Early New Netherlands Settlers

David <?> Banvard

24 June 2013

Generation 1 1. David <?> Banvard (Rn=23095), who was born at Montbeliard, Provence du Franche-Comte, France and died 13 August 1770 at New York City. He married 20 May 1754 at Saint John's Angelican Church, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada Catherine Elizabeth <?> Lovy Carlin/Banvard (Rn=49214), who was born 1717 and died 1791 at 74 years of age. First Residence - Montbeliard, Provence du Franche-Comte, France. Second Residence - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Third Residence - New York City. Note [David Banvard was an emigrant about 1765 from Nova Scotia, Canada to New York City]. Emigration - Emigrant in 1752 from Montbeliard, France to Nova Scotia, Canada. Source [Record: January 1995 page 28] Children of David <?> Banvard and Catherine Elizabeth <?> Lovy were as follows: 2. i. David <David> Banvard was born 1754 and died 1754). 3. ii. Catherine <David> Banvard was born 1755 and died after 1778). 4. iii. Marie Catherine <David> Banvard was born 1757 and died young? + 5. iv. Mary <David> Banvard Van Buskirk/Derry (Rn=23096), who was born October 1759 and married Marmaduke <Jeremiah> Van Buskirk (Rn=23094). 6. v. Jeanne <David> Banvard was born 1761). 7. vi. Daniel <David> Banvard was born 1767 and died 1831 and married 1791) [Elizabeth Meade was born 1772 and died 1850)]. Generation 2 5. Mary <David> Banvard Van Buskirk/Derry (Rn=23096), who was born October 1759 and died 15 February 1841 at 175 Lawrence Street, New York City at 82 years of age. She married first, about 1785 at United Brethren Moravian Church, New York City Marmaduke <Jeremiah> Van Buskirk (Rn=23094) and died before March 1794, a son of Jeremiah <?> Van Buskirk (Rn=23093) and Theodosia <Marmaduke> Earle Van Buskirk/Van Winkle/Van Ydersteyn (Rn=23092) and married second, 03 June 1793 William <?> Derry. Baptized on 11 October 1759. Religion 1- United Brethren Moravian Church, New York City. First Residence - Nova Scotia, Canada. Second Residence - Magazine Street, New York City in 1800. Third Residence - 175 Lawrence Street, New York City. Source [Record: January 1995 page 29] Child of Marmaduke <Jeremiah> Van Buskirk and Mary <David> Banvard was as follows: 8. i. Hannah Elizabeth <Marmaduke> Van Buskirk (died 1788). William <?> Derry and Mary <David> Banvard did not have any children by this marriage.