Early New Netherlands Settlers

Anthony C <?> Beam

18 June 2013

Generation 1 1. Anthony C <?> Beam (Rn=45882), son of Conrad <?> Beam and Grietje <?> Mead Beam, who was born 1751 and died 26 November 1824 at 73 years of age. He married 05 February 1788 Vrouwtje (Sophronia) <John> Demarest Beam (Rn=45572), who was born February 1748 at South Schraalenburgh (Bergenfield), Bergen County, New Jersey and was baptized at Reformed Dutch Church, South Schraalenburgh (Bergenfield), Bergen County, New Jersey and died 08 January 1824 at 76 years of age, a daughter of John <Simon> Demarest (Rn=30841) and Rebecca <Johannes> Ryersen Demarest (Rn=30846). Source [The Demarest Family by M A Demarest and W H S Demarest 1938 page 70, 120] Source [1964 Demarest Genealogy 5-285] Children of Anthony C <?> Beam and Vrouwtje (Sophronia) <John> Demarest were as follows: 2. i. John <Anthony> Beam was born 11 August 1788 and died young). 3. ii. Margaret <Anthony> Beam was born 26 September 1789 and died young). 4. iii. Rebecca <Anthony> Beam Beam was born 8 February 1791) {Josiah}. 5. iv. Peter Mead <Anthony> Beam was born 7 March 1792) [Sophronia Hennion]. 6. v. John Demorray <Anthony> Beam was born 11 March 1794) [Sarah Beam]. + 7. vi. Conrad <Anthony> Beam (Rn=60954), who was born 07 December 1796 and married Ann <Teunis> Ryersen Beam (Rn=60953). 8. vii. James Bertholf <Anthony> Beam was born 3 April 1799). 9. viii. Maria Garrison <Anthony> Beam Lines was born 14 August 1801) {Peter A}. 10. ix. Martin Ryersen <Anthony> Beam was born 6 August 1803) [Johanna Kingsland] [Rachel Bertholf] [Susan Kieps] [Maria Styles]. 11. x. Simon Demorray <Anthony> Beam was born 7 February 1808) [Catherine Ann Lines]. 12. xi. Margaret <Anthony> Beam Eckerson was born 17 February 1810) {George}. 13. xii. Sophronia (Fanny) <Anthony> Beam was born 13 January 1812). Generation 2 7. Conrad <Anthony> Beam (Rn=60954), who was born 07 December 1796 and died 1874 at 77 years of age. He married Ann <Teunis> Ryersen Beam (Rn=60953), a daughter of Teunis <George> Ryersen Colonel (Rn=60952) and Eleanor <Peter> Van Houten Ryersen (Rn=60951). Source [The Ryerson Genealogy by Albert W Ryerson 1916 929.273 R981ra page 26] Children of Conrad <Anthony> Beam and Ann <Teunis> Ryersen were as follows: 14. i. Peter Mead <Conrad> Beam was born 15 April 1822) [Mary E Van Orden]. 15. ii. George <Conrad> Beam [Hester Ryersen]. 16. iii. child <Conrad> Beam (died young). 17. iv. John <Conrad> Beam (died 1853). 18. v. William H <Conrad> Beam. 19. vi. Charles B <Conrad> Beam. 20. vii. Emma S <Conrad> Beam was born 24 March 1845 and died young).