Early New Netherlands Settlers

Hage <?> Bruynsen

26 January 2017

Generation 1 1. Hage <?> Bruynsen (Rn=12110), who was born at Weische, Smaalandt, Sweeden and died 1668. He married first, 29 March 1653 Annetje <Jan> De Groot Bruynsen (Rn=12109), who was born about 1636 and died 1661 at 25 years of age, a daughter of Jan <?> De Groot (Rn=2446) and ? <?> ? De Groot (Rn=59638) and married second, 07 April 1661 Egbertje <Dirck> Hendricks Bruynsen/Ter Bosch (Rn=9233), who was born at Meppel, Drenthe, Netherland, a daughter of Dirck <?> Hendricks (Rn=16297) and ? <?> ? Hendricks (Rn=63568). First Residence- Weische, Smaalandt, Sweeden. Second Residence- New Amsterdam. Third Residence- Harlem, New York City. Emigration- Emigrant before 1646 from Weische, Smaalandt, Sweeden to New Amsterdam. Source [RootsWeb: Correspondence dated 30 November 1999] Child of Hage <?> Bruynsen and Annetje <Jan> De Groot was as follows: 2. i. Hage <Hage> Bruynsen was born 1654) (married 1681) [Geesje Schurman]. Child of Hage <?> Bruynsen and Egbertje <Dirck> Hendricks was as follows: 3. i. Hermanus <Hage> Bruynsen was born 1662).