Early New Netherlands Settlers

Willem <?> Bogard

16 July 2013

Generation 1 1. Willem <?> Bogard (Rn=27977), who was born at Amsterdam and died before April 1746. He married 23 July 1692 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City Hillegond <Joris> Van Horne Bogard/Kouwenhoven (Rn=27975), who was born April 1672 at New York City and was baptized at Reformed Dutch Church, New York City and died 15 March 1750 at 78 years of age, a daughter of Joris <Jan> Van Hoorn (Rn=23583) and Maria <?> Rutgers Van Hoorn/Andrieszen (Rn=27972). First Residence - - Amsterdam. Second Residence - - New York City. Emigration - - Emigrant before July 1692 from Amsterdam to New York City. Source [The American Genealogist: Volume 46 1971 page 174] Children of Willem <?> Bogard and Hillegond <Joris> Van Horne were as follows: 2. i. Adrian <Willem> Bogard was born 1693) [Maria De La Montagne]. 3. ii. Maria <Willem> Bogard Gautier was born 1696) {Daniel}. 4. iii. Susanna <Willem> Bogard was born 1699 and died young). 5. iv. Neeltje <Willem> Bogard was born 1699). 6. v. Joris <Willem> Bogard was born 1702 and died young). 7. vi. Wilhelmus <Willem> Bogard was born 1702 and died young). 8. vii. Joris <Willem> Bogard was born 1704 and died young). 9. viii. Joris <Willem> Bogard was born 1705). 10. ix. William <Willem> Bogard was born 1706) [Annatje Pell] [Christina Thompson]. 11. x. Susanna <Willem> Bogard was born 1710 and died young). 12. xi. Susanna <Willem> Bogard was born 1712). 13. xii. Cornelis <Willem> Bogard was born 1715) [Catherine Kip].