Early New Netherlands Settlers

Jacob <Philip> Bovie

23 July 2013

Generation 1 1. Jacob <Philip> Bovie (Rn=45396), son of Philip <?> Bovie and ? <?> ? Bovie. He married Jacomyntje <Johannes> Marselis Bovie (Rn=45395), who was born 1771, a daughter of Johannes <Takel> Marselis (Rn=15817) and Anna <Johannes> Van Antwerp Marselis (Rn=16781). Children of Jacob <Philip> Bovie and Jacomyntje <Johannes> Marselis were as follows: 2. i. Philip <Jacob> Bovie was born 26 March 1790). 3. ii. Annatje <Jacob> Bovie was born 5 November 1791). 4. iii. John <Jacob> Bovie was born 28 May 1793).