bee married John Lawrence; Maxine married Samuel Putnam. I visited Judy back in the 1990s and most of my information is based on what she told me then. Judy was suffering from an Alzheimer's like mental illness but her husband (Benjamin) also participated in the interview.  It was my understanding that Juanita and Maxine were dead at the time of the interview. I was not given any contact information for Johnnie Bee but I believe she was still alive in the mid 1990s. At least one of the girls lived in Arizona, Phoenix area I believe.  Both Judy and Benjamin Benn spoke highly of George S. Scott. I believe he retired from the Army as a Colonel after WWII.  They spent a lot of time stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio when the girls were growing up. I was told that Ethel was the daughter of a Methodist Minister in Zephyr, Texas.

Doyle Phillips (MexDoyle)  10/16/2009
Please consider DNA analysis since you are a Phillips surname male. I note that you think Cherokee blood may be in your line and DNA will ascertain it. According to your posted research you will be a member of Group 9 at Since you are of the Gabriel Phillips line you may know that he married Hannah Brower in 1758, Bucks County, PA. Much is known about the Brower's but I have yet to verify their Bucks County residency. If we can find the Brower's locale then we might be able to find something about the history of our Phillips family lines in Bucks County. I am researching Phillips and related families in Pennsylvania prior to 1758 and Virginia 1760-1790.
Jody Hamabata  10/16/2009 (original post 06/21/2009)
Reviewing your Phillips line. We may be connected via your Gabriel Phillips b. circa 1720. I have a Gabriel Phillips b. 1759 VA. DNA testing has shown your Gabriel b. 1720 and our John b. 1720-1730? may have been brothers. I am researching Phillips, Williams, Alvis, Shanks, Pullen in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia.
L.D. Terry  10/16/2009 (original post 04/13/2009)
Alcy Phillips was my great grandmother, She married James Henry Clark after the death of Lee White. I have several pictures of her if anyone is interested I will e-mail them to you. She was known as Jennie Bell Clark, and is buried in Tupelo OK. Some say her full name was Alice Jane Phillips. I would love to learn more about her and the Phillips side of the family.
Brenda Phillips  10/16/2009 (original post 04/13/2009)
I am trying to find information on Thomas Hayden Phillips. He lived in Logan County (KY or TN). He was born 1880 - died 1950. I am also researching Phillips, Bentley, Gidcomb in Tennessee and Kentucky.
Elise Phillips Gallardo  10/16/2009 (original post 10/08/2008)
I need to know the names of the parents of Amos Phillips. I am researching Phillips, Cantrell, Henson, Hightower, Barnett, Mooney in South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas and Texas.
Harry Shannon Phillips, Sr.  10/25/2009 
I have researched my John Phillips b. ca 1734 in Ireland and he and wife Jane, and five children landed in Charleston, SC in Jan. 1768.  He received a grant of 400 acres in Fairfield Co., SC. Part of this family left South Carolina went to Giles Co., TN ca 1810-12 and then to Lauderdale Co., Alabama ca 1825.  I have traced some (early ones before 1850) to Benton Co., Arkansas (1840), Kentucky (1802), and to Gibson Co., IN (1812). Later they spread all over the west, OK, TX, etc. I have been involved with DNA genealogy where records fail. I wonder if our families connect?


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