Early New Netherlands Settlers

Jan <Pieter> Bandt

17 July 2013

Generation 1 1. Jan <Pieter> Bandt (Rn=46756). He married 08 April 1671 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City Marritje <Pieter> Van Naerden Bandt (Rn=46755), who was born September 1652 at New Amsterdam and was baptized at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, a daughter of Pieter <Caspar> Van Naerden (Rn=15549) and Aechtje <Jan> Van Norden Tietsvoort/Van Naerden (Rn=38713). Occupation 1 - - Cooper. Source [A Compendium of Mabie Research by Robert Mutrie 1986 page 2] Children of Jan <Pieter> Bandt and Marritje <Pieter> Van Naerden were as follows: 2. i. Margrietje <Jan> Bandt Haes was baptized 21 December 1672 and married 11 August 1693) {Thomas}. 3. ii. Pieter <Jan> Bandt was baptized 4 February 1674) [Marritje Wyt]. 4. iii. Johannes <Jan> Bandt was baptized 29 March 1676 and married 18 June 1696) [Willemyntje Philips]. 5. iv. Judith <Jan> Bandt Dufress was baptized 1 October 1679) {Martin}. 6. v. Marritje <Jan> Bandt was baptized 26 November 1681). 7. vi. Simon <Jan> Bandt was baptized 15 February 1684). 8. vii. Willem <Jan> Bandt (Rn=80138), who was born August 1685. He married 31 May 1724 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City Margrietje <Johannes> Vandewater Bandt (Rn=80139), who was born March 1700 at New York City and was baptized at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City; daughter of Johannes <Hendrick> Vandewater (Rn=13732) and Baafje <Jan> Sipkins Vandewater (Rn=50992). Baptized on 19 August 1685. Religion 1 - - Reformed Dutch Church, New York City. Source [RootsWeb: WorldConnect: db=:3370058] 9. viii. Meynart <Jan> Bandt was baptized 16 April 1688). 10. ix. Elizabeth <Jan> Bandt was baptized 28 December 1690). 11. x. Johanna <Jan> Bandt was baptized 19 March 1693).