Early New Netherlands Settlers

Isaac <?> Bedloo

26 January 2017

Generation 1 1. Isaac <?> Bedloo Captain (Rn=17143), who was born at Calais, Provence du Picardie, France. He married 16 May 1653 at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam Elisabeth <Cornelis> De Potter Bedloo/De LaNoy (Rn=17142), who was born April 1636 at Batavia, Dutch East Indies, Indonesia and was baptized at Reformed Dutch Church, Batavia, Dutch East Indies, Indonesia, a daughter of Cornelis <Lodewyck> De Potter (Rn=3881) and Elizabeth <Ser> Jacobs De Potter (Rn=28283). Occupation 1- Alderman. Occupation 2- Customs Comptroller. First Residence- Calais, Provence du Picardie, France. Second Residence- New Amsterdam. Emigration- Emigrant before 1653 from Calais, Provence du Picardie, France to New Amsterdam. Isaac <?> Bedloo and Elisabeth <Cornelis> De Potter, and nothing known of children.